Season 1 Episode 12

Stay Out of the Basement (1)

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1996 on FOX
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Stay Out of the Basement (1)
Margaret and Casey Brewer's father has just been fired from his job as a botanist, and to recover, he spends his time locked down in the family's basement, working on new experiments. When Margaret and Casey go down there to see what he's doing, he firmly yells at them to stay out of there, but while he's driving their mother to the airport for an out-of-town trip to visit her sister in the hospital, Margaret and Casey sneak down there to take a look. They find that some of the plants that their father is growing seem very much... alive, as one even reaches out to grab Margaret. Traumatized and scared by the strange occurrences, Margaret decides to spy on her father, only to find his blood has turned green and leaves are growing out of his head...moreless

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  • Casey and Margaret are concerned about their father.

    The episode starts off as Margaret and Casey's mom has to go to the hospital out of town to visit their aunt who is in an operation and the kids go get their dad to drive her to the airport. The kids went to the basement and their dad told them not to go down there. Later that day, Margaret and Casey heard strange noises which is coming from the basement and they have no choice but to go down there. While down there, the basement is entirely covered with plants which is pretty awesome to me. But then their father comes home while Casey is searching for his sweater in the basement. They told their dad that they went down there and didn't touch anything. The next day, Margaret made breakfast for her dad but it turns out he's not hungry and she discovered he was eating plant food. Later at night, Margaret saw her father in the bathroom who has a cut with green blood and he has leaves growing from his head. While almost discovered by her father, Margaret rushed to her bedroom. The next morning, The two kids went to the kitchen and their dad is preparing breakfast and told them about what he's experimenting in his basement. The breakfast he made is plant food which he's making them eat. Luckily for the kids, the door bell rang and the kids scooped the plant food into the garbage. The visitor turns out to be Dr. Marek who goes down the basement with Dr. Brewer. While the kids are playing outside, Casey heard someone through the basement window. Unknowing to Casey, a plant stalk is right behind him ending part one of the episode. This episode is very good and well written and is a little creepy making this episode enjoyable.moreless
  • Plant dad? Heh. Gotta do better than that...just kidding. Awesome episode.

    The dad I liked because he reacted really insane when Margaret and Casey were in the basement. Just like the book. And I love it when they make it a lot like the book. A lot of times they don't. The plants I thought had great special effects. I liked it when Margaret got pricked by the plant that grabbed her. Casey, he was a good actor. He didn't seem to act fake or anything like that. The whole episode was great! Now correct me if I'm wrong, but do plants talk to you saying they're your father...?moreless
  • Margaret and Casey know something strange is going on in the basement, but for some reason, their father doesn't want them to know anything about it.

    This is a great episodethat anyone would enjoy. My cousin hates scary stuff, but ended up loving this episode. If you haven't seen this episode, you should watch it sometime. It was as I said before in the classification box above, exciting. This is one of my favorite episodes of Goosebumps because it involves a wierd Dad working in the basement. My cousin has an attic at her house and when I tried to go in there she ran at me and shut the door before I could go in there. she told me not to go in there. Creepy, huh?moreless
  • Very good

    This was the very first episode of Gossebumps I ever saw and it got me hooked. The best part was when the girl saw the dad bleeding green liquid and the leaves on his head. A very enjoyable episode and probably one of the more scarier goosebump episodes. i give it an A+
  • Pretty Good Episode

    I thought that this was a very good first parter. This overall episode was pretty good and I wasn't bored at all. The only part I didn't like was the end with all of the flowers calling her name and saying I'm your dad. I thought it would have been better if it wasn't the real dad because the dad in the basement was trying to hit them with a wrench. If they would have realized that that wasn't the real dad or sprayed the wrong one then I think that would have been a better ending.moreless
Blake McGrath

Blake McGrath

Casey Brewer

Guest Star

Lucy Peacock

Lucy Peacock

Mrs. Brewer

Guest Star

Judah Katz

Judah Katz

Dr. Brewer

Guest Star

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    • Margaret: Dad, why are leaves growing out of your head?
      Dr. Brewer: Well, that's just a side-effect. It's only temporary. It'll go away soon and my hair will grow back. That's why I'm wearing this cap.
      Margaret: Why was there green stuff coming out of your cut?
      Dr. Brewer: Well, uh, it wasn't coming out of my cut. That was fluid that comes from the leaves.

    • Casey: What are you doing?
      Margaret: That plant just grabbed me!
      Casey: Come on, plants don't grab people. What happened to your finger?
      Margaret: I pricked it on one of the thorns.

    • Margaret: I wish you weren't going.
      Mrs. Brewer: So do I. But your aunt Eleanor is sick, honey. She needs me.
      Margaret: I know but--
      Mrs. Brewer: I'll be back as soon as I can.
      Margaret: I know. It's just that I'm so worried about Dad. He's been acting so weird lately.
      Mrs. Brewer: He's just under a lot of pressure, Margaret.
      Margaret: But he never has time for me anymore. He's even stopped calling me "Princess".
      Mrs. Brewer: I thought you hated that.
      Margaret: I do, but it just seems like he's changed.

    • Margaret: Hi Dad, did Mom make her plane?
      Dr. Brewer: (Flicks the light switch on) Yes. Were you in the basement?
      : We heard some noises.
      : Like some one was crying.
      Dr. Brewer: Did you go into the basement?
      : We were scared and the noises were strange and--
      Dr. Brewer
      : No. Did you go into the basement?
      Margaret: Yes.
      Casey: We didn't touch anything.
      Margaret: We're sorry, Dad. We're sorry.
      Dr. Brewer
      : You kids okay?
      Margaret: Yeah, we're fine.

    • Dr. Brewer: (Raising his voice at Margaret and Casey in the basement) Stay out of the basement!

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