Season 4 Episode 4

The Ghost Next Door (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1998 on FOX

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  • Hannah has found out that she has been brought back to save Danny from dying.

    It was good but not great. It was at least a little bit better than the other episode but barely. It wasn't as good as you think. You'd be better off watching spongebob than this old thing. It was okay but trust me, you would be better off watching spongebob. If I were you I'd be watching the best episode. The scarecrow walks at midnight. This was better than watching Deep Trouble though. I mean come on, the actors didn't show enough motion, the plot was
    just plain bad, and you might as well just watch Deep Trouble. AT LEAST YOU'RE NOT WATCHING THIS!
  • hannah is a ghost the only kid who can see her is the new kid on the block

    Hannah is a ghost. And a dark ghost tries to teach her how to be a ghost. but she doesn't want to or she thinks she doesn't have what it takes. But the only one who can see her is the new kid on the block. And the only reason he can see her is beacause she is suppose to save his life
  • Hannah must face reality and accept the truth that she is a ghost. But will she be able to save Danny the faceless ghost who wants to kill him?

    Hannah has lived her normal life since the fire as a ghost in her old house that burnt down, unaware that her surrounding had changed. Now she must face the facts that her family and home are gone and she is a ghost. She begins to understand why people seemed to ignore her. Hannah tries hard to keep her friendship with Danny intact but he is afraid of her so she starts to hang around with the faceless ghost who tries to convince her that being a ghost is fun. At first she is unaware that the faceless ghost wants to kill Danny and take over his form. Will Hannah be able to save Danny before its too late?

    ---MY OPINION---
    9.5/10 this is better than the first part. The episode is full of suspense and entertaining and the ending is happy but I’m not sure it is the best possible ending. However I would recommend this to anyone who has seen the first part and enjoyed it. I certainly did enjoy this and would gladly watch again many times. This has to be in the top 10 episodes. It is essential that you see the first part to understand this episode though.
  • Part 2 of Ghost Next Door

    The second part to Ghost Next Door was just as good as the first part, the second part focuses on Hannah excepting the fact that she is the ghost, and trys to help danny to avoid a similar fate. The faceless ghost trys to kill danny so he can take a form, and hannah trys to stop it. A very good second part. Aoverall the entire episode was exciting.