Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 9

Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2007 on The CW
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The Humphreys and van der Woodsens share Thanksgiving!!!

Dan invites Serena and her family to spend the holiday with his family, creating an uncomfortable situation for Rufus and Lily. The children are unaware of their complicated romantic past. Meanwhile, Blair's freaks out when she learns that her father isn't coming home for Thanksgiving. Nate spends the holiday with his family, but their awkward dinner quickly goes from bad to worse.moreless

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  • 109

    Gossip Girl surprises us all with the best installment of the season. When I heard that Gossip Girl wouldn't be narrating the episode, surely, I was quite bummed, and I did not think this episode would be that great, but I was completely wrong. This episode had amazing interactions from the whole cast. You even end up sympathizing with characters you didn't care much for in the past, or that just have been barely introduced (Dan's mom).

    We also found out something very eventful: Blair has an eating disorder. I loved how subtle everything was for the past nine episodes, who knew it would build up too something like this? Definitely a great pay off and the flashback scenes with Blair in the bathroom was just fantastic. Also all the scenes from the Thanksgiving of the past year were quite clever, and it was just an awesome tie in too current events.

    The closing scene always manage to salvage an entire episode, I have once said, and things really were no different here. We got a heartwarming close-out scene, and I'm sure everyone began to respect all the characters, and makes you realize how great the entire cast really is. The most impressive episode of Gossip Girl yet, hopefully they keep it this way.moreless
  • Thanksgiving in the Upper Eastside

    I loved this episode, it's probably one of my favourites. I think it really gave us a better idea of who the characters were and who they've grown to be and I really enjoyed that aspect of the episode. I like that its finally been revealed to their kids that Rufus and Lily have had a relationship, it definitely bought some humour into the episode. I also like that we can see the relationships the Upper Eastsiders had with each other only a year ago when most of them hardly knew each other. The episode ended on a good but somewhat corny note which was quite a surprising but a nice change.moreless
  • A very revealing episode, the best of the show so far.

    I loved this episode. Lots of storyline development and character development and the usual Gossip Girl touch with the hilarious scenes here and there.

    Loved the flashbacks of the episode which showed how last year's Thanksgiving was for the main characters. Well, there's a huge contrast between past and the present, that's for sure.

    I really loved that Nate and his father connected in this episode . I didn't care for Nate but this episode really developed his character and also made me care for his father. Loved that.

    Also Blair is more and more "nicer", in a way, Im starting to understand her a bit more and more. I was pleasently surprised how well the "parents" storyline was handled(and partially concluded). I wasn't a fan of that for a long time but it seemed to have a nice pay off. Loved the lunch scenes, so awkward they were good.

    The ending was also great with the montage, jumping between past and present... honestly it was really well done, the best series of scenes the show has done thus far in my opinion. Especially how Balir and her mom finally had a HONESTLY happy moment.

    I'm not really liking Alison Humphrey and to be honest with you I don't think she will stay on the show for much longer. She just seems to be the kind of character who pops in so she can mess up our main character's lives a bit and once that's done, just go away. One thing I missed was Gossip Girl's narration but well... you can't have it all.moreless
  • Thanksgiving at the Upper East Side!

    This episode was great! With the flashbacks and all. And the whole Lily coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. I liked how it revealed stuff from the past, like Serena was always drunk, Blair was bulimic, Harold met Roman at thanksgiving dinner and such. I thought that Gossip Girl was some sort of a light, feel-good show or something. But the whole hospital scene where The Captain ODs I guess was like something from OTH. It's not meant as an insult or something. I love OTH, and I love that scene because it made me realize that GG is really a drama. In this episode, they concentrated more on family ties. Blair and her mom dealing with the divorce, the Humphrey family, Lily and Serena and Erik, it was great. I loved the witty dialogs, lol. Like, when Dan said, "I'm adult-napping you!" I replayed that part for like 50 times 'til I got bored but I laughed for hours :D Also the part where Lily, Erik and Serena went to Chinatown and Erik said that "they could starve in a fragrant hotel room" hilarious stuff!moreless
  • Serena and family join the Humprhey's for dinner. Allison and Lily's past hatred for each other is revealed

    The music selection was really good in this episode. I was a little unhappy to see Ed Westwick not in the episode . It was a difficult jump from the last episode to this one to the next one because it left so much about Blair and Chuck unexplained. This is directed by Mark Piznaki from Veronica Mars fame. He did a very good job directing this. the one thing i did not like was the whole Dan and his mom talk about his dream girl. It just didn't seem quite right if you ask me. I thought the whole blair coming to the Humphrey's home was hilarous when she saw Dan's cabbage patch doll and she recognizes it instantly, Leighton Meester is a wonderful actress as blair exactly the person you would visualize playing Blair if you read the Gossip Girl series before. Over all this was a excellent directing and acting job with a wonderful script.moreless
Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley

