Season 1 Episode 2

The Haunted Mask (2)

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1995 on FOX

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  • Carly Beth continues scaring people on Halloween night.

    Continuing from part 1 of the Haunted Mask. After Sabrina shaked Carly Beth, Carly Beth pulled a prank on Sabrina. So, Sabrina and Carly Beth continue trick-or-treating while at a random house, a mother with two kids was furious with Carly Beth, so she told Sabrina she threated Carly Beth on calling the cops on her for scaring her kids. Sabrina says that they should go to her house, but Carly Beth refuses. As Carly Beth is out to find Chuck and Steve and so she did in the graveyard. So she scared them and told them to apologize to Carly Beth's "head" which is the plaster head with a pole and it was freaky that the plaster head spoke and really frightened Chuck and Steve and ran away with fright. Carly Beth buried her head in the cemetery and found Sabrina and they went to Sabrina's house. When Carly Beth wants to take of the mask, but she can't. It's like its' stuck to her skin. Carly Beth started to freak out and ran out of Sabrina's house to go to the Novelty Shop for the Shopkeeper's help. And the Shopkeeper tells her everything and she can only take off the mask with a Symbol of Love. Then the remaining mask begin to rise and chase Carly Beth all the way to the cemetery to dig up her plaster head and scared all of the masks away and she finally took off her mask and went straight home to her loving family. That was wicked when her brother Noah, wore the mask.
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