Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 4

Bad News Blair

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on The CW

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  • The serie's first Blair centric episode.

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    A bit of a step down from the last 2 episodes just because some scenes just dragged out for too long, and nothing really compared to the confrontations between Serena & Blair in the past 3 episodes, we did get a spat, but I think these two are better as enemies, or frenemies, if you will.

    The Dan/Serena relationship is keeping me tuned in, and the Nate story line was actually interesting this week. So far, Chuck has been quite two-dimensional, but I'm looking forward too an episode focused on him.

    Solid installment, this show still needs room for improvement like who really cares about Rufus & Lilly? But this was still a fine installment regardless, plus, I'm sure this show is at it's high point (as early as season 1, I know).
  • A beautiful episode!!

    In my book this was an episode dedicated to friendship. I think it was pleasant. The storyline consisted of three "fronts": Serena's relationship with Dan, Serena and Blair trying to work things out and Chuck and Nate's Lost Weekend. Serena and Dan are on the right track, and finally have Queen Bee's blessing. The whole Serena-Blair thing was very interesting because I think that for the first time GG has given us something actually serious to think about, and I mean mother-daughter relationships. I liked the way the girls took revenge from Elinor and I think that the ending scene, with them taking silly pictures was one of the best in the show. Something happy for once! As for Chuck and Nate, the idea of the Lost Weekend was epic. And this episode is one of the first to prove that there's another side to Bass. I suspect that his good side is even better than the others' good sides.
  • It can't stop getting better now can it?

    After the first 15 minutes I would've said this is going to be around 7.5, but the 30 minutes following that were amazing.

    Loved everything about this episode, except maybe Dan's father storyline. It just doesn't fit in and Serena's mother isn't all that great character, so...

    I loved how only in this episode Serena and Blair got REALLY back together. Blair's mother choosing Serena over Blair was... well, cruel, to say at least. I figured it'd happen but, still. I enjoyed how in the beginning Dan distanced himself from Blair(and vica versa) but by the end they finally connected.

    Also, Nate gets conned by an old buddy(it was funny to see Chuck all jealous) but in the end, Chuck comes to the rescue.. I enjoyed that, I want to see more Chuck. He's a bit like Logan on Veronica Mars, at first he just seems to be an **** but with a little character development there's much larger potential to discover regarding his character.

    Overall, lovely episode, the best one so far. Loved Kristen's narration too, especially near the end, the BFF and WTF line was the best one hands down. Nice episode.
  • I loved this episode...

    We can see that there is a big differance in Serena's and Blair's friendship. This episode was more interesting with them being friends rather than enemies.

    With every episode I see I like Dan more. He is such a great guy and I think Serena and Dan would make a great couple.

    Blair's Mum is horrible. This episode confirmed it. The business comes first but she could have at least told her that she is not going to keep her as a model and choose her friend over her.

    Chuck saved Nate in this episode altough Nate could not really deserve to be saved as he totally ignored what Chuck told him about his friend.

    There was another fight between Serena and Blair because Serena was blind when Blair's mother was doing the photoshot.

    I like Blair when she was being nice to Dan but I think now she realised that he is a good guy and at the end it's like she wanted him to go out with Serena.
  • A fashion faux pas we should never make.

    It's Blair and Serena's first time together, and thanks to Serena, Blair officially has her first modeling stint! So when everything seems to be perfect, Blair appears to be "stiff as a board" and Eleanor ditches her for Serena. S has a lot of things on her mind. Including Dan, whom she stood up twice (I think). Anyway. It was a great episode. With its fair share of Chuck, Nate, Blair, Serena and Dan moments. Chuck was a great friend when he rescued Nate from Carter. And their "best friend" moments were priceless. I loved the scene where Blair and Serena were fighting in the fire exit. Blair was amazing! And Dan and Blair's scene was also great, they were great together :D
  • Gossip girl keeps getting better and better.

