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    Welcome to the Gossip Girl forums! Our show may have just started but we have fans that have loved the books for years and years. It's the job of all fans, old and new, to make sure that we have the best forum on tv.com. So that's where the rules and guidelines come in. If we all just follow these few simple rules, I can promise you that things will run smoothly and best of all, we won't end up hating each other!


    • Opinion/"Team" Threads

    We all have different veiws and opinions on things that go on in the show. When you know that there is abignumber of people with that same opinion (ie. Nate and Blair fans), you can open up a thread where those fans can go and talk about their "team". This is not a place for people who aren't fans to go and bash that group. Leave them alone and start your own thread if it bothers you that much. Please don't call a Thread "Official" until the editor of the show is aware and approves the thread.

    • Language

    This is pretty much common sense but remember that we have some younger peoplewho are interested in Gossip Girl as well. Make sure that that the language you are using would beokay if heard by your grandma (PG 13).So...to help you out, just think of all of us here as your grandma .

    • Bashing

    Bashing of posters, people (cast or writers), orfanbases (see first rule) will not be tolerated. As I said before, we are all here to discuss Gossip Girl and because we are all so unique , we don't agree on the same things. It's fine to debate your views with that poster but remember toact like their your grandmother.

    • Spoilers

    Some of us don't like knowing what will happen next on the show so please rememeber to add "spoiler warning" to all threads that could possibly ruin the show for someone. But really, if you want to discuss spoilers, make your way to the spoiler thread. Thats what its there for.

    • Questions

    If you have any questions/comments/ or concerns about the Gossip Girl section or forum, please don't hesitate to contact Isa (editor) or myself. Oh and before I forget, thanks for reading the rules!

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