Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 18


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 2012 on The CW

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  • Lost the plot

    Dair is a brilliant example of when friends should just stay friends. I'm sorry folks but the chemistry has 'left the building' and everything about this couple is awkward. I really liked Dan and Blair as frenemies, back then they had chemistry and the odd relationship worked. I was also interested to see where the Dair storyline would go but now I'm waiting for the final nail to hammered into the coffin.

    Dan's personality this past season has become really ugly and he's more like Chuck in the early days than any Dair fan wants to admit. Season 1 Chuck went around undermining Blair to Nate in order to try and get the girl. Now we see Dan undermining Chuck to Blair in order to try and keep the girl.

    It seems the writers only have one template when writing couples and there is far too much de ja vu happening with this Dairtravisty.

    The way they are writing Dan makes me think the writers never intended to keep Dair together. I wouldn't be surprised if it's written that Dan scuttles the relationship as a result of his own insecurities with Chuck. Sound familiar? I don't think Dan's actions will be as epic as Chuck's but i do think Dan is going to do something that will see Blair walk away.

    For me endgame should be Blair alone, or at least doing an Eat, Pray. Love and finding herself.

    Also I think it is quite possible that GG has "Jumped the Shark" - my vote would be the whole pact with God!

    Season 6 should be the last, that's if we care enough to watch.

  • Epic Fail

    Dan and Blair... wtf. I really like (used to like) both of their characters, but together they are just the most chemestryless couple I have even had to watch. While they lack class (for obvious reaons. Sex in a elevator? 0.0) They also are really annoying. The majority of fans right now (Based only on people I talk to on youtube, reviews I read blah blah) hate Dair, and want Dan him to go die in a hole along with Ivy. Blair was a really strong character, but now she is completely fucking boring. All in love with Lonely Boy who apparently is going to be alone once again by the next few episodes and emotional. Where did her cynical, bitchy, strong personality go? At least with Chuck she was still the same person. How can you want to spend the rest of your life with the amazing man that would fucking /anything/ for you, then wake up a few days later, totally break his heart, and go off with an ugly ***got who will never treat you like the other guy did. Fucking mystery. And that whole pledge to god, that was also really stupid. Gahhhh, wtf happened to the old GG that I could watch over and over again? Now I just ger bored half way through the epiosde -.-

    Gossip Girl,

    See you later when your show actually makes fucking sense :p
  • Give it up

    It's time to say goodbye to this horrible show. It had great potential but has become ridiculous. It lost its mojo a couple seasons ago, but when Blair and Dan kissed, that was the final nail in the GG coffin. Gossip Girl, you are dead to me and my DVR has already forgotten you.
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