    The episode starts with Blair having a dream which I think symbolised how Serena always steals Blair's spotlight. Blair wakes up to get a very big surprise. Her mother ( Eleanor ) and Serena sitting down with piles of clothes everywhere having brunch. Eleanor announces she's going to release her own clothes line and after her fashion professionals suggest something to her.She chooses Blair to be the model for her clothes line so Blair and Serena are very excited. Unfortunatley Blair's does not have any modelling skills at all but guess who does..Serena so the fashion photographers and professionals along with Eleanor trick Serena into becoming the model without Blair. After seeing this Blair becomes furious and fights with Serena. Dan goes after Balir and tells her a story about his mother and how she left which encouraged Blair to go to her mother and confront her about picking Serena over her. After Blair finding out that Serena was tricked into modelling alone she goes and make things better with Serena and the two hotties go around town taking picutres in Eleanor's outfits. I loved this storyline !! I thought the writers wouldn't think of something good after the fight between Blair and Serena ended but they did. On the guy side of the show : Chuck and Nate have a big weekend planned where they will blow off steam after Ivy week and all the guys are invited too but a guy who Chuck hates shows up. The guy is called Carter and he's older than everyone else. Carter presuades Nate to gamble with him. Only Nate dosen't know that Carter was tricking him. Nate finds this out and attacks Carter. Chuck shows up and tells Carter that if he dosen't let Nate go he's going to call the police because Carter stole his watch. Nate wants to repay Chuck so he goes into his account but his account has been drained by his father. This was also very interesting. A little bit more serious than the Serena and Blair storyline. Blair and Serena being enemies is far more entertaining than them being friends. Also in this episode : Rufus sells a painting which apparently is bought by Lilliane but Lilliane takes it back because it was painted by Rufus's wife who hates Lilliane. Three awesome storylines fit together to give us another great episode of Gossip Girl. Favorite character from this episode : Dan!! I liked how he gave Blair the courage to confornt her mother. Hottest character from this episode : Serena !!! She looked awesome in these outifts.
  • The best episode of the season so far!!

    Bad News Blair is a great episode. For some reason, I love it when Blair suffers. She makes it clear in this episode that she hates when Serena steals her spotlight, which happens more often than not. Blair's mother really screwed her over and that was kinda wrong. But Serena is way more beautiful and she should've been given the shoot anyway. I noticed that Dan is hilarious, he's always making sarcastic and clueless jokes. When he was at the movie ticket window and said that he didn't want any tickets was extremely funny. Nate and Chuck had an exciting weekend. Someone from their past shows up and at first I thought Chuck was being jealous but in the end he was right that the dude couldn't be trusted. I wonder will Dan and Serena ever go on an actual date, only time will tell. I can't believe it didn't watch this show when it first aired.
  • Loved it!

    When Eleanor, Blair's mother, is looking for the new face for her clothing line, Serena encourages Blair to do it. During the photoshoot, Blair is stiff and nervous. Serena helps her loosen up and they have fun! Dan invites Serena to go to the movies with him, but Serena can't. Meanwhile, Chuck and Nate have a weekend for them. They see Carter, someone that Chuck doesn't like. Nate is seen gambling with Carter and some other men. Nate loses a bunch of money and finds out that Carter is in on it. Rufus sells a piece of art and Lillian buys it, but takes it back when she finds out it was from Rufus. Eleanor's experts say that Blair is too shy and that Serena would make the clothes look more fun. She decides to have Serena in the photoshoot instead of Blair. Dan and Serena plan another date at the photoshoot. Blair shows up to find Serena as the star. She gets mad at Serena. They argue and Dan overhears. Serena quits the photoshoot after learning she was tricked by Eleanor. Blair and Serena make up and Dan and Serena plan yet another date. Nate finds out that his father took all the money out of his trust fund.

    This episode was great! I missed Jenny, but I still loved the episode! I didn't really understand the whole Nate/Chuck plot so well. I'm glad Blair and Serena are friends again! I'm starting to like Blair and Chuck better, but Chuck is still my least favorite. Nate is still questionable. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • A great episode showing the lives of the upper east side as they truly are, with theit money, fashion and friends!