Dan Humphrey

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Jenny Humphrey

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester

Blair Waldorf

Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford

Nate Archibald

Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Serena van der Woodsen

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford

Lillian "Lily" van der Woodsen

Michelle Hurd

Michelle Hurd


Guest Star

John Shea

John Shea

Harold Waldorf

Guest Star

Luz Alexandra Ramos

Luz Alexandra Ramos


Guest Star

Margaret Colin

Margaret Colin

Eleanor Waldorf

Recurring Role

Sam Robards

Sam Robards

Howie "The Captain" Archibald

Recurring Role

Connor Paolo

Connor Paolo

Erik van der Woodsen

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Gossip Girl's post at the beginning reads:
      "What did Serena see?
      In a world where so much happens behind closed doors, you'd think people would learn to shut them. We're dying to find out what Serena saw behind that door at Blair's Birthday Party. You can be sure Gossip Girl will stop at nothing to make sure what goes on behind closed doors definitely does not stay behind closed doors.
      XOXO Gossip Girl"

    • The flashbacks are set one year before. Serena and Blair were seen together around the upper east side. Serena was supposed to be at boarding school

    • Lillian van der Woodsen owned a horse named Rosewood.

    • Lillian van der Woodsen, Serena and Erik's mother, cannot cook.

    • In the flashback of last year's Thanksgiving, Erik has black hair but in the present Erik has blonde hair with black roots.

    • This is the first episode we see Blair's dad, Harold Waldorf.

    • Goof: When Nate tried to clean Serena up, she turned the water off when she sprayed Nate, so when Nate tried to spray Serena, it shouldn't be working, but it did.

    • Blair sports a shorter style in the flashbacks and it looks very real. Yet in the present day scenes she has thick, very curly hair. This is probably accomplished by extensions.

    • This is the episode in which they reveal that Blair has an eating disorder. She seems to quickly recover after her relaps. But in real life, it can take years for someone to completely recover.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Serena: (while drunk) Ohh, pie...
      (looks at the pie on the road)

      Dan: More like road kill now but uh, better it than you right?

    • Dan: (about Rufus and Lily) I think it is fairly safe to assume that they have had sex.

    • Eleanor: Blair, he left us
      Blair: No mom he left you

    • Alison: Just in time, but I thought you were going to bring pie.
      Dan: I did, but it kind of got run over, by a taxi because I was trying to help this girl stay out of traffic.
      Alison: Ah, well who needs dessert when we've got a real live hero in our midst? (to Jenny) Did you hear that? Your brother just saved a girl.
      Jenny: I thought you had to be near a girl for that to happen.
      Dan: Not just any girl, the girl.
      Jenny: Oh, the blond you stalk at school?
      Dan: Just the one.
      Alison: A thing for blonds. You are your father's son.
      Dan: Not just any blond, apparently I like the ones that get drunk on Thanksgiving and almost die.
      Alison: Well your dad liked them dangerous and troubled too.
      Dan: You were dangerous?
      Alison: Who said I was talking about me?

    • Dan: (to his mom on the phone) The pie has been secured. Thanksgiving no longer needs to be cancelled.

    • Lilly: Happy Thanksgiving Blair!
      Blair: Hi!
      Lilly: I'm looking for my daughter, where is my little girl?
      (Blair points to Serena sleeping on a chair)
      Lilly: Uhm. Too much turkey?
      Blair: (laughing) Uh-huh.

    • Alison: (referring to Serena) Are you still thinking about your dream girl?
      Dan: What?
      Jenny: Uh huh.
      Dan: No.
      Jenny: Uh huh.
      Dan: No, no. I was thinking about your stuffing, mom, which looks delicious.
      Alison: Yeah.
      Jenny: Well, keep dreaming. Maybe one day she'll actually know your name.
      Dan: Yeah, maybe. And then I'll have something to be thankful for.

    • Blair: Mom, he's living in Europe...with a man. You can't be all that surprised that he wants a divorce.
      Eleanor: I'm not. But I am surprised by how it makes me feel. He was my husband, after all. My Harold... for almost twenty years.

    • Dan: So, uh, dad. Not that I'm--not that I'm mad, exactly. But, not telling me about Serena's mom? Extremely uncool.
      Rufus: I should have said something, I know. And I'm sorry.
      Dan: Given the ick factor alone, I'd say that you set my progress back by, at least, several months.
      Rufus: Oh, come on. You're a Humphrey man. No daughter of Lily's could ever resist.

