Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 5

Dare Devil

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on The CW

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    A very feel good episode of Gossip Girl, this show still has some kinks to work out though. I didn't like how Jenny is already being corrupted as early as the first couple of episodes, but I kind of like that she has the potential to become the next "Blair." Her character (Jenny) still annoys me to no end though.

    All she really came off as was a wannabe 14 year old that was just trying too hard, I guess that was the intention, but I simply do not like her character. The Dan & Serena development was nice, and we got some subtle humor along the way.

    The absence of Chuck & Nate didn't do this show any harm, which goes to show how unnecessary they are to the show as of now. The bar fight at the end was a little too much, hasn't this happened like three times already? Anyways, overall enjoyable installment.
  • Awesome.

    I have seen this episode before, and that was my first time on watching it, after watching it from the start I think it is better this time around. I don't like Serena's mother, trapping Eric. I love this episode, mostly because Dan and Serena have there offical first date, it was so cute and fun oh and awkward, but that's just Dan. I loved the way Jenny and Blair were this episode and I'm glad Jenny stood up for herself in the end. Gossip Girl hasn't had a bad episode yet. Can't wait to watch more for Gossip Gilr, bring it on.
  • A fun episode with lots of... fun?

    This was a light hearted episode, no real drama here, just lots of fun. I enjoyed the storyline from start to finish, obviously especially Blair's little "pijama party".

    One thing this episode lacked, and thought Iwould just say it was Chuck. I kind of figured he'd only come into play in the show but at least have him in every episode...

    I liked Serena's and Dan's date it was rather fun, at times awkward but that's just Dan. Best part: Dan cancelling his order at the restaurant.

    Also liked that Serena's mother got some development and she's not really irritating anymore. It was much needed. So yes I enjoyed the "parents" storyline this episode, which was arguably the weak point of the show thus far.

    i liked that Jenny stood up for herself in the end. While this was predictable it was still good to see it play out. She, when isn't hanging out with Blair is a witty, strong teenage girl, but with Blair she always is this 5 year old doll, so yea, I loved the ending.

    I also like how twisted Blair's character is. It's just very intriguing... at this point probably more than Serena! Great episode overall .
  • It just keeps getting better!

    What a differance we saw today in Jenny, I guess one can say that Blair really changed her and it's a shame if she turns out to be like Blair as she is such a sweet girl.

    We see the First Kiss between Serena and Dan. I am so happy for those two as they make such a cute couple.

    Lily and Rufus managed to make a bit of peace in this episode as when they meet they are always at each others throat.

    I am really happy that Jenny took Eric out tonight cause he really needed it and it was a wake up call for his mum too, to get him to come home!

    Blair was back to her old self in this episode and it's a shame as when she is a nice person she is a lot better!
  • You're all invited to Blair Waldorf's annual sleepover!

    This was an okay episode. I've always wanted to throw a slumber party like Blair's. Everything was so fabulous and gorgeous I wanted to just go inside my TV. Jenny was sweet and so innocent at the start, but at the end she was like, BAM! Little J no more. It was cool that she was able to twist B's manipulations to her own advantage. I liked Serena and Dan in this ep :D The whole "I'll just have the appetizer as the main" was so funny. A Nate and Chuck-less episode! That's why I only gave it a 9, lol. Blair and Jenny bonding was really cool. I wish they'd bond more often.
  • My First Time...

    Dan makes elaborate plans to impress Serena on their first official date. On the same night, Jenny is invited to the infamous Blair Waldorf sleepover and finds herself in a high-stakes game of Truth or Dare. This was my first time watching Gossip Girl, I enjoyed it really. But I don't think this episode was the best one, hopefully. I can not wait until I start watching it, hopefully. I don't think I have to watch it though, I'm so busy, but it will be a shame if I don't watch it. Anyway, I think Dan is so, so cute. I can't wait until I watch, maybe, the next episode.
  • Jenny is the ultimate Dare Devil.

    Dare Devil was an awesome episode. Jenny doesn't seem like she'll be under the radar for long because she's doing things that will definitely get her noticed. The Truth or Dare night was crazy, good to see that Jenny beat Blair at her own game. And for once Serena chooses Dan over Blair. The relationship between those two seems like it has potential and I hope it works out. Lily and Rufus are definitely gonna hook up, they have obvious chemistry. This episode was very adventurous and exciting. Gossip Girl hasn't had a bad episode yet. I can't wait to watch the next episode.
  • It was a good episode!