    As much as i did like this episode nothing really happened in this for me. I was a very funny episode but no secrets were reveal other then Rufus finally admitted he had an affair with Serena's Mum!!
    It was very funny with the photoshoots and watching blair being taken down a peg or too but it was great to see Dan actually forgive Serena as for once she wasn't in the wrong!! They def have great chemistry on scene and i really hope their relationship developes!!

    Chuck and Nate were really annoying this episode, they were just acting out what we already knew about their characters, childish and spoilt!! But it was interesting to see that Nate's trust fund is no where to see!! we be interesting to find out exactly what happened for his Dad to have to take that money!!!

    Overall and funny episode just not filled with as much drama as normal!!
  • Serena and Blair are back to being best friends.

    Serena and Blair have shopping plans and try to make their friendship work. Blair feels that her mother Eleanor likes Serena more than her. Eleanor chooses her daughter Blair as the new face of her clothing line. Blair doesn't do well in her photoshoot but Serena helps her out. Unfortunately, the photographer prefers Serena over Blair. Dan asks Serena out for a movie but Serena doesn't show up in the end. Chuck and Nate spend the weekend together. Nate falls into trouble in a poker game but Chuck helps him out. Nate finds out that his father drained out his bank account. Dan and Blair have a small talk. Blair and Serena patch up on their friendship.
  • yay. a blair episode.

    i am so glad they finally made an episode with lots of blair. the way it starts, it looks as though blair is going to have a great day doing some modeling. but being a good friend like she is, blair invites serena along. it ends up that serena gets the job instead of blair. she looked great in the clothes, but so did serena. the nate thing was weird, and a little random. but chuck was a good friend, saving him. serena and dan kept not going on their date for many reasons. hopefully they will get the chance soon, because they are a great couple. i loved the end of this episode where blair and serena stole all the clothes. that was so perfect, because through all their arguments, b and s will always be friends. the last scene with the song and pictures was really cool, and the best part of the episode.
  • Definatley the best so far! Blair gets at Serena (again)! Let's see if they're still friends by the end...

    This is my favorite so far, although it might be a little early to have a favorite! I really liked the fact that Blair was the main focal point of the episode, instead of Serena, and when Chuck saved Nate, that showed us that he could actually be a friend! I knew he was a semi-good guy, but even if he wasn't, I'd still love him. Anyway, the clothes were so great in this episode, and I loved the ending! It was adorable! Although, I'm still confused on who stole Chuck's stuff, was it Nate? Oh, and did anyone notice Chuck's basketball outfit, that was so funny!
  • Ahh, finally an episode busting on Blair.

    I liked this episode for the fact that after last weeks episode, when Blair busted on Serena, Blair gets busted on. I think Blair looked great in the clothes, but she did need to liven up a little, and she would have been a great model. I didn't really understand the whole Nate thing. Lets introduce some random dude from eigth grade to mess with Nate? Sure, you do that. I liked that we found out that Nate's dad wiped out all of this money in his trust, since he figured out that he didn't want to go to Darkmouth. Chuck was a good friend, saving him from the eigth grade friend, maybe he's not that bad after all. I liked the plot about Dan's dad selling the painting, it revealed some of his past. Serena taking Blair's spotlight was obvious, we all knew it was going to happen. Blair got all bent, and didn't even let Serena explain, but it's all nice and peachy at the end. I loved how they stole all of the clothes and took a bunch of pictures around New York City. I'm still looking foward to Serena and Dan's date, which Serena keeps on missing and rescheduling. Great epiosde, 9.5/10.
  • A brilliant episode, best yet!

    Loved this. I actually prefer serena and blair as friends rather than enemys, I know yeah it's entertaining to see cat fights etc but to be honest I just thought it worked better with them as best friends. Thats why i was praying when Blair shouted at Serena that she would eventually realise it was actually her mother. I'm glad Dan decided to stick around and didn't give up, looks like there date is next episode. Didn't care much for the chuck/Nate side story but we did get to see a nicer better side to Nate though for how long? The one thing I didn't like was the absence of Jenny! other then that this was the best episode yet, great TV!
  • Improving well my little infant!