    • Serena: Mom is such a hypocrite. And all these years, she's been riding me about my behavior.
      Eric: And here, she's just mad at you for being her.
      Dan: And all the time my dad had been giving me advice based on a girl he dated...a girl "a lot like Serena".
      Jenny: Her mom.
      Blair: If you think about it, it makes total sense that you're mom was a groupie. I mean, only a woman that had completely satisfied her sexual appetite in her youth would ever marry your step dads.
      Serena: Blair, can we not talk about my mom's appetite?
      Dan: No, or who satisfied her.
      Serena: That's just...
      Dan, Jenny, Eric, and Serena: Gross!

    • Alison: I think we're splitting hairs here, Rufus. An emotional affair is just as bad as a physical one.
      Lily: Oh, please. Nobody's buying that. Emotional affairs are necessary to keep a marriage alive.
      Alison: And how many times have you been divorced?
      Rufus: Alison, this is not about Lily. This is about you and me.
      Alison: Exactly! And if we're going to have any chance, then she can't be here.
      Lily: What, for Thanksgiving? Or ever? (Alison looks at her) Oh, you can't be serious.
      Alison: I am. Look, I have made mistakes and I know that. But, if she's in your life, you're never gonna get over her. This is it, Rufus. If you wanna make this work, then you have to make a choice.

    • Dan: There's no chance we're related, right?
      Jenny: Look at Erik's roots.
      Erik: What do you mean? What's wrong with my roots?
      Jenny: They're kinda Rufus-like.
      Serena (comes through the door with Blair): Hey.
      Dan: Serena and Blair.
      Jenny (surprised): Blair!
      Blair: Yeah, it's me.
      Serena: Explanation will follow. But, first, what's going on with our parents?
      Jenny: Oh, uh, our dad dated your mom.
      Dan: We're not related, though.
      Serena: What?
      Erik: Ignore my roots.
      Serena: Wait, wait. Huh, what?
      Blair: You know what's really weird? There's a garage door in the middle of your room! Oh. Is that Cedric?
      Dan: Well, this day just got a lot worse.
      Serena: Hold on. How serious were they, our parents?
      Dan: Uh, I think it's safe to say that they have had sex.
      Serena: Oh, oh no. No, I'm gonna faint.
      Jenny: To repeat, we're not related.
      Dan: She was a groupie and he was almost famous.
      Blair: Suddenly, my family seems so sane.

    • Rufus: So, you're not overreacting per se. You're just having a reaction that is so above and beyond what is appropriate.
      Alison: I have been killing myself, trying to make up for what happened in Hudson.
      Rufus: Which is not an overreaction, I might add.
      Alison: And then I find out that the two of you are making out at a party.
      Lily: Uh, it was hardly making out. And there's an explanation.

    • Dan: So you threatened Lily van der Woodsen with physical violence? Mom, you are a bad-ass.
      Alison: Yeah, well, what can I say? I was younger, then...and wearing steeled toed boots. No, no. We never actually came to blows. I focused on transforming my anger into art. I made some collages, I wrote a trilogy of one-act plays about her; named a character Milly. To try to be, you know, subtle.
      Dan: Clever. What was so bad about her? I mean, aside from the superior fluttering eyelids and punishing sarcasm.
      Alison: Well, uh, she was your dad's first great love. And she liked to remind me every chance she got. Kinda hard to compete with that.

    • Serena: I don't want a bath.
      Nate: Aw, too bad, Blair's direct orders.
      Serena: Blair's not the boss of me.
      Nate: Are you in here? Because Blair is the boss of all of us. Seriously, Serena, you smell like the floor of a brewery.
      Serena: I do not!
      Nate: Yes, you do.
      Serena: Oh, my God. Yes, I do.
      Nate: Yeah.
      Serena: A brewery floor with a hint of second hand smoke.
      Nate: And a pint of Old Spice.
      Serena: I totally need a bath.
      Nate: Yes, you do.
      Serena: Blair's a bossy genius.
      Nate: Yeah, she is.
      Serena: (using the shower head as a mic) So, what about you?
      Nate: What about me? I don't smell like an ashtray.
      Serena: But you look like an ass-tray.

    • Dan: (with an accent) Man with van, at your service.
      Serena: Hey!
      Dan: Hey. (turns to Lily) Uh, bold choice of attire, Mrs. van der Woodsen. Unless that's what they're wearing at the runway these days.
      Serena: No, my mom is sick out because she doesn't want to be imposing.
      Lily: You know what? I'm fine just curling up and reading a good book.
      Eric: You're supposed to be with your family on Thanksgiving.
      Dan: And Nicholas Sparks is hardly family. I'm not taking no for an answer. In fact, I'm not even asking. You're coming with us. I'm adult-napping you.
      Lily: Fine, just, stop talking. And I'll get ready.
      Dan: Make it snappy, I'm double parked. Thanks!

