Season 1 Episode 13

Stay Out of the Basement (2)

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1996 on FOX
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Stay Out of the Basement (2)
Margaret and Casey begin to worry that they're living with a crazed psychopath when their father's behavior grows increasingly more menacing. His old boss comes to visit to check on his work and see if he's ready to come back to the lab, but the boss, Dr. Marek, never leaves the house, worrying Margaret and Casey that their father has turned into a murderer. He leaves them home alone that night, and Margaret believes that this is their chance to solve the mystery of what's going on. After sleuthing around the house, Margaret and Casey break the locks on the basement door and explore, only to find their father, bound and gagged...moreless

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  • The kids find out what's going on in the basement.

    Beginning with part two of this episode, Casey was attacked by a plant stalk and Margaret helped him out. Casey told Margaret about the conversation in the basement. But when they were close to the window, their father surprised them from behind. He asked them why are they near the basement window, they told him about what happened down there and he said it's none of their concern. He told them to go to their rooms. Later that night, the kids heard a drilling noise downstairs and their dad made locks for the basement door and window. Their dad's going out for a few hours and told the kids to stay in their rooms. Margaret and Casey try to call their mom, but it turns out they can't find the number, so they think it's in their father's room. While their dad returns, Casey gets out of the room, but Margaret was tripped by the answering machine. Dr. Brewer went to his room to check on something while Margaret his hiding under the bed, and he went out again. Casey came in the room and then they discovered worms under their dad's mattress. They both go down the basement and they brought weed killer for protection. They went down and discovered the plants are bigger than before. The two heard a noise from another room in the basement and it turned out to be their dad tied up, but they weren't too sure about that, so they pulled the tape off his mouth and then he'd explained to them that the Dr. Brewer is up there is a plant and Dr. Marek was trapped in another room in the basement and then the plant Dr. Brewer came down and they both demand to spray the weed killer on one of them. But the real Dr. Brewer called Margaret "Princess" and Margaret sprayed the plant Dr. Brewer, killing him. Margaret said there's one person who calls her that and that's her real dad. The next day, Mrs. Brewer came back and their aunt is felling better and Dr. Marek and Dr. Brewer got rid of all the plants from the basement. The family went inside the house while Margaret is tying her shoe, various flowers said to her "I'm your father" and she went inside. To be honest, I think this episode and part one are very great and creepy. Both parts are written very well and they don't disappoint me. Stay out of the Basement is one of my personal favorite Goosebumps episode of all time.moreless
  • Stay out of the Basement: Horrors Unleashed.

    Two children of a father that works in the basement often most of the time and hardly comes up to talk with his children. With the mother off to the hospital and no communications whatsoever with her(of course, the "Father" took the number and hid it in his room. Margaret hides underneath her dad's bed to reveal a bunch of worms. Also, she discovers that her dad is a "plant". Ugh gross. He starts to feed his kids plant food and locks Dr. Harding in the basement. The kids checked it out and found their real dad. Then the plant comes. Margaret knew her dad when he called her "Princess". The ending the flowers called. Creepy.moreless
  • There's something going onin the basement, but for some reason their Dad doesn't want them to know about it.

    This episode is very exciting. Before I liked this series at all, I was at Blockbuster and decided to rent this. After

    I watched part one of this episode and this episode I ended up loving it! This was in my top 12 favorite episodes of Goosebumps. Number 1 is The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight, number 2 is The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, number 3 is The Girl Who Cried Monster, this is number 4, part 1 of this is number 5, Click is number 6, number 7 is Be Careful What you Wish For..., number 8 is Don't Wake Mummy, number 9

    is Night of the Living Dummy II, number 10 is Go Eat Worms, number 11 is Shocker on Shock Street, and number 12 is Chillogy: part one, Squeal of Fortune.moreless
  • Casey and Margaret are left home alone when there dad has to go somewhere, but their dad locked the basement door. So they go in there dad's room and they discover something creepy in their. They decide they have to unlock the basement to see what's wrongmoreless

    The moment we've been waiting for is in the second half, when we find out what's wrong in the basement. With there dad gone it's the perfect time for casey and margaret to do some exploring. First they go in there dad's room and find something creepy in their, but i won't spoil it. They decide to unlcock the basement door and go down and see what there dad is up to. What they find isn't even close to what they expected and it puts them in a hard situation, i won't spoil it. Great episode with a twisted surprise!!!moreless

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