Gossip Girl

Season 3 Episode 4

Dan de Fleurette

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2009 on The CW

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    And the streak of good episodes end at 4. We all knew it had to happen sometime right? Especially knowing how bad this show can get at times (see last season). The problem, I think was that all the story lines stood at a standstill for the episode, as new less-interesting story lines emerged.

    I really was hoping the whole "Girls on the Steps" thing would be over but looks like it's coming back. Seriously, how insignificant are these girls? I'm not looking forward to the future Jenny story lines. If last season was any indication, we know that Taylor Momsen cannot act. And yes, I know she's only 16. But just have her in the sidelines, she doesn't need to be shoved center stage.

    No development with the Scott story line other than him being in contact with Georgina. No development with the Carter & Brie story line which was also disappointing. I really do like Hilary Duff, but her performance just seemed tired here for some reason. The Tyra Banks appearance didn't do this show any favors either.

    You'd think the return of Lilly would excite some viewers, but she did nothing for this installment. Overall, back to season 2 mediocrity, hopefully Gossip Girl gets back on track.
  • Gossip Girl Classic...Season 3 is gonna kick ass!

    Looveddd, lovveeddd every second of this episode. I definitely felt like this should have been the actual season premiere as it was FULL of excitement. Had a season 1 feel to it, which I enjoyed the most.

    * Hilary Duff was amazing -- her character is great, I already want her to stay for the entire season. Dan and her look good. At least some chemistry.

    * Blair's attempts to get back to her old days was very enjoyable. What she's doing is pathetic but I loved her a lot this week. She's actually a more enjoyable character when she's not with Chuck. lol! :P

    * Little J - Good to have her back. It looks like she'll actually have a role this season and won't be just a prop to fill up scenes like last season.

    10 out of 10. Can't wait for more. Season 3 started this week for me, totally gonna forget about the past 3 *dull episodes.
  • Vanessa pulling weepy faces? Blair hanging out with tweeny boppers? Tyra Banks? Hilary Duff?!!! Yes this episode was rather bad.

    So, THIS episode. Yeah it really wasn't great. In fact it was really kind of stupid and meh. The good parts were Chuck/Blair and I also liked the scenes with Dan/Nate what few ones there were.

    Satan AKA Georgina Sparks is off and away in Hell attempting to settle some land dispute. So Blair is free like a little Blair birdie to screw Chuck all she wants in their dorm room. Instead of doing something that interesting, she decides to give up on Social Domination College Version and implements a new one at Constance having received word that She of the Racoon Eyes (Little J) is going to set the bimbos of Constance free of the insanely juvenile social hierarchy BS. Blair sees that this is her chance to reign like she once did and we basically see her attempt to recapture her glory days -- except now; it's not funny and cute but supremely creepy and kind of pathetic. Stop it writers. I wish they'd Leighton Meester something better to do, I really feel as if they've regressed her character a bit. Maybe she's just feeling like a huge fish out of water and is compensating by being Queen B only not. I definitely think she needs to give it a rest, maybe part of her arc this year will be her working on her insecurities -- she's special all on her own -- Chuck has repeated this to her a couple of times in past few episodes. Perhaps this will be her theme for season three.

    So Blair's 'The Ultimate Planz of Social Domination Version 5.0: High School Edition' works like a sweet buttery charm. The tweeny boppers at Constance lurrve her and she's successfully usurped Little J of the ratty hair (seriously what is up with her hair? She looks like a heroine addict). Chuck arrives at Blair's apartment to find that Blair is throwing her annual sleepover -- like me he sneers a bit and tells her fraking ridiculous this is. Blair looks sad but not enough to cancel: later she's entertaining the tweens with candy, silky pillows, Hannah Montanna and swoonage over Twitlight DVDs. Tweens like Edward Cullen don't you know it. Blair's all: 'Gather round pre-pubescent underage children! Who wants to hear about how I got Chuck Bass to bang me. Love me. Leave me. Bang me some more and then tell me he loves me while I literally held him down until he said it?!' The tweens are all: 'Squeeeeeeeee!' Squee indeed.

    This insanity continues until I'm about to throw something at my computer or kill myself just to end the misery but thankfully Chuck yells at Blair and things get good. Chuck tells Blair she's special without Twitlight obsessed tweeny boppers to follow her around and wear hairbands and just generally kiss her arse. It just shows you who the best actors on this show are, and continue to be. I hope CB get some more serious stuff later in the season since I feel we're being deprived of the hot/steamy scenes of those prior -- I shouldn't complain because I do like the cute/supportive stuff too! But there is still a balance to be maintained. Chuck gives Blair this awesome speech about how great he is and how great Blair is. Really, LM and EW are way too good for this show. I've been watching my season DVDs at the moment and I find that I've not only managed to repress huge chunks of season two but also mourn the possibilities this show had of being on a cable channel. *Sigh*. You just know CBN would have been a very compelling ménage a trios (threesome) with Chuckles in the middle. In fact, I want more CN scenes and CD. More Chuck with everyone pretty much.

    Anyways back to this truly horrid episode. At the end Chuck and Blair are going to be rattling the headboard in Blair's dorm since Satan is away and Chuck sent Blair a school girl uniform -- ooh! Kinky. Blair has also found her new mean girl followers *claps*. By this point I'm hoping this f***ing terrible storyline never comes up again and wishing I didn't have to watch the other characters doing stupid and or boring things when I could be watching Chuck and Blair role-playing. Truly, this show has turned me into a voyeur. I don't have the energy to go into detail with the other stuff so I'll keep it mercifully brief. A kindness the writers of this episode couldn't provide for viewers. Hilary Duff pays for Dan's coffee since he left his money someplace and needed someone to save him from the humiliation of having no monies handy. Hilary Duff is cute, I do like her and she wasn't too bad here but she's not setting the screen on fire either (she seems kind of like a catalyst judging by the promo) -- but she's still Hilary cute as I look Duff. Everyone likes Hilary Duff. What's to dislike. However, I don't think she has much in the way of chemistry with Dan. I'd love for Dan to get a decent non-stunt casting girlfriend that isn't Serena. This is mostly so I can perv on him shirtless more often... he could Chuck. That would make a lot of people happy. Srsly.

