Gordon Ramsay's Boiling Point

TELETOON (ended 1999)


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  • An inspriration, sad in a way, but I think Ramsay really rised from what he was then what he is now.

    The first thing I had ever heard of Gordon Ramsay was Hell's Kitchen (American) in 2005, season one. I watched it a tiny bit, but I really wasn't all that interested, I was more interested in finishing my awesome library books (I am a huge bookworm, and I'm almost a nerd). I never really cared much for Ramsay until season 2 of Hell's Kitchen. Then, I heard of Kitchen Nightmares (American again) and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (British). But anyways, moving on, I had first heard of Boiling Point on YouTube. So I watched a few episodes to see what the big fuss was about. Although not exactly a favorite, I loved the show. I was surprised to see all that Gordon had went through during his days as a younger chef. I think it would be an inspiration to many that if you follow your dreams and never give up like Gordon did, you can really rise above all the odds. I really love the difference between Ramsay's career then and Ramsay's career now. I mean, seriously! I don't know how he became so big! I really admire him and this show. I hope the more people watch this show, the more they would realize dreams do come true. Gordon Ramsay said he always wanted 3 michelin stars (whatever that is) and he's got, like, 5 now. He's an amazing person. Maybe on the strange side, but definitely good intentioned and passionate and talented.
  • Boiling Points follows Gordon Ramsay for several months as this acclaimed chef is going after his ultimate goal and prize... 3 Michelin stars.

    Gordon Ramsay's, who is already awarded two Michelin stars, resigns at an established restaurant in London, Aubergine, to invest in his own place.

    His goal is to expand his cooking creativity in the quest to obtain 3 Michelin star, an award, only one chef in the United Kingdom has achieved.

    Ramsay is famous for his wild temper with his crew and the flare he stirs up with the media. He claims to be a cook, a chef, and not a celebrity chef. His food speaks for himself.

    Join Gordon Ramsay through his trials and the burden of creating, running, and cooking in a place he can call his own, while at the same time trying to impress the Michelin judges that his food, his staff, and his restaurant is worthy and capable of running a 3 star facility.