Season 3 Episode 15

Awesome Ants


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Ben and Dave stop at an ice cream shop. They order some very strange ice cream as Dave says "Life is too short for boring ice cream". However, the ice cream was stranger than they thought as they find it was covered with ants! People then begin to scream as they find the whole shop was infested with ants. Running out, Dave and Ben meet a man from "Nuke 'Em" pest control, and Ben quickly leaves as Dave goes inside with the exterminator. While inside, the exterminator starts looking for the queen's nest. He finds the queen and squashes it, then gives Dave an idea for a science project. After ordering an ant home, Dave feeds them. Though, when Ben says they aren't getting enough food, they start feeding them hot dogs and more pellets than the ants are supposed to get. However, now the ants are growing larger and larger.

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