Gossip Girl

Season 4 Episode 6

Easy J

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2010 on The CW

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  • episode 405

    best episode so far for this season. Jenny is back and with her the drama is back too. I love the war between Blair and Chuck. But in this episode it is Jenny the one who win. I hope that Jenny will not enter in this game and stay out of trouble because I prefer her this way. On other part Serena falling for her teacher before knowing he is her teacher was not a surprise at all. But the teacher being in the Juliet story was a huge surprise! At the moment I don't understand why Juliet want to destroy all our upper-east-siders and I wonder what is the relationship between Juliet, the guy in prison (her brother?) and the teacher (Collin). Which one of them is the mastermind behind all of it.

    It was good not to have Vanessa/Dan twisted love story for once!
  • Predictable, but enjoyable.

    First of all, how did no one guess that Colin is in on bringing down Serena? It was just too much of a coincidence that he kept bumping into her. It's kind of pathetic that three people would go out of their way just to sabotage one girl, who'll still be rich and beautiful at the end of it. And this whole "everybody wants to con Serena" thing is getting old. Isn't this the second time this has happened?

    Anyway, let's talk about the BEST thing to happen in this episode. Blair and Chuck calling a truce and showing obvious signs that they are still in love with each other. From what I can see of next week's episode, they kiss. However, and I hope I'm wrong, I thought I saw Chuck pull away. The writers may think that getting them back together is too soon and try to drag it out all season, like season 2, but there's a lot they could work with. There'll be trust issues, of course. It's entertaining.

    Second BEST thing to happen was Jenny leaving again. God, I just cannot stand her anymore. Maybe it's because Taylor Momsen is so obnoxious and it's hard to see past that in GG. Or maybe I'm just being mean!

    Third BEST thing, no Vanessa!

    Love Lilly's trickery, very cunning of her. We need more storylines involving Eric, let him be Jenny's replacement.

    And I sense Juliette is having second thoughts about what she's doing, especially with Nate. Maybe she'll be the one to cross over and be on Serena's side.
  • Likey a lot!!;)

    I love this episode though my favourite is still episode 2 from this season due to the wonderful blair & chuck moment at the station...anyway...this episode was what I thought already given away pretty much from it's promo...but to a degree I was wrong.
    It was obvious in the promo what was going to happen with Blair and Chuck so that spoiled that part for me,but that's my own problem. I was pleased that Jenny in the end knew better than to stick around to get caught in any more drama. Also I'm glad she told everyone about her losing "it" to Chuck since it cleared the slate a bit for Chuck and Blair, also love her little speech to them before she left about how Chuck and Blair "use to be in love and together...were invincible".

    I love how Lily only discovered in this episode the wonderful power of "reverse pyschology"...have to wait and see if it works on Serena...but I'm doubtful.

    The whole Colin being the new professor thing was not a surprise, but him being a part of the big scheme to bring Serena down was! I seriously did not see that one coming and I can't wait to see what happens. I'm hoping for some kind of all out turn of the tables from Serena, Nate, Blair and Chuck for messing with their posse:)

    Overall the episode was great though some parts predictable, but I love what's going on at the moment with the storyline and this new guy Colin has kept me hooked for next week's episode...really can't wait to see what happens!