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Gossip Girl Vs. One Tree Hill

Which TV show do you prefer?

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    [121]Aug 21, 2010
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    You can't even compare these two shows.

    One Tree Hill is brilliant with emotional storylines,deep characters and great acting,with a few exceptions.Also,One Tree Hill is thought-provoking and inspiring..If you find it boring then you are obviously not a very intellectual person.If you are onlyinterested in scandals and mean girls you should just watch GG.

    On the other hand,Gossip Girl is very swallow and it might be more fancy or extravagant than OTH but that doesn't make it better.The acting is also mediocre.I love Leighton Meester and Ed Westwickbut Blake Lively and Chace Crawford are horrible.Another thing i hate about this show is the relationships.I mean Natehas gone out with Blair,Serena,Jenny and Vanessa..?..Serena has been with Nate and Dan more than once.OTH only had one major triangle: Peyton/Lucas/Brooke...

    Both shows have had "bad" seasons but GG had only one perfect season whereas OTH was perfect all the way through highschool,IMO and the adult years are not bad they are just different.GG's college season(season 3) was by far the worst of all.

    Anyway,my vote goes to OTH,of course.

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    [122]Aug 24, 2010
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    Gossip Girl, of course!

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    [123]Sep 6, 2010
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    This is a tricky one, but I have to say that so far all three seasons of GG have been good, some better than others, but still good.

    OTH, on the other hand, was very good in its first 4 seasons, but beginning with season 5 the show became very hit or miss.

    So, right now I think that GG beats OTH, however if we only consider its first 4 years, it's a tie.

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    [124]Sep 11, 2010
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    i love both, but i love one tree hill more

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    [125]Sep 14, 2010
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    I love both shows and have all seasons on DVD of both shows. One Tree Hill has aged better than Gossip Girl and all around better. One Tree Hill, I find, is more consistant and has stronger actors and storylines. Gossip Girl season 1 was very close to One Tree Hill in terms of writing and storylines, although some parts of the show are miscast with horrible actors (only Leighton and Chuck out of the teens do it for me), but hasn't kept the consistanty going. While One Tree Hill has slightly faded in quality season 5 onwards, however it is still strong, addictive and awesome to watch, and is much stronger than Gossip Girl overall.

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    [126]Sep 16, 2010
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    As a loyal viewer of both series...I voted OTH...But only based on the first 3 seasons of each...Each show has it's pro and cons added to that the premise is vastly different from each other....I'm basing my vote purely on which show kept me up for most of the night and which show made me crazy for the long wait of a new season...But I love both...Both has it's merits...Also OTH only really irritated me after season 6 once Peyton and Lucas left...Whereas GG had a really sucky 3rd season compared to it's first 2...

    That's my 2 cents lol!!!...The premier of season 4 of GG was outstanding though took me back to season 1 with how gripping it was...I'm yet to watch OTH season 8 premier...
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    [127]Sep 17, 2010
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    vote goes to OTH
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    [128]Sep 28, 2010
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    Let me start off by saying that I love both of these shows in their own little ways. I own all the seasons on DVD. I only discovered One Tree Hill about a year ago and have been watching GG since the beginning, but I have to say I probably prefer One Tree Hill. My favourite seasons are seasons 1-4 and then it started to get a little boring. I loved GG seasons 1-2 and then it started to get boring as well.

    I think One Tree Hill is more realistic in some ways, I mean sure, many things are not but the audience can relate more to dorky guys like Mouth, popular girls like Brooke etc etc. The clothes they wear in GG are amazing but how many people do we actually know who are like that? I like that it's set in an unknown type of town and not the stereotypical New York City. (Even though I really want to go to NY).

    I need a good couple to keep my attention. I LOVED Lucas/Brooke but then they broke up I LOVED Chuck/Blair but they have gotten boring. I think GG is a little bit repetitive. For example; it's always about Serena being better than Blair at everything, they're always talking about college, Rufus and Lily complaining about something or other, Jenny being a brat.

    I do love the Dan and Blair scenes though! I'm just saying, season 1 was AMAZING. I used to get chills and butterflies watching it whenever Chuck and Blair would have a scene and now I don't even care.

    One Tree Hill still gives me that feeling when I watch the DVD's and I never get sick of watching re-runs. It is more addicting to me than Gossip Girl.

    Best actresses would be Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy and Leighton Meester. Best actors would be Ed Westwick and James Lafferty perhaps? Worst being Chad Michael Murray and Chace Crawford. (Even though they are HOT).

    So my vote goes to One Tree Hill. There are scenes in it that GG could never beat. Like The Spice Girls dance, the scene with 'Lighting Crashing' by Live as Haley was giving birth to Jamie etc etc. It just has these "Wow" moments that GG never has.

    If I had to choose my favourite teen drama though, it would be The O.C, no competition haha.

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    [129]Jul 26, 2011
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    One Tree Hill of course!!! But I would take Gossip Girl over 90210 and The Vampire Diaries!!!

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    [130]Sep 2, 2011
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    Its so hard to choose becausee both shows are AWESOME!!! In a way i think they have similar characters like to me I think Nate and Haley and Chuck and Blair have a lot in common as per finding their true love in high school and being confused if it really is true love. Both cast has issues with their parents. They are similar yet so different but all the same AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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