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Gossip Girl: I Don't understand How Blair hates Jenny'' but likes Serena

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    Sorry, I am kinda new to the series am very confused :S

    Season 1-4, ''Blair & Serena, have fought many times, but somehow they forgive each other & act like Best Friends. Now it seems, she never hated Serena more then'' she hates Jenny etc. I can't figure out why? it makes no sense too me... if anything I assume she would've been BFF's with Jenny or Little J...As She & her minions tried their best to make her a loyal minion...

    Why does Blair and her minions call her Little J? What does that mean :S

    Season 1, Jenny sees Blair as her Role Model, she aspires to be like her and worships her etc, does almost anything to be one of her minions to be popular.. For some reason Blair treats her very poorly being mean to her, only to kick out of her own group.. B & Little J, then start some war over being Queen. while

    Later on, Jenny admits defeat no longer wants to be in Blair's group

    Season 2, Jenny is treated like a outcast, Blair's minions picks on her until she quit's school..Somehow she repairs her friendship with Blair, returns to school, stands up against B's minions and even Co-Exist with them... in the season finale, Blair chooses her to be Queen of Constance to carry on B's Legacy..

    Season 3. As the new Queen, Jenny tries her best to act Blair- like, to win her approval...Later on hurts her family along the way....For some crazy reason, in the season finale,, breaks down crying, saying Blair hates her.... Seems Blair banned her? Gossip Girl Fans, can you help me? Maybe you understand it better then me.. Thanks so much,sorry if this seems like a dumb question Haha :3

    Season 4- Jenny is scared of Blair

    Gossip Girl Fans, can you help me? Maybe you understand it better then me..

    What is Jenny's/Blair's relationship?

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    I think they only made Blair hate her toward the end as a way to write her off the show. I actually never looked into why she left.. Not sure if it was her choice to leave or if the writers just wanted to get rid of her.

    And as far as Serena goes, it downright amazes me that ANYONE on that show is friends with her. She screws everyone over constantly. She really is the worst character on TV.
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    It's as simple as this. At the end of season 3, Jenny was out of control, destroying everyone's lives for the hell of it. Throwing her virginity away with Chuck made her vulnerable and brought her senses back. Blair banned her because of that; it was the last straw in a list of things Jenny had already done. The reason she was able to forgive Serena for sleeping with Dan faster than Jenny for sleeping with Chuck is because not only did Jenny run away instead of facing Blair like she should have in season 4, Dan was Serena's ex-boyfriend so I guess it was more expected from her than from Jenny. Blair and Serena have a closer friendship and seem to usually always get past their biggest problems by giving each other a little space.

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