Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 2

Beauty and the Feast

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on The CW

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  • Wow what's with these reviews?!

    I think this show keeps getting better! I've loved almost every new development in the last couple of seasons. Seriously, I never even watched this show until recently and I've come to surprisingly love it much the same way I thoroughly enjoyed the O.C. What I liked about this episode were pretty much all the scenes with Dan and Blair. I know I know.. Give me a break here, it _is_ great writing all sappy "'shipping" aside!
  • Like A God Father sequel gone cheap romance comedy..

    How did Gossip Girl get so bad?

    All our characters are lost in their own conspiracies. Serena with the secretive Charlie who takes some sort of medication and tried to make it as an actress alongside a boyfriend she says goodbye to in this episode. Blair with Beatrice who's accent sounds faker than the plot. Oh and also, apparently, Blair used to be bullimic, but was only a bad teen habit, a habit we didn't know about even though Blair was what like, what, 9 years old when Gossip Girl started? Dan needs Chuck and Chuck wants pain. Chuck's story can't get any cheesier. Nate has a mysterious new woman in his life with an agenda.

    Seriousley it's getting really, really difficult to take this show seriousley. The only storyline I'm interested in is Charlie's. Even though it's been done like a million times. You know someone wants to take advantage of the upper east siders, so they pretend to be their friend and goes for it. It's so been there, done that, but still there's something about Charlie. She has charisma.

    So far, I say make this the final season. Should have ended after season 3 anyway.
  • Oh. Dear. God.


    I created an account purely to review this episode! I hated it with an absolute passion!

    I love GG but I think the show needs to finish at the end of season five the plot and characters barely resemble the ones we fell in love with 3 - 4 seasons ago! The writers are just scraping for any story they can think of and for the past few seasons I have completely forgotten to care about the true identity of GG. I ducked out halfway through season 4 when the plot lines got all business like and Blair and Chuck were over as to see if they ended up together was purely the only reason I watched the show. But season 5 then came along and I decided to see if a show I watched 3 seasons of in two days when I first started to watch it could capture me again, plus I wanted to see how it ends.

    Now this episode wasn't actually that bad, season 5 I like so far mostly for Blair whom I love dearly. Plus being a disney princess at heart her little princess storyline I love. Even though I want her with Chuck it is all very romantic and sweet! I love that she is pregnant with Chucks baby, I think that is the most plausible and good stoy twist at the moment. It is believable and isn't just boring and repeat..repeat. It is a first on GG which 5 seasons in is actually a lot! Her moments with Dorota in this scene I loved, the doctors office especially! However as for her princes sister? I don't get it?! Why does his entire family hate Blair? If he is nice you would think there might be one other nice family member? It works for now though until we find out who the father is. As predictable as it may be, if they try to twist by not making it Chucks I may actually burn Gossip Girl dvds.

    Chuck is fine being Chuck, a bit in touch with his feelings for my view of Chuck but I suppose it shows him growing. He doesn't do much any more except be his stereotypical playboy self and whine for Blair. I must say his encounter with her earlier in the show when he smashed the glass with his hand because he couldn't have her stopped my heart

  • Ahhhhh (spoilers ahead)


    In my opinion, season 5 of Gossip Girl has not started off well and makes me yearn for the show it used to be. When the plots made some sense. When they were all in the same place. When THEY ATTENDED SCHOOL, for godsakes. Chuck was never in school and Serena has dropped out (she said she was taking a semester off, but who would be surprised if she didnt go back?) Nate is taking an internship and Blair and Dan just... aren't in school. Following the timeline, they should all be juniors in school and if Blair is becoming a princess and Serena's working, wouldn't Dan and Nate still be in school, at the very least? Nate's been looking for an internship like he's not in school and Dan hasn't brought it up. The show is following the pattern since the second half of the fourth season where they all magically stop going to school and every episode revolves around a party.

    Also, we;re the second episode into the season with no Serena and Blair scenes? And them on the phone talking sweet nothings to each other doesn't count. I mean it's hard to beat Serena and Blair last season where Blair pushed her into a fountain but to have them be on opposite ends of the country STILL?? not okay.

    Wtf is going on with Nate? He hasn;t had a decent storyline since Juliet (and arguably since Jenny) got the boot and now he;s getting involved with an older broad... cause he's NEVER done that before! They never really acknowledged Nate in school as much as the rest of them, but give the boy something (or at someone interesting) else to do!

    This is weird, but I actually feel bad for Ivy/fake Charlie. In the promos they made it seem like she willfully came back to the UES to cause trouble when really she played her part and went back to her life in the last place where she thought Serena would show up. And Serena basically gloms on to her and traps her into coming back to the city with her. I feel that now she;ll feel more entitled to hurt the vanderWoodsens out of revenge. (Also what did happen to the real Charlie? My money;s on that she died cause otherwise how would Carol explain to her daughter that she was seeing her family but not taking her?)

    There were some good parts. Dorota's always a delight like when she calls Blair by her full name in the gyno office when Blair is trying to ask questions about her own pregnancy but pretends they;re about Dorota. Prince Louis' sister was kind of entertaining when she was always trying to get Blair to eat and its later revealed she really wants the crown for herself. Her and the priest in the limo was a little unnecessary though.

    Dair. While I;ve never been a big fan of this coupling (and it;s obvious Blair;s baby is Chucks, so Dair can;t really go anywhere) I'm beginning to come around to this couple. But for a very strange reason; they remind me of Blair and Chuck. Which sounds crazy but something that Blair and Chuck, the writers, and every Dair fan has forgotten is that Blair and Chuck were happy at one point in their relationship. The first half of season 3 they were chock-full of moments that were not just adorable they also showed how much they loved and cared for one another (Blair's "You carry people... you carry me" speech in 3x12 for example). And that's what Dan and Blair remind me of, like when he urges her to find out who the father of the baby is and she tearfully says "But what if I lose everything?" and Dan replies "You'll still have me" and she cuddles up to him, you can see how much they care for one another, and in that way I ship Dair.

    This episode wasn't completely abysmal, but Gossip Girl has been a LOT better.

  • 502


    The show has already decided to end the LA experiment (probably a good idea) but it is not just a return to basics because what we have now is still a lot of nonsense and a lot of misdirection from the Upper East side clan as we saw in tonight's episode. The sex in the limo felt so forced, not innovative when the show did it four years ago, and the show is still trying so hard to be scandalous yet comes off as more desperate than anything. GG was not terrible tonight, but nothing that happened here gets me excited for the rest of the season.