Season 1 Episode 4

The Girl Who Cried Monster

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Lucy loves to scare her little brother with monster stories, though it's not because she hates him, just because he's so easy to scare. One day, Lucy heads on over to the summer reading program at the library, where she sees the creepy librarian, Mr. Mortman. Lucy leaves, and she is halfway home when she realizes she has forgotten her rollerblades at the library. However, when she goes back to find them, she sees Mr. Mortman eating insects, and turning into a disgusting monster...moreless

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  • Lucy goes to the library to check out a book. After she checks out the book she forgets her roller skates. When she goes back to the library she finds out that Mr. Mortman is a monster. At the end, it ends up that Lucy and her family are monsters.moreless

    The reason I liked this episode is because not only was it scary and suspenseful, but also because it was also funny at parts. It is better than it sounds. Trust me! If you haven't watched this episode before, watch it! It is a great episode and has a scary monster that is now one of my favorite monsters, next to the scarecrow from The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight and the werewolf from The Werewolf of Fever Swamp. My favorite part is when the monster (Mr. Mortman) starts chasing her out of the library. As I said before, If you haven't watched this episode before, watch it!moreless
  • When Lucy finds out that Mr. Morton is an monster.Who will believe her?

    Lucy loves scaring her brother.However after she forgot her item back at the library.She discovers that the librian Mr. Morton is not an human is an monster! After witnessing him eating some bugs.She tries to tell her parents.However her parents don't believed her and tell her not make up anymore stories.Lucy tries to show proof however it fails.Afraid that Mr.Morton now know where she lives.She felt that she isn't safe! However her parents invite him to come and join for dinner.Which still scared Lucy of course.It comes to an twisted surprise.When Mr.Morton became dinner.Lucy learns that her mom and dad are monsters,but keeping this an secret.

    Yeah an twisted ending bit freaky of course.moreless
  • This is one of the greatest Goosebumps episodes in the world. Yes I love this episode.

    This episode is more of an episode directed by William Fruet or Randy Bradshaw. My fave character is Randy Dark because he talks funny (no offence) and obviously Lucy Dark since she is the main character. John Bell directed this episode and he couldn't improve this one because he already made it with excellence. Yeh John Bell Rules. The Monster that Lucy cried was no where near how I imagined it whilst reading the book. I imagined a giant with a black hole but one like a tornado! Huh, what a funny thought. Anyway this episode rocks bigtime. Keep up the good work John Bell!moreless
  • Awesome! One of the best episodes there is. But...not in the top 3. Maybe...number 5. Yea number 5, I'll tell ya number 4 later...

    I knew it was coming, I knew it. I knew it'd be scary. The beginning did a lot of work in helping. "The Razor-Tooth-Toe-Biter," said Lucy to Randy. Yep, they had to get ya right there. That little scream Randy gave. Ahaha! Sorry Randy, or shall I say...ah, what's his name...? Brandon Bone. Sorry Brandon, but when you were like, uh...maybe six through eight, you screamed like a girl! But I guess you'd sorta expect that, he's little. The monster effects for Mr. Mortman, oh my gosh! That was incredible! The bulging black eyes...! Excellent! That tarantula in his mouth! I thought it was real!!! Until my mom said it wasn't. Speaking of my mom, she watched it and loved it also...except for the end. Well, should I give it away......? Nah...moreless

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    • Mr. Mortman: (Referring to the book, "Frankenstein") Didn't you think that the monster was the most simpathetic character in that story?
      Lucy: Do you believe in monsters?
      Mr. Mortman: Perhaps we all have a little monster in us.

    • Mr. Mortman: What's for dinner?
      Mrs. Dark: Well, it was going to be a surprise. But--
      Mr. Dark: Because you asked, you are.

    • (Lucy hands Mr. Mortman "Frankenstein".)
      Mr. Mortman: Are you sure, Lucy? Frankenstein is a classic as well.
      Lucy: Yeah, but this one's got a monster.

    • (Lucy hands in the book, "Black Beauty".)
      Mr. Mortman: So, what did you think?
      Lucy: Two thumbs down.
      Mr. Mortman: But Lucy, "Black Beauty" is a classic.
      Lucy: It would have been better if the horse had two heads.
      (Mr. Mortman sighs.)
      Lucy: And big ol' gnarly fangs!
      Mr. Mortman: Why don't you go pick another book.

    • Mr. Dark: (To Lucy) Oh, I hope this monster thing is just a phase you're going through.
      Lucy: Life is a phase I'm going through!

    • Mr. Mortman: (As a monster to Lucy) Keep running, little one. I love fast food.

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    • Title and Storyline:
      This book and episode title, along with some of the story itself, spoof the classic children's fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.