Season 1 Episode 1

The Haunted Mask (1)

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1995 on FOX
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The Haunted Mask (1)

Shy and quiet Carly Beth Caldwell seems to be a target for nearly every practical joke played in her school, many of those jokes being played because she is not as brave as the other kids in school. So this Halloween, Carly Beth decides to get even. She buys a new mask at a recently-opened store, in a forbidden back-room, much against the maskmaker's consent. However, this new mask seems to be a little too scary, and Carly Beth is having trouble taking it off, leading her and her friend Sabrina to realize that the mask is stuck to Carly Beth's face...


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  • Kathryn Long makes her debut, as she plays the starring role of Carly Beth Caldwell...

    Who is Carly Beth Caldwell? She is a young girl who is afraid of practically EVERYTHING!! Even her best friend Sabrina, who is played by Kathryn Short can get away with scaring her. Then, after a particularly bad experience with two boys (Chuck and Steve), Carly Beth decides that she's had it. She wants to turn the tables now...Get revenge on those two boys who always seem to pick on her. So, for $30, she buys a really creepy mask to wear on Halloween Night, which is quickly coming up. She scares up a few people when she puts it on, including her younger brother Noah, who could even scare her. But then, she starts to change and act differently than the way she used to be. Just what is happening to poor Carly Beth?moreless
  • Carly Beth buys a creepy new mask from a new weird store.

    This episode is one of the greatest is in the series and it is still a classic. Carly Beth, a girl who is scared about almost everything doesn't like it when people scare her, especially Chuck and Steve. So, Carly Beth goes to a new place called "Novelty Shop" to scare Chuck and Steve for revenge. The Shopkeeper tells her she has 5 minutes to find something to buy. Unfortunately, she discovers another room that has really terrifying masks. But the Shopkeeper said that he refused to sell her one. However, Carly Beth took one of the masks and tossed the money at the Shopkeeper. At home, she was getting ready to go trick or treating with her friend, Sabrina. She also took a pole and her plaster head that her mom made for her. At Sabrina's, Sabrina asked a few questions about the mask and then Sabrina is shaking Carly Beth, ending part 1 of the Haunted Mask.moreless
  • And so, a TV Phenomenon begins...

    This is a great episode... by far one of my favorites. Every minute kept you hooked as to what would happen next... if you didn't read the book. However, if you did read the book, you know what happens. So, there's this quiet girl named Carly Beth who finds a mask. Later, when she's trick or treating, she finds she can't get the mask off. This is when the suspense begins and you get to the edge of your seat. It keeps going until the end, when Carly Beth realises that to take off the mask, she must show a sign of love. Thus, a good ending, also showing a value that everyone must share...Love. So, I give this episode an 8.6moreless
  • Aaah!!! What a creepy mask!

    I felt so sorry for poor Carly Beth. She bought a scary mask and it got stuck to her face. And she never got it off. The end. No I'm kidding. Carly Beth did buy a mask and it did get stuck to her face. But it's up to you to find out if she gets it off. The special effects I have to say were amazing. I loved the mask moving on its own and everything. It's just so cool. When carly Beth scared those two little kids at the door with the mom threating to call the police was insane! That mask is really mean! Ha. The acting was pretty good. I did actually feel for Carly Beth since she cried 'cause she kept getting scared and people wouldn't leave her alone. But she got her revenge, and it made her happy, but will the mask really never come off? You'll have to watch the episode...moreless
  • A really good episode that I remember well.

    After seeing this episode on Cartoon Network after many years have passed, I can't believe I remembered so much. This was a great start to the series and mildly scary. Although when I was younger, it was the scariest thing on earth. The episode compliments the book it is based on really well. Carly Beth is your typical scaredy cat, I know people like that and I try to scare them a lot too. The plot was great and the mask was extremely scary. Everything came together in this episode. But at some points it seemed the story was being dragged. But other than that I LOVED this episode.moreless
Colin Fox

Colin Fox

Tall Thin Man

Guest Star

Brenda Bazinet

Brenda Bazinet

Kate Caldwell

Guest Star

George Davis (II)

George Davis (II)

Steve Boswell

Guest Star

Cody Jones

Cody Jones

Noah Caldwell

Recurring Role

Kathryn Long

Kathryn Long

Carly Beth Caldwell

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In this episode, they used two different methods for the haunted mask and you can tell. The first time Carly Beth wears her mask, it looks like an ordinary mask and you can see her normal skin underneath her eyeballs. But after she puts it on a second time, the mask is really a makeup job which is why she couldn't get the mask off, because it was make-up!

    • In the mask shop, while Carly Beth looks for a mask, you can see a mask of R.L. Stine!

    • Towards the end of the episode, when Carly Beth returns home, she throws the mask on the ground. But a few scenes later, it's back in her hand.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Carly Beth: (Referring to the plaster head) It smiled at me.
      Mom: What is up with you?
      Carly Beth: Its mouth opened and it smiled at me.
      Mom: Carly Beth, you're letting all this Halloween stuff get to you.

    • Shopkeeper: (Sees Carly Beth wandering around the store) What are you doing here?! Who are you?
      Carly Beth: I'm-I-I like to buy a mask for Halloween, please.
      Shopkeeper: Well, we're closed.
      Carly Beth: Um, only a minute, please I-I-I really need a mask. It won't be long.
      (The telephone rings.)
      Shopkeeper: Everything I have is up on the walls. Five minutes.

    • Sabrina: (Referring to the mask) It isn't made of real skin, is it?
      Carly Beth: Maybe.

  • NOTES (5)