    Tyra Banks, ha! This woman is not an actor (as if you couldn't tell by the distinct lack of acting) I thought she hammed it up in a totally campy, fun yet really bad way. Her scenes with All About Serena were laughable -- also Serena as the angelic perfect awesome PA was kind of asinine too. One this is certain All About Serena will NOT go to Brown this year. All About Serena is also dressed the only way she knows how -- slutty dresses and blazers. Profess. For realz.

    Little J. turns into Ice Queen reminiscent of her stint as ice queen in season one... I hope she doesn't go off the rails like last time. I find her really irritating when she acts like an annoying little brat. Her hair pisses me off as well. It's just so damn ugly. Hello? Hair and makeup!?

    Meanwhile, Vanessa and her dreads are moping and struggling to emote over the Half Humphrey Scott. Vanessa's all: 'my life is ovaaaaaar!!!!' *whaling* then texts Scott and he reads it and is all: 'yeah whatevs.' She really need to go away, I'd much rather they get rid of her and give her screentime to Nate -- he's kind of dull but I love him and he's prettier than Vanessa. This show is getting way too many unimportant guest stars and attempting to make them important. I don't care about Scott/Georgie/Carter/Hilary Duff/Tyra Banks/Red-headed woman blah blah blah as much as the main cast (or at all, in some cases). They need to be rid of some of them.

    Next week: All About Serena's Tru Wuv Carter returns! Satan is back from Hell! Weddings! Chuck and Blair make this show watchable!! And Nate looks confused... again. Oh and Dan probably something too... hopefully it involves shirtlessness and Chuck Bass. xoxo.
  • When Blair handed her flame over to Jenny she didn't contemplate on her throwing it in the dump to burn elsewhere.

    The one thing Constance could tolerate was change especially the type of change Jenny delivered with that rusty speech. Really who was she kidding?

    The three girls attempting to replace Hazel, Penelope and Isabel came off as mere imitators. They were a trio we could have done without.

    Surely Jenny's epiphany granted Blair an opportunity to ditch her tormented life in NYU and seek higher familiar ground where she once reigned. I actually expected that Blair would move in Constance to take over and she would surely have a face to face duel with Jenny, but my expectations proved to be too high. The three wannabees attempt to throw spiteful slander towards Jenny, was water-down and frankly made me laugh at their endeavor.

    We can surely see how Blair feels; she doesn't really have friends and every person she meets at NYU couldn't care less of her whereabouts. She misses Constance and the Queen B treatment she once received. Which explains why she tried to recreate her annual slumber party that expired last season, the one thing that actually gave her status.

    It was quite refreshing welcoming our guest stars; Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff to have some Gossip Girl moments with us. Hilary Duff was more reserved and her acting matured since familiar shows like 'Lizzie McGuire' and 'Cheaper by the Dozen'.

    Hilary Duff's portrayal of Olivia Burke was something we've seen before, but she made her character her own.

    An actress who just wants to have a normal life, without the publicity resembled such films like 'First Daughter' meets 'Nothing Hill'. Olivia is fixated on being normal, dating an ordinary guy and simply having the life of a normal teenager.

    I believed that Tyra's role was the craziest, especially when she came out arguing about her "Too blue, too pink and too red" outfits she was preparing to wear for the Movie Premiere. Do co-stars often act so out of sort? She still carried her role like the essence of Tyra Banks, which is why Ursula's entrance embraced a certain level of humor.

    'Dan De Fleurette' had an essence of glamor and austere moments, but there were also some rushed story lines as well. It felt as though they hurried us through getting to know Olivia Burke, Ursula, their trials and mistrials all in the matter of a few minutes.

    The scene where Ursula lost her cherished part was forlorn, but it came off as more comedy than drama.

    I was happy to see Serena get a job, but I don't understand her obsession to find herself and her resentfulness against Brown.

    At least we know that Cece is doing well, but the entire ordeal felt like a cover up for Kelly Rutherford to make her premiere in the fourth installment and Cece's presumed illness was fabricated as a play for time.

    I actually look forward to seeing Olivia and Dan together, although at some point her publicity could hamper their relationship. She is surely a step up from Georgina; more emotional than physical.

    We also know that Nate is going to school so that's also refreshing, but I believe that his study time with his old pal Dan was an excuse to keep Nate in the story. That also points out the little screen time Chace Crawford usually gets on Gossip Girl.

    The Georgina revelation with Scott was predictable and could have been done less cheesy, but I did feel Vanessa's despair when Scott proved to be distant.

    I always look forward to Chair scenes, but they really needed to mellow down the love talk, we know.

    The storyline seems to be going somewhere now. Blair is regaining her control again, Serena is 'finding herself', Chuck has his own hotel business (although there wasn't any advancement there), Dan is moving on and Jenny likes Yogurt again.

    There was nothing really special this hour, with the exception of the guest star appearances.

    It might not be the same flavor like season one, but I am liking the direction the writers are taking the series this season.

    I still don't understand why the photographer would care why he was getting paid to take pictures, just do the job. Even though it was quite obvious that Chuck paid him. "Aren't you Blair Waldorf?"

    Right. Blair you actually fell for that one?

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