Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 10

Bonfire of the Vanity

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2008 on The CW

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    Ugh, I think I can speak for the entire Gossip Girl fan base and say "Enough with Jenny already!" Seriously, she's been getting so much screen time as of late and it's just incredibly annoying. I actually miss the Jenny from the first season (still annoying, but at least she was tolerable).

    I do like the Agnes character though, her burning the dresses was great, and I really hope Jenny comes to her senses soon, maybe the bonfire really wasn't enough. The Serena & Aaron thing got really boring this week, does anyone actually really care about this story line?

    The Dan & Chuck story line was about the only one I liked from the entire episode, it packed some emotion and it also showed that Dan will never go to an extreme to get what he wants like Jenny did. Blair's banter was funny but her mom's boyfriend bored me. Overall, fair episode, hopefully the story lines pick up soon.
  • I miss the old Jenny...=(

    Blair is still super! Love her character and same with Chuck. More, more more of them! =D

    I did like the cute Jenny, but now she changed into a punk-emo-girl? Or something like that, whatever I miss the old cute Jenny. And I hope she will get on her feet and return to normal. I'm kind of tired of her life right now.

    S is still S and not much happens and I think she is more and more boring for every episode.

    I don't know but the last episodes of this season are not that great. Not much happens. I do like to see more season of this show, but they must work harder!
  • Push her in the fire!!

    Another great episode, not my favourite by great none the less. Agnes (hate her) and Jenny try to go into business together but immature Agnes doesn't realize how important getting into the industry is for Jenny so Jenny goes behind her back. The Agnes, [B]Spoiler Alert[/B], sets Jenny's dresses on fire. I was Jenny had pushed her into the fire, that scene could have won Emmy's lol.

    Elsewhere Serena is going crazy over Aaron but he also wants to see other girls, and he tells that to Serena which in real life would have lead to him getting a slap and a kick in the privates. Dan is doing a story on the Basses and gets big information.

    Did I spy some product placement? Or did the producer of GG think promoting a show on a rival channel which airs [B]At The Same Time[/B] as Gossip Girl would be a good idea? Someone care to enlighten me lol.

    Anyway great episode, great ratings also.
  • Nothing much

    Like our friend say there, "The Jenny Show" is getting painful to watch. Come on, make up your mind, get emancipated.. go back home. Do something already..

    It was really annoying to see Jenny's lack of action when Agnes was burning her dresses.

    Hmm, Dan doing anything to get his way into Yale is interesting. I liked how he handled the BB story and how he helped Chuck and his dad make amends.

    Blair and her eccentric behaviour is always funny. The Devito guy was funny as well.. lol

    I don't like that Aaron guy, he's been leading Serena on for weeks now. Dating other girls while she stays there, falling in love with him..

    Anyways, hope to seing more of Gossip Girl.
  • Fair enough.

    Jenny goes officially independent. Serena picks up an obnoxious Aaron who hides his occasional series of girl philander, only to reveal his multiple partner orientation after Serena catches him dining with another. Blair's mother picks up a new boyfriend, well man-friend and Dan tries to bring down Bass.

    This episode was filled with a lot of up and downs, twists and turns. I have to admit, I really didn't take to all the drama.

    Aaron is in way over his head and strikes me as a crafty downer.It amazes me that Serena didn't catch on to his multiplicity sooner. Apparently making out in Times square captured on the big screen doesn't really mean you're a 'couple'. Frankly this Aaron character is sickening me. If he didn't want to have the 'we're an item' title attached, why did he hide his multiple partners? Why did he say they were 'just friends' and 'just hanging'? why didn't he just come clean? Was he afraid that he would loose Serena, it seemed like Serena was pretty okay with it. Come on Serena, you're next relationship is supposed to be a step up from Dan. Does this Aaron guy deserve this amount of girl on girl attention, it's just to disturbing to think about. Come on Aaron you're not all that, are you packing extra baggage we don't know about. Yet to be seen.

    What's up with Jenny and her 'I want to grow up now' crisis. Agnes is the typical 'I would totally help you...after my hangover' kind of friend and boy does Jenny know how to pick'em. Jenny is fifteen and already she wants to start her own business, move out from under her father's roof and bunk with a friend. Isn't she livin'it'up, well that's until Agnes decides that she doesn't want a roomie again. The one scene in this entire episode that disappointed me was when Agnes threw Jenny's designs in the trash and tries to burn them. Jenny had every chance to remove them from the trash before Agnes lit them on fire, or even head butt Agnes to the ground before she threw the flame in the trash, but Jenny just stood there and screamed at her. "Agnes what are you doing!". Are you kidding me? That could have played off much better. One question, after Jenny got kicked out by Agnes and didn't return home, what couch was she lying down on when she called her potential agent? Where is Jenny staying now that she's on her own.

    Blair played it typical, trying to sabotage her mother's relationship. Seems like Blair is developing a conscience more and more each episode. Still I don't blame her for trying to get rid of her future papa. lol. Chuck and his need to have his father in his life who is known for neglecting him. Did I see a hint of jealousy when Chuck's dad played the son card with Dan. I'm sure we all saw that one. This week Dan crossed over into dangerous water and got caught up in the crossfire with the Bass. It's good that he developed a conscience before it was too late. Looks like Rufus is losing his grip on his children. The more they socialize with Manhattan's elite, the more they become just like them. Watch out Rufus, seems like Jenny is trying to relinquish all parental ties and become her own adult. Was Dan right? Should Rufus just give Jenny what she wants, let her win? Or is it already too late to do that.

    Since Nate picked up and left and Vanessa no longer a pal, Jenny is really on her own. I'm really interested in what happens next episode, I hope Jenny gets her act together before the curtains close.


    Two and a half out of four stars

  • The Jenny Show has to stop.

    I found it funny that Agnes actually referred to Jenny's behavior as "The Jenny Show". I wonder if Josh Schwartz is aware of the fact that his show is deteriorating in front of his eyes and Taylor Momsen is the reason. She's never been that horrible an actor but that one scene with Agnes burning the clothes was just awful.

    And how much of a douche is Aaron? Leading Serena on week after week, telling her the girls didn't mean anything only to reveal that he does not date exclusively.

    The thing is that Gossip Girl actually could turn things around. Blair was great as usual and her interactions with Cyrus were so funny. I'd love her saying she expected Cary Grant but got Danny DeVito. But copying storylines from One Tree Hill is not going to help them out. I mean Jenny getting emancipated? Is Jenny going to get her own apartment too like Nathan Scott did?