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Bart Bass....?

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    He's probably the most disliked character for me on GG. Aside from Dan.

    I find his return completely pointless and I can't stand him. He's an utter heartless bastard who can't stand to see his SON succeeding better than him at his age.. and that's what I believe his point of bringing him down on the finale was all for.

    Anyone agree? Disagree? I had to get this out there because for the life of me I can't understand how a father can be so cold and heartless to his own flesh and blood. Blah blah it's a tv show, but unfortunately for me I believe there are parents out there that really think like this.

    Aside from trying to be a catalyst for a possible B & C reunion, it seems like the writers are content on bringing down all the solid effort there has been made on Chuck's character development.. because they wanna throw out this old, heartless bastard some more.

    He should of stayed gone to begin with. Bringing him back was another plot device. An old annoying one.

    I hope Chuck can find some good sense of value in himself in the next season and not feel the need to rely on his father's support and or critique of him. Chuck is better man than Bart can ever hope to be. I find that's the reason Bart feels the need to belittle Chuck and Chucks' love for Blair.

    Chuck is and always has been a better man than Bart can ever hope to be.

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