    Hello upper east-siders, this week on Gossip Girl, we've got S and B as besties, but S and D seem to be deteriorating. Meanwhile, C and N are going through a rough path, but true friendship prevails in the end.

    Great episode by Gossip Girl, the improvement in this show has been astonishing, keep up the good work Gossip Girl!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Gossip Girl): Hey Upper East Siders, there's nothing Gossip Girl likes more than a surprise. And we hear Blair Waldorf got a two-for-one special. Her mom, Eleanor, who has just returned from Paris, and Serena van der Woodsen. Brunch buddies.
  • One great storyline with a few other sub par ones

    I loved the storyline with Blair, Serena and Dan. The fashion shoot plot was predictable, but still great. I felt so bad for Blair because her mother was choosing Serena over her. It did a great job showing what the relationship between Blair and Serena was like. It was also great how they throw Dan into it, where Serena likes him and Blair doesn't see why. It was cute how he got involved in solving the girls problems. The other plots going on in the episode were just so dull. The one with the boys was saved when it turned out the one guy was just trying to get money from him. That turned out to be an interesting twist. The money problems also looks like it could be a good storyline. I really didn't like the plot with the adults about the artwork. I really didn't care what happened and I wasn't really paying attention.
  • Blair's & Serena's Episode!

    Actually, I don't know why I watch this show, maybe is because I use to love Gilmore Girls (my girly.pink side).. but how I have been saying, this show takes to much time to set an environment. All the show was base on a photo shoot.

    Now, Chuck's ideals are pretty interesting he seems to be a person who really likes material things but he needs Nate at his side and he would make an effort to keep their friendship.

    Nate in the other hand.. doesn't know anything, at least what he wants in life. Saying "I don't want this" doesn't mean that you know what you want.

    Now, all the show was base on Serena, Blair and Dan.
    Let me tell you that awesome was the scene between Blair and Dan, was a very deep conversation for both (together) Blair always has been a person that has feelings but she hides them to use it like defense.

    Serena.. she is to ingenious sometimes and she needs to find when to say "no"
    I understand that she wants to recover her friendship with Blair, but she can't put her (Blair) first than her feelings or anything.

    One of my favorites scene was when Serena tells Dan that her best friend didn't believe her, neither The Guy She Likes.

    Amazing! I'm totally agree and love girls that aren't afraid to say what they want or feel. Good For Her!

    I love the song at the end, amazing.. "Beautiful Girl" a very good choice, music that we hear all the time and its common and have a meaning in the story.

    Now I can say why I watch this tv show is because is fresh, new, young.. it's just a Gossip Girl!
  • Blair gets into the spotlight and then pushed out

    This was a pretty good episode, as much as I don't want to watch this show, I am already addicted to it, I love Serena so much and I actually kinda even felt bad for Blair in this episode. I was proud of Dan for holding his ground with Blair who is really a little bit too much in her hatred of him. I also was a little bit proud of Chuck for protecting his friend. Even though he is clearly scum in general. Nate is an idiot and I cannot seem to figure his character out. Oh well. I guess I will have to wait until next week before I can try to figure him out some more.
  • excellent to watch :)

    I loved this episode. this was so much fun to watch. I didn't like the Nate parts that much. I liked when Chuck and Nate were together though. Blair's mom needs to get a model for her clothes for advertisements. She decides to let Blair try to be the model. The photographer thinks that Blair is too stiff, and he thinks that Serena would be the perfect girl for it. Blair calls Serena and she wants to meet her there so they can crash the photoshoot and make fun of the "skinny b*tch" It turns out that Serena thought Blair was going to be the model also, so when Blair gets there she gets super mad at her. Blair is depressed that Serena takes everything away from her. I loved the end of the episode though. Blair and Serena go to Bendel's and steal Eleanor's clothes. They try them on, and they go to Central Park and take tons of pictures there. It was so fun to watch them laugh and have a fun time taking pictures. :)
  • It was a nice episode

