Gordon Ramsay's F Word

Season 4 Episode 12

Episode 4.12

Aired Unknown Jul 29, 2008 on Channel 4

Episode Recap

The Appleton Brigade return, and their charity is NSPCC.

They have an additional challenge - the restaurant is full of 50 vegetarians who are prepared to be converted!

They cook:

Lobster and caviar with crisp potatoes (46/50)

Veal Marsala with sautéed vegetables (46/50)

Gordon's roasted peaches (43/50)


Opens with Gordon showing the Brigade how he acquired the caviar for the starter. He visited a Sturgeon farm in Spain, where he discovers that only when they reach about twenty years of age are they ready to be de-egged. The setup for the removal is very surgical, and Gordon is allowed to cut open a sturgeon - full of about £10,000 of caviar!

Unfortunately, about £1000 of caviar is dropped on the floor!!

"It's amazing what you can get in Iceland these days"

Gordon goes to Iceland and tries Puffin, a delicacy he has never eaten or prepared before. He tries catching puffin with Olly. He prepares a a traditional Icelandic bread in a dormant volcano (for 12 hours) to accompany the puffin. After 5 hours, Gordon is finally able to catch Puffin - he ends up with two - lets a third go. One had bit him on the nose.

Unfortunately, his bread was nicked!

Gordon gets alfresco cooking and whips up barbecued puffin with tomatoes and Skyr cucumber salad for the family.

British Rose Veal is prepared - Elton - and proves popular with the diners.

Graham Norton prepares peach and ameretto dessert, and Gordon prepares roast peaches with marzipan - Gordon wins, and his dessert is prepared for the diners.

Gordon returns to the Rangers' ground in his healthy cooking mission, where he prepares chicken with fennel and bean salad.

He meets with Ally McCoist at Murray Park, the training ground, whom he played with when he was young, and who is now the assistant manager.

They do some training together, and end up in the infamous Rangers ice tub, before Gordon cooks for them.
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