Gordon Ramsay's F Word

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Gordon Ramsay's F Word

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This UK series is all about food. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay shows his softer side at his London restaurant, The F Word, from which the show has taken its name. In case you have been wandering the F stands for Food of course. Each season has its own theme.

Season one is centred on Ramsay preparing a three-course meal at the F Word restaurant for 60 invited diners. He has adapted some of his restaurant recipes so that everything that he cooks on the show can be cooked by anyone. The Times' restaurant critic Giles Coren acts as a field correspondent. Food writer Rachel Cooke also provides several reports on healthy eating. Two (or three) commis "battle" each other in every episode to earn a position at one of Ramsay's restaurants. 12 commis chefs appeared in the series out of a thousand applicants. Furthermore this season has turkeys as the featured animal that Gordon raised in his back yard, for food, so that his children gained a better understanding of where their food came from.This season also features Gordon's "Get Women Back in the Kitchen" campaign, for the promotion of which he visited several English households to help women who wanted to improve their culinary skills. A pudding (dessert) challenge, usually between Ramsay and a celebrity guest is also featured, the winner of which had the honour of serving his or her pudding to the guests at the F-Word restaurant.

From the second series onwards the restaurant sits 50 paying guests served by a different brigade. The brigades featured in season two are amateur brigades. If guests found any of their food unsatisfactory, they could choose not to pay for that item. Janet Street-Porter became the series' field correspondent instead of Giles Coren who only appeared as a guest star. Pigs are the seasons featured animals raised once again By Gordon and his family in his back yard. The recipe challenge in this season includes any kind of food instead of pudding only. This series empha on the importance of Sunday lunch. Due to a schedule change bad language is not beeped out from this season onward.

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AIRED ON 1/7/2010

Season 5 : Episode 12


    Gordon Ramsay opens Australian restaurants

    The F Word and Kitchen Nightmares star is entering the Australian restaurant industry by setting up shop in the culinary capital of Australia.


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    • Try as I might, I don't like Gordon Ramsey. I want to, but he's just rude - my mother taught me to always avoid people like him. The F Word is a good show though, it's a shame it's host can't control his temper or his tongue.moreless

      Gordon Ramsey takes on a new team of wannabe chefs each week and swears at them loudly whilst they try to cook a three course meal for 50 people. There are celebrities amongst those eating in the restaurant and those who don't like the meals, don't pay. Gordon and one of the celebrities go into the kitchen and have a bake off; the winner of the taste test cheers very loudly across the restaurant when he wins and Gordon gets really annoyed when he loses.

      Gordon also shows us such delights as a pig being slaughtered, this year he and his family are rearing lambs (Charlotte and Gavin) for meat.

      I really don't like Gordon Ramsey...moreless
    • A toned-down and personable Gordon Ramsay mixes cooking, family, humor and related topics in a very entertaining series.

      Love him or hate him, Gordon Ramsay has developed an international reputation that goes beyond being a great chef. Most viewers know him for his four-letter on-camera tantrums - whether real or staged - on UK and USA TV. However, "The F Word" stands for food, not the four-letter word, but it also stands for funny, fast-paced and fabulous. This is definitely the PG-rated version of the fiery chef and it is surprising how funny and personable he is especially with his celebrity guests. At the root of the show is cooking, so if you don't enjoy food or cooking topics or you just tuned in for drill sergeant Ramsay, you probably won't enjoy this show. Ramsay pokes fun at celebrity guests and his chef friends and rivals but also includes cooking tips and easy-to-make recipes (although he does them so fast you need a Tivo to replay and the Internet to look up the actual recipes). The show is unique in every way from other cooking shows - from its location to its format - and the hour just flies by and leaves you wanting more. Unfortunately - like "Kitchen Nightmares" there are only a precious few episodes in each season.moreless
    • The show highlights Gordon Ramseys chef teams who come on the show to try and beat the dish selling high scores. It presents many different aspects including him trying out different things aswell as just teams competing to beat the score on the F word.moreless

      The rude words of Gordon Ramsey create a great show which is full of pressure, Competition and Swear Words.

      the F word is a great show which is suitable for adults due to the fact that it can have distrbing imagery and obviously rude words. The 5 star chef Gordon Ramsey teaches his students and expects them to perform to standard the very same evening in his 5 Star Restaurant. It promotes big celebrities inviting them to wine tasteing sessions and cookin competitions in the kitchen where he himself rules and if he is overtaken, well, then you can 'Get The F*** Out Of his KITCHEN!!!'moreless
    • Okay.

      This show is okay. This is mainly Gordon Ramsay doing these things; cooking up fancy meals at his restraunt in london

      teaching people how to eat better

      finding out where food REALLY comes from

      challenging celebrities to see who can make the better meal.

      It can be quite amusing at times, especially when gordon realizes he has lost, because he is just quite basically a sore loser and more competitive than an olympic athlete!!! Some of the best celebrity guests have been; Girls Aloud, Jonathon Ross, Janet street porter and a lot of others. So, to conclude this show is okay viewing but not essential.moreless

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