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Who do you think Gossip Girl is?

Who do you think Gossip Girl is?

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    Realistically, there's only a few people it could be. Out of the main five only Dan would be an option, because "Lonely Boy" who doesn't quite fit the description of 'Manhattan's elite' sure seems to get featured a lot on the site and is always conveniently away whenever the gang is texting GG, and when "she" came back to steal her laptop he was right outside in the car.

    With the gang's most infamous foe Georgina eliminated in the centennial episode, this leaves our other two likely suspects - Lonely Boy's little sister J who could not only use Gossip Girl to manipulate her way up the UES hierarchy but also to keep tabs on her big bro; and Lonely's Boy's even lonelier ex Vanessa who never managed to take a liking to his friends and yet took to their lifestyle of plotting and scheming like a fish to water.

    Another fairly obvious contender is recent returning character Nelly Yuki, former minion and accomplished writer (hint hint) but the character was originally created to replace Kati Farkas so all signs point to her being a red herring.

    Finally, the show could shock us. The writers have struggled to surprise us for quite a few seasons and after what feels like fifteen Chuck's biological mother twists and about fifty convoluted reveals as to why Bart had to fake his own death involving horses, microfilm and Ivy Dickens seducing old geezers, just once the show could give us a simple yet genuinely shocking reveal. Dorota, if that is even her real name, has been at Miss Blair's side since the outset, privy to her deepest thoughts and indiscretions. For 6 seasons she's seemed remarkably composed, supportive and discrete despite Blair's many childish schemes and outbursts. Either Blair is paying her millions or Dorota and Vanya have a punching bag installed at home.

    Or do you think it's someone else? Eric, who despite trying to kill himself decided he should run a website to torment his sister and her friends?Juliet, who was initially just out to get revenge on Serena, but simply got ridiculously carried away?Or another minor character that won't make any sense at all, but hey, this is Gossip Girl after all.

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    It can't be Dan! It just can't. I recently watched the first season again and in retrospect there were just too many volatile situations that could have been circumvented by Dan having been privy to the GG information upstream. Too many situations in which either he or S got hurt - or both. Not to mention everyone else. So, unless the writers are absolutely INSANE and think we were all born yesterday, it won't be Dan.

    Jenny seems like a very likely candidate; the most likely in my opinion. Then again, would she really blast herself like that? Think back to when she was dating the gay dude.. Gossip girl sent out a blast that she was lying and faking everything with him. Do you really think she stands to benefit from that? Sure, one must take extreme measures to avoid blowing one's own cover, but that is a bit extreme. The same is true for Dan..

    I would have never thought Dorota.. It makes sense physically and positionally, but would she really do that to Blair to whom she's been nothing but loyal all these years?

    And then there's Nelly Yuki. It has to be her. I feel like she's the only one vindictive enough to do that. I mean look how all of the mean girls treated her! There's your motive. She's a writer, there's your means. Also, how quaint of them to bring her back after all this time just before the finale. Coincidence?

    If it's not her then I will truly be shocked. Chuck is too busy for that. Nate is too nice. Vanessa is too disconnected.. etc
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    Gossip Girl isn't anyone...and that's the way it's intended to be. I know in the show it turns out to be Dan, but I choose to accept the ending of the book. They never tell you, holding true to what she always says...that she'll never tell.
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