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Book readers...are you annoyed with this show?

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    I am. First off, the epic couples of Gossip Girl are Blair and Nate and Dan and Vanessa. Dan and Serena dated for a brief period of time in the first book but are otherwise friends in the rest of the books. Chuck and Blair never happened in the books. In fact, Chuck turns out to be gay. Nate is constantly trying to decide between Blair and Serena, not Serena trying to decide between Dan and Nate. In the beginning of Gossip Girl, Serena returns from boarding school, and Blair finds out that Serena slept with Nate. And yes, Chuck does assault Jenny at a party. The first episode does a great job at portraying what happened in the books. Nate ends up dumping Blair for Jenny, and then eventually, they get back together. Blair and Nate take forever to finally sleep together, and Blair and Serena both lose their virginity to Nate. Blair's mother, Eleanor, gets married to Cyrus and gets pregnant. Serena dates Aaron, who will be Blair's step-brother for a brief time (I can't remember if that happens in the series or not). In the books, there is a huge fuss about Blair getting into Yale, which happens in the series, but she settles for NYU and Columbia. The Blair in the books would have never done that. Yes, she gets wait-listed, but she is determined to get into Yale and will stop at nothing to do so. I think her dad actually offers money to get her in and is on the selection committee. Serena goes straight to college after high school, and I think she goes to Yale as well. Vanessa goes to NYU, and I think Dan ends up at Brown. He might have decided against it to be close to Vanessa or something. Basically, everything past them graduating is made up as that's as far as the books go in the lives of these characters. Georgina doesn't show up at Dan's door step pregnant. She actually dates and does drugs with Nate in one of the books. Get this...Nate is a major pothead in the books. That isn't shown at all in the series. Then, she's gone again. There is no book by Dan about the Upper East Side and no Dan and Blair. He does write poetry and gets published in a New York magazine, but that's the extent of it. Vanessa is a film-maker and lives in Brooklyn with her sister, Ruby. She is also bald in the books. Blair moves into Vanessa's apartment for a little while, I think because she got kicked out of her room when her mom gets pregnant. So many things that happened in the books that never happened in the series and vice versa.

    The parents are hardly even mentioned in the books. They're constantly going on trips or are too busy for their children. There is no Rufus and Lily or Lily and Bart. Dan and Jenny's mother's name is Jeannette, not Alison, and other than mentioning that she left, she's not a part of the books at all. Jenny is this curly-haired brunette with huge boobs, not a self-centered, trouble-making blonde brat. She does cause some trouble, which is why she starts to look at boarding schools, but she doesn't cause nearly as much as she did in the series. She did always seem to want the lives of the people she went to school with, so that part was about the only part that was accurate. Erik is two years older than Serena, not two years younger. There is no suicide attempt by him. I think he's in college in the books, so he's barely mentioned. And also, Blair has a younger brother named Tyler.

    Lastly, we never found out who Gossip Girl was, and she certainly WASN'T Dan Humphrey. Part of the fun was that we didn't know who she was. I think the show put too much emphasis on finding who Gossip Girl was. To be honest, I didn't wonder who she was a whole lot when reading the books. I did wonder at times because it's only natural. I even had my money on Blair, but in the end, it just didn't matter. She was just a blogger who everyone loved to hate. Finding out who she was totally ruins everything!

    I could go on and on about the problems in turning these books into a series, but I think that's enough. I understand that those who didn't read the books aren't aware of these problems, but some of us watched the show because we read the books and were extremely disappointed by what we saw.

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