    • Lily: These smell great.
      Eric: Yes, so we can starve in a fragrant hotel room.
      Serena: We're not starving. Look, I got us into this mess and I'm gonna get us out of it.
      Lily: Elaborate, Serena.
      Serena: Thanksgiving at the Humphreys. Dan invited me and Eric's friends with his sister and his dad's really cool.
      Eric: Awesome, I'm leaving the pumpkin.
      Serena: What do you say, mom?
      (Lily laughs nervously)

    • Serena: You couldn't make it past the salad, huh?
      Dan: I opened the cranberries. My work is done. How's Blair's?
      Serena: Uh, I wouldn't know. She gave me the boot.
      Dan: What? She kicked you out of her house? What happened, now?
      Serena: Uh, don't ask. But, the good news is my mom is going to slice us up a pumpkin. Oh, and there's a duck!

    • Lily: There's nothing wrong with having Chinese food on Thanksgiving.
      Serena: What?!
      Lily: Jews have been doing it on Christmas since forever. Look, a pumpkin! It's festive, yes?
      Serena: We're gonna eat a pumpkin?

    • Serena: If you're sleeping with Chuck, I'd say the student has become the master.
      Blair: Are you jealous? You didn't get to sleep with him first? There had to be somebody left in the Upper East Side.

    • Serena: You and Nate get back together?
      Blair: You mean, since Gossip Girl published pictures of him and some skank?
      Serena: So that's a no. What's Chuck doing today?
      Blair: Why are you asking me?
      Serena: Well, you guys are friends. And, Blair, look you know you can tell me anything. I'd be the last person to judge anyone.
      Blair: With good reason.
      Serena: Blair, I saw you with Chuck.
      Blair: (sighs) I don't know what I was thinking. I mean, sleeping with him once maybe I could understand. But twice?
      Serena: Wait, you slept with him?
      Blair: Shhh.
      Serena: Blair!
      Blair: What happened to no judging?
      Serena: I'm not. But I thought you wanted to wait. I thought you wanted to make things special.
      Blair: Oh, so Nate gets a free pass and I'm the slut?
      Serena: Tell me you didn't sleep with Chuck for revenge.
      Blair: Well, it wasn't because I liked his natural musk. And, besides, nothing hurts more than sleeping with the best friend. Right, S?

    • Serena: (to Dan; while drunk) Bye, Dave!

    • Blair: I mean, who gets wasted on Thanksgiving?
      Serena: The holidays are lonely for people. I wanted to keep them company. (twirls around) Whoo!
      Blair: Your mom is freaking out, so my mom is freaking out.
      Serena: Which means you freak out, Blair! Just cut the cord, go nuts! Come on, let's do shots! Come on!
      Blair: I told Lily that you were buying a pie.
      Serena: Oh, pie.
      Blair: Where is your purse?
      Serena: Uh, my purse...
      Blair: Great! Alright, you stay here. Okay? I'm gonna go look. Don't drink or hit on anything.

    • Gossip Girl: As per Gossip Girl Thanksgiving tradition, I'm trading my laptop for stove-top. And for the next sixteen hours, the only thing I'm dishing is seconds. When the cat's away, the mice will play. Have fun, little rodents!

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Rodinná krize (Family Crisis)

    • This is the first holiday episode. This certain holiday was obviously Thanksgiving.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      India: December 28, 2007 on Zee Cafe
      Australia: February 12, 2008 on FOX8
      Norway: February 20, 2008 on TVNorge
      Latin America: February 28, 2008 on Warner Channel
      Denmark: April 20, 2008 on Kanal 4
      Philippines: April 29, 2008 on ETC
      Sweden: May 20, 2008 on Kanal 5
      The Netherlands: July 15, 2008 on Net 5
      Turkey: November 11, 2008 on CNBC-E
      Greece: November 15, 2008 on Star
      Slovakia: December 21, 2008 on Markiza
      Hungary: February 22, 2009 on Cool TV
      Germany: June 13, 2009 on ProSieben
      Czech Republic: November 14, 2009 on Prima

    • Although he is credited, Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) does not appear in this episode.

    • Music in this episode:
      - "Grand Opening" by Will Dailey
      - "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado
      - "Here We Go Again" by OK Go
      - "La Ritournelle" by Sebastian Tellier
      - "Nolita Fairytale" by Vanessa Carlton
      - "Recurring" by Bonobo
      - "Today" by Stickboy
      - "Mandolin Concerto in C Major, RV 425, II. Largo" by Vivaldi
      - "Four Seasons - Concerto No. 4 'Autumn' RV 293, III. Allegro" by Vivaldi


    • Lily mentions Jane's Addiction.

      Jane's Addiction was an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1985.

    • The Flashback episode should have been in 2006, it being 'a year before'. Yet while The Humphrey's are eating Thanksgiving dinner we see a poster of the film 'Zodiac' in the background of their house. Zodiac was not released until mid 2007.

    • Episode Title: Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

      This is a reference to the 2006 film John Tucker Must Die which co-starred Penn Badgley (Dan Humphrey).