Season 3 Episode 1

Shocker on Shock Street

Aired Unknown Sep 06, 1997 on FOX

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  • A Shocker On Shock Street

    I love this episode!A Shocker On Shock Street is about 2 kids,Erin and Marty,who are trying out a theme park.But when things start to go wrong,we realize it's not an ordinary theme park...

    As I said,I love this episode.I have weird tastes in tv shows,so I usually think that when I think an episode is good,it's horrible,but right now,with A Shocker On Shock Street,I'm right on the money.It has a great storyline,great twists and turns,and after the first commercial it becomes even more interesting.When Marty's and Erin's cart gets stuck in The Cave In The Living Creeps,it pulls you into the storyline.I can't explain the whole story without giving spoilers,so I'm gonna end this review.I love this episode!

    I gave it only an A because the ending is bad.But great episode anyways!
  • Do you wanna ride the scary place?

    This first episode of season 3 of the Goosebumps was very exciting to see it. I know how the kids want to see the ride of your life. They ask a father to go for a scary ride, so the kids explore the place and it was so crazy. I like the part when a father scientist shut down his children that connects the back body. It's they are robots but not. At the end, he created a zombie robot but the children refuse it to kill him. But I'm really concern at the end about what happening to his death or the children zombie robots controll the town. Anyway, it's a great episode. I rent it yesterday night.
  • I loved it, I have to admit, it did get me with the ride. It sure freaked my little 7-year old cousin out!

    I had bought this episode on DVD before I bought every single episode recorded off of TV. I thought Erin did a good job on her scream when the fake werewolf robot arm grabbed her. Marty, I liked. Half of it helped because I liked him playing in Piano Lessons Can Be Murder and Welcome To Dead House. He was the best actor in this. The monsters were pretty real to me. I liked the fish head guy, I can't remember his name. And I loved the masks at the beginning of the episode. And the "dad"...well, something bad might happen to him at the end...
  • The beginning of the ride was I think pretty scary, but I agree with the fact it could be an hour episode, so they could mabye get the praying mantis part in...

    "Ultimate Goosebumps" really is the ulitimate in Goosebmups TV shows! The brand new opener shows lots of brand new clips which look absoultely spectacular - and a lot scarier than ever! I loved the room with the masks, also. Even the beginning of the tour was scarier than any haunted house I've ever been in. Wonderful special effects and sounds - it was so real! When we found out Marty and Erin were robots, they acted so "mechanical" - especialy at the very end. I like the episode ending more than the book's ending, too. My sister loved the episode, as well. All in all, I can't find any bad parts about this episode.