Season 1 Episode 3

The Cuckoo Clock of Doom

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1995 on FOX

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  • In The Cuckoo Clock of Doom,Michael's father just bought a clock thats magical,you turn the birds head backward,time rewinds.If you turn forward time moves forward.Michael turns time back.If he doesnt fix it, he'll disappear.

    got one word for this episode-LAME!
    It is very boring, the only thing that makes up for anything is that fact that the story was orginally a book by a genius author R. L. Stine. The book was good, the episode is just lame! mediocre at best.
    I have nothing more to say, unfortonely i still have 40 words left to write. so - blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, 19 words left . . .
    blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blab blab blab blab babble, watching xena.
  • Love this episode sort of like my life

    I've been rejected, stomped on, and really get blamed for something my sibs did that I didn't do making me look bad in public. Well pretty much Michael's life is like that. Tara is so rotten and so selfish that yes I agree that she was born bad from the beginning and wonder if she'll ever book a job when she grows up a little more. The going back in time was genius and I got to say, if my life was like that, then the aftermath would so be worth it. However, 1988 got slashed off. The book is so much different. I loved this episode.
  • Love this episode!!!!

    This is one of the greatest episodes in the Goosebumps series.It deserves a real plaque.If you want to know what I mean,you would have to see it for yourself.Whoever directed this did a great job.The acting was great,great storyline,and just really worth watching.If you ever have 30 minutes free,watch this.A series classic?Maybe.The real answer?This is a great episode,needs to be appreciated,and one great series classic.Yep.You heard me there and then.Anyways,there was also great comedy involved.This isn't usually the Goosebumps style,but the comedy was in the first season episodes because they didn't have enoungh lines.But,this comedy was suprisingly nessaccary.

    There's my review.
  • This whole series sucks.

    Oh no! If I ever hear Cartoon Network mention Goosebumps... THE SERIES, again I will scream! The acting is awful, just like the plot, and the worst of all is how fake the episodes are. this episode is near the extreme in lame factor. I don't get it, a kid gets chased by a clock and his dreams, wakes up and he's five again. What is wrong with these kids? they scream when nothing scary is happening! "Holy Flubber Nugget! Mom! Dad! The Guy On The Oatmeal Box Looks Like Our Grandma!!!!". I don't know, that would be kinda scary. Anyway, I'm sure glad this series is over, I just wish Cartoon Network would just simply cancel it from their station and move on.
  • God, this is such a sweet episode.

    The episode is so brilliant. It's so memorable on everything. This episode was without a doubt, the best episode of season 1, part 1. This episode won't be forgotten anytime soon. And the two best parts? When Michael was a baby(when he did baby talk, I thought that in real life, he would go "S*************************!" It would've been 10 times funnier. Another memorable part was the beginning, with Tara's invention of the word "krej"(for noobs, it's jerk backwards).And the twist ending can be predictable if you look really deep inside the story. So, basically, this episode was awesome, which is why I give it a nine.
  • top episode i loved the book and i love the tv version

    this is my top favorite episodes of this series i read the book of it not too long ago and it was just awsome when i saw that there will be goosebumbs at cartoonetwork i knew that they were going to air this episode and i got excited cause i realy wanted to see this episode and just as i hoped this episode was good this episode was good because it had alot of interesting parts and we dident know if that kid will dissapear of return to his normel age and this episode was just good and this is exactly why i watch this series i give it a 10/10 !
  • Number 4 in the top episodes. Man it was so close to making it. It had about everything. Great lines, great setting, plot......But it was just...something, missing...

    The beginning is basically expected. Strange noises, a dinosaur head appears! Something scary to start off with. That was good. In the flashback of Michael's birthday and the trip-face-in-cake was also good. Everything about this episode was really, really good. But there was something missing in it. I don't know what, but it was something. Something...oh, what could it be...? Anyways, acting. Love it! The lines with Josh and Henry at the birthday party were excellent. Michael was terrific, he had been great as a six year old. Er, I mean, the boy who played as Michael at six did a pretty good job. Yeah that was it. Tara did her great job as a devilish little sister. How could this get any better? Just as I had said, great lines, setting, plot. But what was that missing thing? I don't know, maybe I'll figure it out some day. Maybe...
  • Good Episode

    I recently watched this episode and I liked it very much. This episode was about a boy who had a very annoying little sister. He was really mad at his siter for always getting him into trouble so her decided to move the head on his father's cuckoo clock and blame it on his sister. When he woke up the next day he realized that he had been sent back in time when it was his birthday all over again. That night he went to sleep and when he woke up he was six years old but he still had his 12 year old mind. He kept on telling his mom that he was really 12 but his parents didn't believe him. He tried to make his dad to let him stay up late so nothing else would change but he ended up falling asleep again. When he woke up that time he was a toddler probably 2 years old. He got his parents to take him to the antique store where his father bought the clock from and he fixed what he had done in the first place. But he accidently knocked off the 1987 knob on the clock. When he went back to the future everything was good but since he knocked off the 1987 knob that year never happened. He then realized that 1987 was the year the his sister was born. We then see the main character smile and say, "I can fix it later". I really enjoyed this episode and it is one of the best episodes of the 1st season.
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