    Serena and Dan are finally going on their first date! Serena has to cancel with Blair's sleepover. In Serena's place, Jenny goes! She really wants to be accepted. Erik is excited to finally go home, but Lily doesn't think he's ready. At the sleepover, they play Truth or Dare?, which Jenny finds a little too wild for her, but she later fits in after Blair dares her to bust Erik out. They all go to a bar, where Jenny dares Blair to make out with a guy. She does and he tells her about his girlfriend. Blair swaps his phone and Jenny calls her and tells her that he made out with a girl named Claire. Serena and Dan are a little nervous starting out, but once they are themselves, they have a great time. Lily finds out that Erik is missing, so she calls Rufus. She comes over after he calls Dan and Erik isn't with him or Serena. Serena and Dan find Blair, Jenny and Eric at the bar. They drag them out. Dan lets Jenny go back with Blair, while they take Erik back to the institution. Lily lets Erik come home, while Jenny has to do another dare: steal a jacket from Blair's mother's store. Blair and the others leave her and the alarm goes off, but clever Jenny tricks the cops and makes it back to Blair's house. Serena and Dan share their first kiss. Rufus wants to get in touch with his wife, but a man answers the phone. She calls back, but Lily answers the phone.

    This episode was great! I didn't miss Nate or Chuck at all! I don't like either of them. Jenny really tricked the cops! Blair may be a bad influence though. I love Dan and Serena together! I'm glad that Lily let Erik get out! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Dan and Serena finally kiss. GOOOO Jenny, U ROCKK!!!

    Blair has her annual sleepover. Serena and Dan have plans for a date so Serena cannot go to Blair's sleepover. Eric is not allowed to leave the rehab centre for the weekend. Jenny goes for Blaire's slumber party. Blaire makes Jenny do things she doesn't want to do while playing truth or dare. Blaire and Jenny help Eric break out of the rehab. Dan's dad and Serena mom's cook and have dinner together. Dan doesn't like Jenny hanging around with Blair. Jenny falls into real trouble with the police trying to steal a jacket from Blaire's mom fashion store but buys her way out of it.
  • Dan and Serena go on a date.

    In my opinion, this is definitely one of the best episodes yet of Gossip Girl. I loved all of the scenes for the Dan and Serena go on a date story line. I also loved the scenes for Blair's sleepover. The interaction between Blair and Chuck was great in this episode. Blair in general was great in this episode. I thought that the scenes with Eric were all very well done. The actor who plays Eric does such a great job of playing such a meaty role considering how young he is. All in all, this was amazing episode of Gossip Girl, and like I said earlier, I think that this is one of the best episodes yet.
  • In my opinion, the best Episode!!

    OK, first things first, lil'J is, or better was, not my favorite girl in the show, she was cute and nice but... nothing specal, but in this episode, she'w just great!! At the end of the episode i was just roling ont he flor, cause of exitement!!! I couldn't wait to see the next episode, which is great as well by the way.
    The only thing I'm worried about is... how long will there be the stuff to keap the exited the high it is at the moment...
    has any one read the books? I just wonder because I just love the show and don't konw the books at all.

    xoxo Kn3ubel
  • Cute

    Wohoooo! Finally, after five episodes, a kiss between my most favorite characters of this show. I hope you know what I'm talking about! And whaaaaat a kiss! It was all worth watching. Anyway. It was a nice episode. I kinda like it, because all that drama series and yelling and hating ended. I was getting pretty bored with all of that. And in this episode it's another thing. More adventours. NiceR. And MUCH MORE funny. And that Chuck guy didn't made an apearence. Yey! He kinda gets on my nerves.
    If all the next episodes of this show are at least at the leve of this one, it would get the show on my personal list of favorites. And that's a biggy. Keep on the good job.
  • Another great episode!

    This was once again really good. The series isn't the best I've ever seen but it is very entertaining. More Jenny, thats what I really liked in this episode, I don't don't know I just really like her character. I liked how she did every she was asked without being phased and she always got herself out of what she's been put into. Loved when she told the cop she was Blair, brilliant. Blair was back to kinda of being a b i t c h again but still is very likable. I now think that Eric is ok, I hope they do a little of development with him. Dan and serena date was funny at the start when he took her to the post french resturant. About time they got together. No Nate and chuck in my view didn't hurt the show one bit. we saw the human side of Serenas mother and I actually liked her character. As the series goes on the episodes are definately getting better, I hope this continues!

    Really a great episode. Love it.
    The way the shows s and b's relationship was really clear. Obviusly the best part was little j and how she understood blair's world, how she told the cops that she was blair but nost of it y love the end and how she leaves blair's party.
    Each episode is much more interesting and i love you gossip girl.
    the only thing that disspointed me was finding that the show was a book before and the fact is narrated equal to gossip girl.
    But its a great idea front the oc's directors to do this show and i believe that with desperate housewives and greys anatomy are the best show from this season
    but, you know you love mee

    gossip girl
  • Eric is rescued from the center by Blair and Jenny

    Not a bad episode by any standards, just not brilliant either. Not much happened really. I didn't really like the Jenny storyline, although I did like the fact that she managed to talk her way out of the shop situation and showed up at the sleepover party only to leave early again, while taking the jacket. That was classic.

