Goosebumps - Season 1

FOX (ended 1998)



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  • The Werewolf of Fever Swamp (2)
    Grady's family moves out of the city and into a rickety old house in Fever Swamp, both he and his sister Emily find a lot to complain about: they have no friends, no neighbors and nothing to do. Then Grady meets the only other kid around, Will Blake, who tells him the legend of the swamp and about the werewolf responsible for the mysterious disappearances of many former residents. Although, Grady is afraid the legend may be true, his parents and sister refuse to believe it until the next full moon.moreless
  • The Werewolf of Fever Swamp (1)
    Grady and Emily didn't want to move to the Florida swamps in the first place, but their parents said it would be "an adventure they would never forget". that's for sure! First came horrible howls during the night. Then a scary shadow lurking behind trees and spooky sounds in the swamp. Could Grady's new dog be responsible for some of the midnight mischief? He does sort of resemble a wolf, and he did come out of nowhere. Everyone thinks the dog is a monster, but Grady knows better. Dog's don't howl at the full moon, or disappear at midnight, or turn into werewolves... or do they?moreless
  • A Night in Terror Tower (2)
    Eddie and Sue continue their attempts to escape from the Lord High Executioner, but all seems lost when they are brought to the top of the tallest and darkest area of the tower...
  • A Night in Terror Tower (1)
    While their parents are out on a business trip, the tour group Sue and Eddie visit Terror Tower, a place where the horrible things that happened during the middle ages have not ceased completely...
  • Say Cheese and Die!
    Episode 15
    Greg Banks, and his friends, Doug [Bird], and Shari, decide to sneak into the old Coffman house, just for thrills, since they know that it's forbidden. While exploring the dank, dark house, Greg stumbles onto a hidden cabinet, with a rather large and odd camera inside, and he decides to take a picture. For the picture, Bird will stand on the stairs, juggling two balls that he has found in the house, but when Greg takes the picture, it doesn't show Bird juggling, rather him falling through the railing of the stairs! And when the trio is found by the neighborhood eccentric, nicknamed "Spidey", that's exactly what happens to Bird, and as Greg soon begins to realize, this camera takes pictures of the future, makes it bad, and causes the events to happen...moreless
  • Say Cheese and Die
    Episode 15
    A photography enthusiast realizes his camera is peculiar: it's capturing disasters instead of the pictures he actually shoots.
  • It Came from Beneath the Sink!
    Katrina "Kat" Merton and her brother, Daniel, are just moving into a new house, and all looks like it's going to go well for their family, as they have not had to move far away from their district at all. However, that luck is about to change, when Kat finds a strange sponge under the kitchen sink, a sponge that has eyes and fangs, and bad, unlucky things happen whenever it's around. Their mother's prized china dishes break, Daniel's foot is cut on a piece of glass, Kat falls off of her bike, their garden begins to wilt, and things are only getting worse. However, when Kat, Daniel, and Daniel's friend Carlos get rid of the sponge, they learn from research that whoever finds the sponge and gets rid of it, will die...moreless
  • Stay Out of the Basement (2)
    Margaret and Casey begin to worry that they're living with a crazed psychopath when their father's behavior grows increasingly more menacing. His old boss comes to visit to check on his work and see if he's ready to come back to the lab, but the boss, Dr. Marek, never leaves the house, worrying Margaret and Casey that their father has turned into a murderer. He leaves them home alone that night, and Margaret believes that this is their chance to solve the mystery of what's going on. After sleuthing around the house, Margaret and Casey break the locks on the basement door and explore, only to find their father, bound and gagged...moreless
  • Stay Out of the Basement (1)
    Margaret and Casey Brewer's father has just been fired from his job as a botanist, and to recover, he spends his time locked down in the family's basement, working on new experiments. When Margaret and Casey go down there to see what he's doing, he firmly yells at them to stay out of there, but while he's driving their mother to the airport for an out-of-town trip to visit her sister in the hospital, Margaret and Casey sneak down there to take a look. They find that some of the plants that their father is growing seem very much... alive, as one even reaches out to grab Margaret. Traumatized and scared by the strange occurrences, Margaret decides to spy on her father, only to find his blood has turned green and leaves are growing out of his head...moreless
  • 1/19/96
    Dogs have never been friendly around Larry Boyd, and little does he know, he's about to find out why. While practicing in a rehearsal with his band (a group of his friends), Larry and his friends dare each other to put on a bottle of INSTA-TAN, but it's too late when they read the label and find that it is outdated. Larry and his friends expect to become tan, but that's not what's happening, despite the fact that this problem has nothing to do with the product at all. Larry seems to be growing uncontrollable hair all over his body, and he doesn't know why or how to stop it...moreless
  • Night of the Living Dummy II
