Season 3 Episode 10

The Haunted House Game

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1997 on FOX

Episode Recap

Nadine and Jonathan are heading for a pep rally with their camera, when Nadine finds a crying little girl. The little girl tells them that her cat ran inside the old, abandoned mansion. While Jonathan is reluctant because they are already late for the pep rally, Nadine says that they will go and find it for her, telling the girl that it will only take a second. After letting Nadine get a head start in entering the house, Jonathan reluctantly follows, searching the foyer and the upstairs floor, where he finds Nadine. She has found a game called The Mansion of Terror. Opening the box, they take a look at the rules. Rule #1: Don't open the box. Pondering the question, Nadine and Jonathan are sucked into the game! Finding themselves trapped in a life-size game board, they read the rest of the rules. Apparently, the object of the game is to "Roll the dice, move a square, take an action card". The object of Round 1 is to collect keys for Round 2. The last rule Is "Roll a seven, go to heaven". Afraid of the last rule, Jonathan and Nadine are bombarded by dice. Picking the smallest pair of dice, Nadine rolls. Getting a five, the pair travels the correct amount of spaces. After being transported to another life-size environment, Nadine and Jonathan find the Action Card. It reads "Find the finder, and take it if you dare. But watch out, you might be in for a scare". Trying to find the finder, they come across a coffin. Opening it, they find a zombie, with a compass resting in his hands. Thinking that this must be what the game wants them to collect, Nadine grabs the compass, but the zombie's finger falls off when she grabs it! After closing the coffin, the same zombie appears behind them! But Jonathan rolls the dice, and they are transported back to the game board. Saying he's not going through that again, Jonathan tries to leave, only to be stopped by an invisible barrier. Realizing the only way to get out is to work together, Nadine tells Jonathan that he had rolled a three. Moving three spaces, they are once again sent to a life-size setting. In this setting, they are sent to an old cabin, supposedly a fishing one. The Action Card reads "Grab some R&R". Jonathan finds a hook that could catch a whale. Jonathan then finds a fishing pole to go with the hook. He now figures out the meaning of R&R. It is "Rod and Reel". Suddenly, a ghost fisherman appears out of nowhere, and traps Jonathan in a net. While he screams for Nadine to roll the dice, she realized that she has lost them. Quickly finding them, she rolls, and they are transported back to the game board. Moving the number of spaces they rolled, the space they land on sends them to a life-size setting of two old women playing a card game of sorts. The Action Card reads "Ask, and you will receive". So, Nadine goes up to the two old women. She asks if they have something for her, and they do. They give her a locket of sorts that fits around her wrist. Showing Jonathan, her arm begins to wrinkle and become immovable. Jonathan then frantically rolls the dice, and they fall through the floor. So, Jonathan grabs the big dice that the old women are playing with, and rolls it instead. Jonathan and Nadine are once again transported back to the board, but they now have no dice. Luckily, the space they land on says "Advance to go back". A magical road appears that leads them back to the front door of the haunted house. Inside, it is too dark to see anything, so Jonathan uses the camera flash to see. They find two evil, ragged old men, and scream. Suddenly, the lights go on, and the old men are replaced by two kids. They say their names were Noah and Annie. They have been trying to get out of the game for years but to no avail. They ask how many keys Jonathan and Nadine have collected. Showing them the keys (Only three), they all venture into the next room. Trying to get out of the house through a window, Noah gives up before the others, and is sucked into another area of the house through a laundry basket. Trying to find Noah, Jonathan, Nadine, and Annie leave the room and travel to what appears to be a dead end. Trying two keys, Nadine figures they are trapped. Trying the locket that Nadine had received, Jonathan finds a solution to the riddle. He points out an inscription on the locket that says "To reverse the effect, use the un-". He says that the locket had now become an "Un-Lockit". He tries it, and it works. They then travel through many hallways. They then find out that the compass that they collected isn't a normal compass, and instead of telling you which way you are going, it tells you the way out of the house. They use it to show them the way to the end, where they find Noah. As they walk toward the end of the house, the hallway starts to stretch away from them. However, Jonathan uses the fishing rod to pull it back to them. Walking through, they find all of the ghosts from Round 1. Jonathan uses the camera flash to get rid of them, as they are afraid of the light. Jonathan and Nadine are overjoyed that they have found the way out, but then Noah and Annie take on their true forms, those creepy old men, and block the exit. Arguing about who won their bet, (Annie had bet that Jonathan and Nadine could find the front door, Noah bet they couldn't) in which Noah insisted Annie was cheating by letting them use the flash, and Annie had insisted that Noah was cheating by getting transported through the laundry basket to get all the ghosts from Round 1. After an unintentional hint from the arguing ghosts, Jonathan realizes that they need to roll the dice, and he rolls a seven. The two ghosts disappear, and Jonathan and Nadine run out of the house, never to return. Afterwards, the Mansion of Terror game reset itself, and the little girl lures two more kids to suffer the trials of The Haunted House Game.