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Gossip Girl Did you miss Jenny Humphrey

Did Gossip Girl Suffer?after the lost of Jenny

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    I Must say, for being a teenager Taylor Momsen'' was a pretty good actress. I could tell She brings a lot to the show.As a character over all the seasons I think Jenny is a great character. She became the monster that they all created. And I like how she left and matured. With that in mind, think it's safe to say Season 5 of Gossip Girl,, suffer the most because of her loss''. Blair & Serena were good, but they couldn't carry the show by themselves & C'Mon the Humphrey's weren't the Humphreys without Jenny lol... amazing she hold them together.

    Jenny Humphrey, was a Character you either Loved or Hated.. Her whole story over the 1-3 seasons was pretty interesting. I now see you just can't replace, important Character like that or else the Show will Suffer... The reason writers, made it clear the reason. they cut her out of the hit series, was '' they didnt know how, to write a storyline for her that would fit with everyone else's since she's still in h.s.. it's kinda sad without her,they wrote out Eric's van der Woodsen...

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