Season 3 Episode 1

Shocker on Shock Street

Aired Unknown Sep 06, 1997 on FOX

Episode Recap

Erin Wright takes her best friend, Marty, to visit her Dad's "Shocker Movie Studios" workshop, filled with all the monsters created for their films. The two kids love horror movies and are delighted when Mr. Wright tells them they are to test out the new Studio Tour Ride before anyone else. Strangely though, when Erin asks whether their Mother can come, Mr. Wright refuses rather angrily.

Marty and Erin start the ride on the platform, and sit down in one of the trams. Mr. Wright gives them each a toy laser gun, "for if there's any trouble", and one rule--"Stay in the tram!" The ride sets off and the kids are plunged into darkness.

The two riders travel through various dark rooms filled with grabbing hands and disorientating lights and sounds, but eventually the ride breaks down, bringing the tram to a halt. Ignoring their warning and the PA announcements to remain in their seats, Marty and Erin decide to walk the rest of the way; through a corridor filled with bats and a room occupied by "The Toadinator", who gets scared away by the kids' laser guns. They find an emergency exit and end up on the set of Shock Street itself. A street lined with various wooden buildings which, when opened, reveal projections of terrifying images. They explore the street's arcade and, in the basement, get attacked by monsters and Marty gets thrown into a real electric fence. The two horror movie fans begin to fear that the ride is not all just special effects and that the horrors contained are real, quizzical over why Mr. Wright would create such a dangerous ride. They get chased out of the arcade and back onto Shock Street, all the time being watched on CCTV by Mr. Wright and his assistants. Mr. Wright picks up a radio control, and walks down to Shock Street to meet the kids.

Erin and Marty are relieved when Mr. Wright turns up, but quickly panic as, with a flick of the control, Marty gets somehow pulled towards Mr. Wright and put into a sleep like state. Erin screams at her father and accuses him of hurting Marty and asking what he's done with her mother. She becomes hysterical and begins to spasm, ending-up in the same sleep-like state of Marty. Mr. Wright watches in confusion, but then flicks a switch attached to Erin's back and radios in for all personnel to report to him.

The kids are in fact robots, designed and built as test dummies for the ride but are malfunctioning. Glitches including thinking that they had a "Mother". The robots are carried back to Mr. Wright's lab and stand in the corner, inactive, as newer, durable robots are created to take their place. Suddenly, Erin Mk I and Marty Mk I power up and corner in Mr. Wright.

"I guess there are some things you don't know about us," jeers Marty at the frightened scientist.

"Everything wants to live," explains Erin, "even robots!"
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