    Amy Kramer's ventriloquist dummy, Dennis, keeps losing his head, literally, and Amy has been pestering her Dad for weeks to get her a new one. Little does she know, that when he does, and he does, she will regret it deeply. Amy's Dad brings home a new dummy called Slappy, and on the first night after his arrival, a series of strange pranks begin to happen, that everyone in the family seems to deny playing. However, Amy begins to realize the truth, though no one will believe her, and it may soon be too late...moreless
  • 1/12/96
    A ventriloquist's doll comes to life.
  • 12/22/95
    Gabe's on a trip to Egypt, visiting the pyramid with his archaeologist Uncle Ben, and his know-it-all cousin Sari. Everywhere he goes, Gabe takes with him his lucky mummy hand, a cheap little antique that he bought at an airport, but Gabe still believes that it brings good luck. After their first dig, a female reporter named Nila convinces Uncle Ben to allow her to go back with them tomorrow. At that dig, Nila successfully manages to split Gabe and Sari from Uncle Ben, and then uses Gabe's mummy hand to awaken the age-old mummy within the pyramid...moreless
  • 12/8/95
    Jerry Hawkins' family has just moved into a new house, with a new neighborhood and school following it. Jerry, an imaginative young man, is playing a game with himself when his father begins to move boxes into the basement, and they then find a dusty old piano. Jerry doesn't really want to take lessons, but decides it'd be kinda cool after he tells a girl that he takes lessons, so his parents take him to Dr. Shreek's School of Music. However, unknown to Jerry and his family, the school, and the piano have a very ghastly secret...moreless
  • 12/1/95
    Brooke Rogers, and her best friend, Zeke Mathews, have lead roles in this year's school play, The Phantom, Brooke playing Esmeralda, and Zeke playing the Phantom. However, Zeke loves to dress up in the phantom costume and play practical jokes on the rest of the cast. Strange occurrences then begin to happen, and whoever the culprit is, is framing Zeke. Brooke and Zeke, after investigation and an old urban legend, are led to believe that there is a phantom living under the stage of the auditorium.moreless
  • Welcome to Camp Nightmare (2)
    Roger, another one of Billy's bunkmates, is dead, presumably eaten by Sabre. Billy, Colin, and Jay survive the night, but come next morning, Jay and Colin drown in a boating accident. This causes Billy to become overly paranoid, and rightly so, believing that the whole camp is out to get him and that it always has been. This situation becomes even worse when all the boys at the camp are given weapons and ordered to shoot a runaway from the girls' camp...moreless
  • Welcome to Camp Nightmare (1)
    It's Billy's first day and first time at summer camp, and so far, Camp Nightmoon appears to be a perfectly normal camp. However, while checking out the cabin, one of Billy's bunkmates, a young boy named Mike, is bitten by a stray snake, leading the kids to find out that the camp has no nurse. The next day, after an incident where another bunkmate, Colin, is hit in the head with a baseball, the kids learn that it is their turn to camp out at night. And rumors of a werewolf called Sabre, don't seem to be ceasing...moreless
  • Lucy loves to scare her little brother with monster stories, though it's not because she hates him, just because he's so easy to scare. One day, Lucy heads on over to the summer reading program at the library, where she sees the creepy librarian, Mr. Mortman. Lucy leaves, and she is halfway home when she realizes she has forgotten her rollerblades at the library. However, when she goes back to find them, she sees Mr. Mortman eating insects, and turning into a disgusting monster...moreless
  • 11/3/95
    Michael Webster always seems to be getting into trouble, and he knows why: his bratty, little sister, Tara, who seems to have no problem getting his parents to believe whatever she says. Michael's Dad order's a grandfather clock, and tells the family that he was told by the shopkeeper that there is an error on the clock. He firmly tells Michael and Tara that they are both not to touch the clock, but Tara does, and gets caught, prompting Michael to further get her in trouble, so he goes and changes the direction of the cuckoo bird from forwards to backwards. However, Michael wakes up three days in the past, and goes further back in time the next, and this process shows no signs of stopping until he really is lost in time...moreless
  • The Haunted Mask (2)
    Soaring into a temper of confusion and fear, Carly Beth runs away from Sabrina's house, scaring nearly every kid she passes on accident. She runs all the way to the shop, and begs the maskmaker for help, though the maskmaker reveals that there is no hope for her, unless she can find a symbol of love. Carly Beth's plea for elaboration is interrupted by the other masks from the back-room, called "The Unloved Ones". They chase Carly-Beth all the way to the graveyard, and she still cannot think of a symbol of love...moreless
  • The Haunted Mask (1)

    Shy and quiet Carly Beth Caldwell seems to be a target for nearly every practical joke played in her school, many of those jokes being played because she is not as brave as the other kids in school. So this Halloween, Carly Beth decides to get even. She buys a new mask at a recently-opened store, in a forbidden back-room, much against the maskmaker's consent. However, this new mask seems to be a little too scary, and Carly Beth is having trouble taking it off, leading her and her friend Sabrina to realize that the mask is stuck to Carly Beth's face...

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