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Based on the popular book series of the same name, this drama gives viewers a peek into the world of privileged teenagers on an elite private school in New York City. The story is written by The O.C.'s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, and directed by Mark Piznarski who has worked on series like Everwood and Veronica Mars.

Surface's Leighton Meester and Accepted's Blake Lively have taken the lead roles in this drama series. They will play Blair and Serena respectively, rich Manhattan rivals at a private school in New York. The last additions to this new CW drama are Misconceptions' Taylor Momsen, The Covenant's Chace Crawford and The Bedford Diaries' Penn Badgley. Their characters are Momsen as Jenny a 14 year-old and shy girl, Nate the good looking boyfriend of Blair, and Dan the secret admirer of Serena.

E-Ring's Kelly Rutherford and The Jury's has been cast as the mother of lead role Serena. Rutherford will play the mother of Serena van der Woodsen (Lively's character), a former ballerina and rock groupie. Afterlife's Ed Westwick has been cast as Chuck Bass and Brothers and Sisters' Matthew Settle has been cast as Jenny and Dan's father, Rufus Humphrey.


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    Fan Reviews (384)

    • My opinion

      Gossip girl was a show that really targeted all social issues teens have.


      - drug use

      - alcohol abuse

      - bullying

      - heartache

      - gossip

      - falling off the wagon and learning how to get back on

      And much more...

      It shows you how they go through it, how they got themselves into it and than out, and the consequences that come with it...

      I really like that about gossip girl

      And on another note

      The love stories in it, and if I had to pick my fav GG couple, it's chuck and Blair

      There love was consuming .. While most probably fell in love with dan and serena , I couldn't wait to see what would happen next with chuck and Blair

      It was something about the chase at first, you knew they loved each other but they could not admit it to each other, the first kiss made me nearly fall off my seat and the first I love you's made my heart stop, and the fact that no matter what , no matter where they were in their lives, they always came back to each other, were there for each other, sure they weren't perfect , but there love was just so real , so truthful, so consuming, even when they weren't together they longed for each other .. It was the best love of every couple in the show.

      And chuck , I fell in love with his character from the beginning , the way he was so dark and mysterious, but you look past all that and he's deep and loving and passonite and funny.. He was never boring let me tell you.

      This show was the most real , funny, romantic , sad , heart breaking all consuming show Iv watched , i wish it hadn't stopped .moreless
    • Serena van der who?

      Somebody please tell me what is all the hype with this character. All she does is say how sorry she is for her latest screw up to every friend, family member, or guy she happens to be with at the moment. This girl is a wreck of the hesspris. And her monotone voice is enough to make you want to use Q-tips to break your own eardrums . Serena you may be rich and cute but you bore me to tears. Advice, act like you have a little class, stop being a slobbering drunk, try to keep your clothes on and do something with your life. I just started watching this show over the last few days via my laptop and its a good show, everybody puts there own spin on things happening, but Serena I could do without.moreless
    • Gossip Girl

      I loved this show!!!!!! I hope they make a new season because it was my favorite show! I need more of gossip girl!!!!
    • Scotch: The New Beverage of Choice for Underage Drinkers

      I finally got around to watching Gossip Girl (GG) on Netflix. I like to marathon-watch series that have ended, so this has consumed a big chunk of my time over the past few weeks. It went 5 full seasons + 10 episodes (also known as "Season 6"). I had a love-hate relationship with GG. During the first season, I was shocked at how much scotch, bubbly, and assorted mixed alcoholic drinks a bunch of freshman and juniors in high school guzzled in front of their parents and in so many upscale establishments around Manhattan. I don't think any of the main characters was of legal drinking age until GG Season 4 or 5, and yet no one EVER got carded by a barkeep (or even reprimanded by any adult for downing an 80 proof beverage in their presence). Did Drew Barrymore teach these adults NOTHING of the dangers of alcohol use by the young and privileged?? I found that disturbing, because it made it seem like teenagers drinking booze was more than just a part of their glamorous Upper East Side (UES) teenage lives it made it seem like it was a normal teen activity. I could go on about the predictable plot twists. Or the absurd amount of coincidences faced by the GG characters. Or the fact that the characters have the WORST timing EVER.. But the fact remains that the show normalizes addictive behavior. All of the characters emerge unscathed. It's a complete fairy tale, and it must be viewed as such. Taken as farce, the show is entertaining primarily because of Blair and Chuck. Nate was solid (through most of the episodes) because he was so deftly played by Chace Crawford. Beyond those 3 and the Waldorf household, though, the rest of the regular cast grated on my last nerve after several episodes. If I were to recommend this series, I'd probably suggest skipping Seasons 3 and 4 altogether. Aside from the locations and the fashion, there was little to entertain during those two seasons. That said, it was a semi-entertaining way to get nothing accomplished for a couple of weeks.moreless
    • Totally Worth Your Time

      It Was Awesome Honestly !! I Have Read Reviews On IMBD, And In My Opinion They're So Irrelevant. The Entire 6 Seasons Are Made Up Of Extremely Entertaining Drama Of The Wealthy In Upper Manhattan. Drama & Rich People Will Never Seem More Interesting . This Is Honestly A Perfectly Put Together Show & I'm A Big Fan . Totally Recommend It. Its Really Worth Your Time

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