Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2000 on BBC

Episode Recap

Barquentine, elderly and frail, clings onto his office as Master of Ritual, showing no sign of handing over the reins to his assistant. Frustrated, Steerpike kills him, but in doing so makes mistakes and is left with his own face badly burnt and is confined to bed. However, he takes over running the castle, facing down all suspicions and continuing to woo Lady Fuchsia.

Meanwhile, Dr Prunesqallor's sister Irma finally catches Professor Bellgrove.

When Steerpike becomes Master of Ritual himself, Titus decides he's had enough.

Flay returns from exile and calls on Titus to help him pursue Steerpike.

With the help of Prunesquallor, in a hidden room they find Steerpike with the skeletons of Clarice and Cora, who had starved to death years before. Steerpike kills Flay and escapes. This forces him to go on the run, but as Titus hunts Steerpike, Fuchsia refuses to hide him, killing herself instead. Titus and Steerpike fight to the death over the roofs of Gormenghast Castle in a rainstorm.