    I think it was a very special episode because Blair and Serena are finally friends again.I love this girls - the last scene of the episode was soooo cute...i mean these girl definately know how to amuse themselves.
    I didn't see Jenny in the episode and Dan's role wasn't so bih either. However i love Chuck...he acted like a very good person i mean by helping Nate.
    I'm sure Chuck is a very decent guy but he is playing bad because he is afraid that someone might broke his heart.
    But i really think Serena is a **** or she's just sooo damn stupid...she must have known that Blaire's mother had chosen her over Blair but she continued posing =/
  • Loved the episode!

    This episode will definantly go down in my book as one of my favorites. I really liked this episode. I think that seeing Blair and Serena as best friends was really great. I loved how they made up at the end since I was all like "It was nice while it lasted" but then it turned around. I also loved it when *surprise* Chuck came and saved Nate at poker game that his "friend" invited him too. Finally maybe Serena and Dan may go out on a date and she won't cacel out on him. But anyways I thought this episode was really very good.
  • Does anyone smell The O.C?

    The episode started off all well and good, i was even enjoying the addition of the bizarro Chuck Bass and the idea of there being more to Nate which i hope there is. So anyway there i was about 45 minutes in and BAM! *cry, tear* my trust funds have been drained, to me this reaked of The O.C Jimmy Cooper situation, writing checks his but couldn't cash. Don't get me wrong i love Gissip Girl, honest, but i just hope that Nate's father in a medicore plot twist turns out to be bunkrupt. I can only assume and correct me if i'm wrong, that this is Josh Schwartz's handy work and to that i say "tisk, tisk, tisk i expected more from you".
  • Blair's mother betrays Blair.

    Good episode with character development and growing up, especially by Blair.

    It seems that the friendship between Serena and Blair is here to stay even though Blair doesn't like Dan and Serena does. However, by the end of this episode Blair seems to be more accepting of Dan after their little bonding moment over their respective mothers. I liked that Serena quit the modelling job when she found out Blair wasn't going to be involved. I also liked that Blair stood up to her mother.

    To my surprise, Chuck helped out Nate (who was an idiot to begin with). I don't like Chuck, but it seems that he does stand by his friends.
  • Definately a guilty pleasure to watch!

    Serena and Blair are back to friends again in this episode. I like that they're friends again and it reveals another side of Blair that we haven't really seen. But, I will miss the cat fights though :)

    Chuck and Nate have a little falling out, but in the end Chuck proves to be a true and good friend.

    Blair's mom chooses Blair to be the model for her new line of clothing, but ultimately changes her mind and tricks Serena into replacing Blair. This once again, worsens the situation between the two friends.

    Dan and Serena try to go on a dates but things keep coming up, stoping Serena from going on the dates. Serena actually admits to Dan that she likes him!

    A very interesting episode overall!
  • Smile for the camera.

    After last week's tearful conversation between Serena and Blair, the girls are now friends again and hanging out like Serena never left. While I did expect this to happen for a while, I didn't think it would happen so suddenly, despite the way last week's episode ended.

    The newly mended friendship isn't safe for long and it also threatens Serena's growing relationship with Dan, who hates Blair. Serena is able to put Blair into the spotlight for a while by getting her a modeling gig with Blair's mom's fashion company, but the photographer prefers Serena, leading Blair's mom to trick Serena into taking photos without Blair, which of course ends the friendship. But then, surprisingly, it's mended before the end of the episode, thanks to Dan. I was really interested in Serena and Blair this week, and Blair is finally becoming a real person (well, within the story) to me and I can see where she's coming from.