    The Serena Dan date, was fun but nothing special, though I did like the Vespa scene.

    I actually thought the whole Rufus - Lilly - Allison storyline was much more interesting. Rufus calling his wife only be hear a male voice and later on, Allison calling Rufus only to hear the voice of one of his former girlfriends, Lilly. Great writing !
  • It was an entertaining episode but I am not really sure where they are going with it

    I'm suprised that this episode is getting such a high rating. Not because it was bad but just because it was nothing special. Dan and Serena's date went too well and nothing eventful really happened. I think it was too soon for them to have the perfect date. They should have had to overcome more obstacles, and more time should have went by, so that when they finally went on the date we were more excited about it. The date at the fancy place part was good. I liked how she ordered something really expensive and ended up paying for it. It was also funny how she thought the motor bike, or whatever it was, was for there date. The sleepover with truth or dare was entertaining, but I wanted Jenny to be more of a likeable character. The shop lifting part was really exciting and I was shocked that she lied about it. It was cool how they said no one had done that good since Blair herself.
  • The show just gets better

    This is the classic teen drama sleep over episode, with a twist. Whoever said Gossip Girl never stood out? It always has. Their sleep over was not comprised of facial cream and pizza, though they could have always had some, it was comprised of theft, bars and making out. Ah yes, a sleepover, Gossip Girl style.

    As S and Lonely Boy go out for a very special evening planned by Lonely Boy, S finds herself like on any other date she would go out with accompanied by one of her mother's set-ups. She therefore seeks Lonely Boy's type of date, in hopes to build a stronger bond with him.

    C and N are nowhere to be found, but no regret, it has been the most astounding episode this season.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Gossip Girl): Spotted on the steps of the Palace -- Cinderella stepping onto a pumpkin instead of her carriage. Lucky for Lonely Boy, there's more than one stable filling our inbox.
  • Awesome episode about the D and S relationship and little J going to her first Blair Waldorf sleepover.

    I thought this was a great episode. And of course Gossip Girl is always great. I liked how Jenny stood up for herself at the end and I found her to be very clever when she told the cops she was Blair. Dan and Serena on their first date and actually having the date without an "I'm sorry can we do it another time" quote.There was no Chuck or Nate in this episode, they really didn't need them but they'll be back next week. And I loved Blair just being the b****y Blair we all know and love yet again. Another great episode in the Gossip Girl series.
  • Not great but still good.

    First off after dropping a bomb shell (i use the term as loosely as it can be used) with Nate and his no money situation, they don't even put him in the episode. Blair hosts a sleep over and invites Jenny with the predictable result of Blair suggesting that they break Eric out of the centre, even more predictable Blair dares Jenny to steal something and shocker she gets caught. Serena's date with Dan was a mediocre one at best until they had to play white knights to Jenny and Eric. The episode seemed to be predictable at every turn but i would still watch it because hay, its Gossip Girl.
  • Well, i liked the episode... but there wasnt engoght drama at the end..

    Dont get me wrong.. I love Gossip Girl, but this episode didnt leave me wanting more! In the middle of the episode, there was lots of drama but at the end, everything was resolved ( except for the whole Blair and Jenny thing.. that was pretty exciting! ) Eric got to go home, which was good but they didnt really leave me wanting more! Its great that everything was sorted out and everybody is happy, but I wish more was going on in the show!! I cant wait till next week but i hope more drama is in the next episode!!!! I love Gossip Girl!
  • love this episode dan and serena for ever

    the episode is the best. Dan and serena go on there fist official date and dan tries really hard to im press serena by briging her to a very fancy restaurante and goin there in a town car. Serena likes that he made an efforst but its the date she wanted she wanted a date with the real dan humphrey.

    Meanwhile at blairs infamous "soire" jenny is in a intense game iof truth or dare she choses dare and the dare is to break erik ( serena lil brother) out of the ostroph center they manage to bereak him out but the ostroph center calls lili(serena and eriks mom) and tells her that he has escaped.She calls dan dad(ruphus) to ask him to cal dan.

    Meanwhile back at theire date dan and serena leave the restaurant and go to a pool bar.Serena tries to play against him but she loses there about to kiss when dans dad calls to tell them about erik.They go to the club were a couple minutes earlyer blair made out with a guy who was dating a girl called amanda and jenny dare was to phone amanda and tell her.

    serena and dan get there to find amanda screeming at her boyfriend and her boyfriend screeming at5 blair the guy says something about jenny and dan pushes the guy.They get kicked out of the club .

