Season 1 Episode 3

The Cuckoo Clock of Doom

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1995 on FOX

Episode Recap

11-year-old Michael Webster walks home from the park one day until he sees drops of blood everywhere. Then a monster ambushes him, until Michael figures out it's just a hand puppet operated by his 5-year-old sister Tara the Terrible, and that the blood was just ketchup. Then it's Michael's 12th birthday party and when Michael gets a nice present (a CD) from his girlfriend Mona, Tara embarrasses Michael about his true love. Also, when Michael carries the birthday cake in, Tara trips Michael, causing him to land in the cake and get messy.

Two days later, Michael's dad finally gets an old antique cuckoo clock that he wanted for a long time from Anthony's Antiques. He says it's magic, and it has a dial that tells the year. But at the hour, an ugly, scary-looking cuckoo bird pops out, scaring Michael. When Michael overhears that Tara mustn't fool around with the clock, Michael vows revenge on Tara.

That night, Michael sneaks downstairs to the antique timepiece and at midnight, he turns the ugly cuckoo bird's head around. Hoping Tara will get in trouble, Michael finds a big surprise...

Michael goes through his 12th birthday party again, complete with the horrible experience of falling into the cake. After a horrible Tara-related nightmare that night, Michael wakes up to discover he is only six years old, and on his sixth birthday!

Tara is gone, and so is the cuckoo clock, meaning that Michael actually went back in time. Then, Michael suffers through his loony and embarrassing sixth birthday party again. Michael runs off to Anthony's Antiques without telling his parents, but then his father catches him in front of the store, which is closed for vacation. The next morning, to his horror, Michael is a baby!

They go to the antique store to do a little shopping, and, to his luck, Michael discovers the cuckoo clock is there. He struggles to get to the clock, and just in time, turns the cuckoo bird's head around, and in an instant, Michael is 12 again and back in the 1990s. But the timepiece left Tara behind because of Tara's birthdate missing from the year dial...