    Of course, this is a teen drama, and pretty soon Serena and Dan will be fighting and the S&B friendship will end and warring will resume. But let's enjoy the peace...until next episode.
  • Bad News Blair recap and thoughts

    Quick recap:

    Blair and Serena's relationship seems to be getting better. However, it all gets derailed when Eleanor chooses Serena to replace Blair as the model for her new line of clothes. Serena stands Dan up but really does make an effort to make things up to him. She blows up at Dan shortly after Blair blows up at Serena when Blair finds out Serena is the one who replaced her. Nate and Chuck throw a big party to celebrate getting past Ivy Week. An old friend shows up, and he tells them about how he gave up his material lifestyle to travel. Long story short, he plants a seed in Nate's head about looking past the party scene, and invites him to join in on a backroom poker game. Nate gets played, big-time, but Chuck shows up in time to bail him out. Nate later discovers that his father has emptied out his trust fund.

    My thoughts:

    Blair and Serena appear to be sincere in patching things up and moving forward, but the very nature of their relationship means surely it's only a matter of time before the next friendship disaster. That's what the entire series is going to be built on, I think: the resonant tension between the two girls. Props to Dan. He's showing remarkable patience, and Serena really does seem to like him. It seems trivial, and it's VERY high-schoolish, but I really like the way Lively is playing Serena around Dan. She's pulling off the giggly-bubbly-girl-around-the-guy-she's-slowly-falling-for role very well, and it juxtaposes with the times she has to be her usual upper-crust self.

    It seems that Chuck, for his hedonistic nature, is proving his chops as a true friend. He was right about their old "friend," but he came through anyway, rather than hang Nate out to dry.

    The Rufus/Lillian subplot is LAME. Just focus on the kids already. We KNOW the parents have (or had) all sorts of drama of their own.
  • Its Good News For the Episode Bad News Blair Kristian Bells Narrating Amazing I heart this episode. Still liking the Male centric storylines. Keep Reading As i spread the Gossip

    First Order of Business The Parents NEed to go are at least die Im sure they will casue more drama being dead then anything. Its Ridiculous and how are we supposed to believe Serena was raised by this woman who makes assumptions and ugh Josh is thinking thats hes appealing to an audinece that cares about the parents, I mean sure with The O.C It was fine but With Gossip Girl its just not right. And Maybe I dont know Art but was that Picture Art cuz I swear my Nephew made the same Picture?? NOw Blairs mother is a bit more realistic and has a point to her character shes another attachment to the Blair Character of who she is. The CW Promos are so misleading its dissapointing bad promotion never helps a show when you decieve them into thinking an episode is different. Okay The boys have a night out and we get to the bottom of Chuck and Nate thier very male friendship Its a very common friendship, Chuck knows what he wants and this life he can use to his advantage Nate Know this life is not what he wants and sees it as a disadvantage, I do enjoy how Chuck talks about the different sides of being rich It was Great now is he still One dimensional evil yes. Nate grew away from the triangle to really grow into his own which was nice. The Serena Blair Friendship hit a flash. The relaionships on this show are so common that I know people and I can relate to especially to Dan. Best Friend of The girl you like Doesnt approve. Now I hope Blair screws the friendship down the line Leighton is an amazing actress and plays it up so well being the Insecure, Snooty girl all still having the dramatic essence. I also enjoyed Blake we saw Serena Having fun, Serena though is not worth the effort a girl with this much baggage and who is full of empty promises not worth the time Dan. The end when they went out and just took random pictures heck I loved it thats what me and my friends do all the time now sure its not in fancy gowns but none the less great ending.
  • I love romantic drama, and the more I see of this show make me think that I have found something worthy to replace Gilmore Girls.

    The fact that the pilot started out with a horrendous power struggle that now have seemed to fizzle into mostly nothing is again causing me some worries. That Blair and Serena were BFF's were established in the pilot and that Serena wanted to patch things up were pretty clear, but in merely 3 episodes? I feel cheated out of some quality cat fights! (Still love the show thought…) Will the friendship crash and burn again? Will Blair fall for Dan? Will Serena finally manage to come true on her promise of a new date with Dan? Who knows… I just feel like ending this with "XOXO" …