    Jenny returns to the "soire" were she almost gets arested for shoplifting in blairs mothers shop she talks her way out of it and takes her stuff at blairs and leaves.

    meanwhile dan and serena are walking and they kiss for the very first time and then they kiss again and again and the episode finishes with erik going home
  • i loved this episode

    This was the best episode that i ever see ... the best of this season !
    I loved the kiss of serena and dan. they first date was awsome !!! »» S/D «« They make a couple so cute !!! lol
    And Jenny and blair doing that game ... was amazing ... that moment when blair kissed that guy, and then she maked Jenny call to his girlfriend, i loved !!!

    The next episode will be amazing ... I cann't wait to see it i am so excited !!! »»»»SERENA«««« »»»»»»DAN««««« »»»»»4EVER««««

    You know you love me !!!!
    »»»»» X.O.X.O. «««««
    »»»»» Gossip girl «««««
  • I loved this episode so much!

    Okay first off, I think this is my favorite episode so far.
    Serena & Dan finally kissed at the end with only a couple minutes out. And then they just kept making out the rest of the time. They are so adorable together and I really want them to stay together for the gg tvseries! :)

    Blair invited Jenny to her sleepover, they played truth or dare, and Jenny really got up to the challanges and she did a good job. I think that Jenny is becoming more and more like Blair, and she's seeing how Blair works. Chuck and Nate weren't in it though. that sort of bummed me out. I felt bad for Rufus when he called Allison, and a guy picked up. He was sad. but then Allison called Rufus while Lily was over. That was pretty funny, but I can see Lily and Rufus getting back together or something. Their families are weird. They're all getting together.

    I think that they couldn't have made a better episode :)
    I LOVED IT! absolutely
  • This was the very best episode so far!!!!

    I just finished watching this episode and it was sooo good i loved Dan and Serena's kiss at the end. and Jenny was the best!!!! i loved the way she looked and if i looked like that when i was 14 well yea, i loved the end when she just walked of on Blair, when she got away from the cops i was actually hoping instead of going home she would go back to Blair's, But giving Blair the key and then keeping the jacket and then leaving the way she did showed that Jenny was no longer that sweet little naive girl. Hooray to Jenny.
    As for Blair she was a little Btchy in this episode but she is still my favorite character.
  • An overall feel-good episode, maybe because Nate and Chuck aren't around

    This episode was a great episode because of a few main reasons. First of all, we see the growth of all the characters besides Nate and Chuck. We see Dan try to impress Serena with an elaborate first date, but in reality, all she wants is the "Real Dan Humphrey" and we see that she has a better time when he acts himself. We also see Blair befriending Jenny and trying to convert her. But in fact, Jenny shows some growth by standing up to Dan, Blair, and the cops and pretty much impressing everyone. We also see a little attraction between Eric and Jenny possibly in the works when she breaks him out of the rehab center. We also see Serena's mom transforming into a better person as she finally takes into account Eric's feelings and she finally gets a little grounded again. Overall, pretty good episode compared to some of the others, and definitely good writing by the writers. I just hope the future episodes are as good as this one.
  • In this Episode, Blair hosts her yearly sleep over, which Jenny is invited to. Except Jenny doesnt know what she's gotten herself into. Dan and Serena go on their first date, Lily and Rufus recall the past, and Eric is out past Curfew.Best episode yet.

    This episode is the best episode yet, and exactly why I watch this. Jenny is totally up for the challenges which Blair and her friends set up for her at the sleepover. Dan and Serena finally have their first date, and also their first kiss. Rufus and Lily meet up, but Alisson finds out. Jenny breaks Eric out of the centre, as part of the dare Blair set her. The final dare, which Blair sets her is to get a coat from Elinor Waldorf's shop. Blair and the gang bail when the alarm goes off, leaving Jenny stranded. But Jenny with total calm, pulls off an amazing stunt acting as Blair herself. She then walks in on the girls sleeping, and Blair wakes up. Jenny tells Blair she's got the coat, says she's leaving, AND tells Blair to have lunch with her on the steps in the COOLest speech by Jenny or anyone in the show yet. CLASSIC.
  • I Love Gossip Girl!

    Wow this show looks so good ! can't wait till it actually comes on Tonight!!! Well Blair's sleepover looks a bit fun but i hope Jenny doesn't get in too much trouble, and hope Dans Date goes well with Serena and doesn't get interrupted as usual! and not so sure whats going to happen with chuck and nate its doesn't say to much about them only that their going to appear on the episode but i guess i would like to see something happen with then i guess but i guess we will find out what happens tonight on Gossip Girl!
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