Season 3 Episode 17

Strained Peas

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1998 on FOX

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  • This was the top number 2 episode for me. LOVED IT! ***SPOILERS!!!***(Only one)

    Yes! Finally they got an episode right! This was brilliant. I loved the evilness and plot of Grace. Nick was my favorite. He did the best acting. The parents: as usual:hated 'em. They never listen to the kids. These were the worst. Even though you could totally tell Grace's lips were played by someone else's lips it was still awesome. the "ONLY ME" in the blocks was pretty creepy. I thought the creepiest of this episode was***SPOILERS!!!*** when Nick was by himself and Grace turned off the power. That would freak me out. Being alone with my monster baby sister...I'd kill myself before she kills me. Just kidding.
  • My least favourite episode has a list of minuses.

    It's common for Goosebumps to have cheesy effects, par acting and screenplays, but it's uncommon for episodes to sink this low. The actor who played Nicholas isn't any better in this than he was in It Came from Beneath the Sink!, another disappointment in acting and writing. The dialogue needed work. The parents acted exceptionally stupid, not looking for help right away in that sort of situation. Either there was something really wrong with their baby or son, or both. The effects also sank to a new low in this episode. I was originally excited for this since it's a concept I'm sure everyone could relate to, but it didn't pull it off in that way and turned out to be a serious letdown.
  • Pretty good episode. Needed some more suspense though.

    What a wicked baby that was! And what a goofy mouth it had! You could see that someone's lips were filmed chatting away and pasted into the film to give the illusion of the baby talking. Some scenes did look more realistic then others, but those "other" scenes, were just, well... bad. Good try -- however, very noticeable most of the time. The begginning was interesting... the baby made a raptor squeal. Hmmmm.... "Be afraid -- be very afraid, Nick". How did she know the baby was evil, just thirty seconds into the show? It's nice Nick is being such a great brother trying to change a baby's diaper for the first time, but if it was my first time I'd have no clue what I was doing. Now where were his parents... too late. Way too late, cause the baby barfed! (Isn't that normal?). "Only me"... that was a bit spooky. Then that shadow of the baby walking through the hallway or something was spooky. What a pig the baby is for leaving such a big mess in the kitchen. Now she's watching TV... what a smart baby. The first time the baby talked was scary. It even looked semi-real. Look at those evil glowing eyes.... spooky! Once again, as with every episode the acting was pretty bad. They would have been better off sticking The Bumps's staff into the cast. Nick wasn't such a bad actor, so I'm giving him credit for his performance. The suspense for the first half of the show wasn't to high. The part I liked was when he played the tape and it was messed up. Then she eats the math book, then bites poor 'ol Nick. I think the part that grabbed my attention, was when the parents got the phone call during dinner. Now, why didn't the baby go with the parents to the hospital for DNA testing or something? Huh? Huh? Strange. Uh oh... first the baby eats the math book, then a CD. Must have a big appetite. The climax arrives when Nick's friend leaves and the power goes off. "She ate my gerbil", look who's walking, talking, and still eating! Twisted ending when the parents come in and see Nick shaking Grace. Of course his parents will blame him for everything. Poor Nick.