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Gossip Girl Series Finale Thread

Did you enjoy the finale?

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    [1]Dec 17, 2012
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    I'm surprised no one bothered to make a thread. I can't believe Gossip Girl is over. It got really bad towards the end of the series but I'm still going to miss it. It was like my view into New York, I enjoyed seeing all the sights and the fancy parties. I really liked the endgame for each of the couples. Well at least Chair.... I could have done without Derena, I was more of a Serenate fan.

    And wow, I'm still blown away by the reveal of Gossip Girl's identity. I had my suspicions but now that it's real, I'm shocked that Gossip Girl was actually Dan.

    Anyways this is probably my final post in this forum (I didn't post too often anyways). R.I.P. Gossip Girl!

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    [2]Dec 17, 2012
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    yea it's kinda crazy to think that gossip girl is over but i'm kinda glad it is because the last few seasons were not the best. i'm so happy that Chair finally has their happily ever after!!! and i've always rooted for Serena and Nate as well. i had a feeling that Dan was gossip girl when he wrote Inside. haha i love how like every other person thought it was Dorota lol! and loved Kristen Bell's cameo and all the other characters that had left i loved seeing them back briefly as well it was cool!
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    [3]Dec 26, 2012
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    Wow! It's over! I didn't pay attention, I didn't know it was being canceled! OMG Thank God I must admit! It just went on too long!! It was getting really annoying! I'm 30% surprised 70% not surprised Dan was Gossip Girl. So weird! But the finale was pretty good. Although I'm surprised it was only a half season, not a full one. And obviously Chuck wasn't put in jail for killing his father. How did that end I wonder? Although I think Blair should have been pregnant again instead of in a tiny little dress
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