Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2012 on The CW

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  • Beautiful

    -Spoilers ahead-

    The one word to describe this episode> IT had its downs, yes, but the whole storyline was excellent.IT has the exact amount od drama, especially in the last 10 minutes. That Louis is an evil prince was amazing. I was gettting tired of his character,( it was like a dog) but this twist would make a story for a few more episodes. When Blar asked Cyrus to be her escort too, the moment was irrelevant, but very toouching. Blair looked stunning as always, as did Serena. Nate and the real Charlie was very interesting. Chuck Bass was perfect. This man deserves an oscar.

    Coming to the downs, Georgina. Why is she there everytime there is a big episode? Sure, she can pack a punch, but it gets old. This is propably the millionth time I'm telling this, but concerning Dan and Serena: OH PLEASE NO!! The same goes for Blair and Dan. I don't care what they do with him, as long he's not with Serena or Blair. He's getting pretty annoying actually.

    The verdict : Fantastic episode.Gossip girl never fails to keep the viewers guessing.I'm looking forward to Georgina as Gossip Girl.
  • Beautiful episode.

    After 12 episodes of waiting for the big day. It finally came. Everything about this episode was perfect. The dress was beautiful. The only thing I though was wrong was her hair. She should have worn it a different way. Lets just say when Blair started down the ile, goosebumps ran up my arms. The ending was great too. Blair running out of the church in her dress looking for her night in shining armor. I knew Georgina was not the really GG. Just a replacement. Great episode. Over all this season has been my least favorite, but this episode was a great look back at the last five years.
  • Georgina is not GG

    Clearly, if GG was to reveal who Gossip Girl is then we'd have to wait for the last episode, there is no way that they would reveal it now. I'm sure this is just some way for Georgina to come back into the picture.

    I agree in that the Chuck & Blair story has been dragged out, they should either be together or they shouldn't and as much as I think they have chemistry, I feel as though the romance is gone. They just need to be with new people and I'm not totally opposed to Blair being with Dan, he's been there for her when not every guy would.

    We all knew Louis was not going to be the one and we've seen some of his "evil" side before ie. when he posted the Dan and Blair pictures in the Spectator. The writers needed to find a way to get him out of the picture but in a way that viewers don't sympathize with him which is what they did.

    I'm glad Serena finally admitted to being in love with Dan, although I hope that this is just to add some drama because that love affair has already been done before.

    Let's stop bashing the show and notice some of the exciting/sweet things in the episode:

    - Blair asking Cyrus to walk her down the aisle was really sweet

    - Blair finally knows how Dan feels about her (assuming she's been deaf and blind the entire season)

    - Their clothes looked amazing! Serena's dress was so pretty and don't get me started on how pretty Leighton looked

    - Georgina is pretending to be GG, that'll lead to some interesting episodes

    - Nate is interested in the real Charlie Rhodes!

    - Elizabeth Hurley still hasn't told us how she knows Bart Bass

    All in all, it looks like GG still has some interesting drama to offer us and I'll be tuning in to watch!

  • The evil prince

    He finally revealed his true face for the world to see. Seems like Goergina was nothing compared to this loathsome person.It turns out Blair just made a terrible mistake which will cost her her happiness.Poor B ,seems like the handsome prince was not as expected.

    X.O.X.O Georgina
  • Gossip Girl knows how to surprise and i love that!

    Since the end of season 2 "Gossip Girl" has just been a way to strech this story but G.G. changes that. Season 1 and Season 2 has shocks, one-liners, awers and things that made you gasp. Now for a long time i haven't seen that! But, G.G.....it's back again!! With shocks and gasps in the last 5 minutes, a perfection in making 'THE TRUE GOSSIP GIRL FANS HEARTS POUNCE RIDICOULOUSLY' and telling us how the princess is in a lot of trouble, this show was awesome. Here's what lead to this (spoilers) :-

    The whole freaking show was making my heart pounce but the last 5 minutes were pure perfection! Georgina Sparks is Gossip Girl now she also said the NEW Gossip Girl, that makes me feel that the real gossip girl business is back from the dead!!! One-liners always make Gossip Girl good and the last time checked, "Bless us, father. I have a feeling we're about to sin", is an awesome one liner. And the best part was that the show is becoming messy and Gossip Girl has a part in it!
  • awful

    I hated this episode. This show is becoming more stupid by every episode. Why can't Chuck and Blair just be together? Why does she have to make all that drama about him dying, she can't posibly belive that he is going to die if she goes away with him. And since when is she religious? I never liked Louis and now i hate him. He must have known Blair loves Chuck, everybody knows that. And marrying her after he had proff of it was just evil. If he realy loved her he would let her go. I'm very disapointed in him. But I loved his suit :D Everything else in the show is boring, I'm just waiting for Chuk and Blair to finaly be together, becouse we all know it will eventualy happen, and if it doesn't it just plain stupid.
  • Could've been better

    To be fair, the strongest moment for me was after the ceremony, the little speech Louis did and everything after. It made sence in a way, although I do think it was a bit too much. The way he said Dan wrote the vows like he never really cared, it was pure mean. Ok, you're pissed, but an episode ago, no, that same episode, he's always been sooo in love with Balir, it doesn't just go away. It's not like he didn't know about Chuck. Besides that I liked it, the first manly thing he's done so far.

    However, I was quite bored with Georgina showing up. It's like they can't think of another way to make the plot 'messy'. Every season finale, every 'big moment' suddenly Georgina's back for 40 minutes! She's not even a threat anymore, every time she shows up they tear her to pieces. Big scary 22 y.old, wow! Plus, I think we already went through the idea of her being Gossip Girl a few season back and I find it very obvious and boring if it's true.

    I'm just glad there's an episode next week, they need to fix the mess.
  • a bit upset

    So I was waiting for this episode for a long time and the ending was really awful even though nearly the end I was kind of really happy about what happened.

    What I like about this episode:

    -Louis marrying Blair for apparences and telling her!

    -Serena telling Dan that she loves him

    -Geogina is back and troubles too

    -charlotte/lola being the waitress and Nate liking her

    what I didn't like:

    -Blair leaving with Dan, I was hopping for her to stay even though it's hard for her!

    - Georgina writing as Gossip Girl????? No way !!!

    -In fact the ending was pretty bad even if the rest of the episode was ok.

    In conclusion for the 100th episode I was expecting much more drama that will open to new storyline and not just be about ll boys are in love with Blair!
  • Blair is officially THE WORST

    This show has been heading towards a ditch for a while now, but I've been hoping the writers would realise it and hit the brakes. Unfortunatly, they've made everything worse. The romance is all gone. Everything Blair does now is illogical and selfish, without any entertainment for the viewer. I like Louis. He's a good guy. So it's very hard for me to follow why Blair and all her pals are acting like marrying him is like pleading guity to a crime she didn't commit. The character development of Gossip Girl has never been its strong suit, but by god it's awful now! The only character I sympathise with is Louis, because the writers seem to hate him for some stupid reason. When he told Blair the truth about their marriage, I was so happy! Any fool could tell that her sickly sweet apology to him was so damn fake and it serves her right to be tied to a man she doesn't love and whom now hates her. She knew she was marrying into a family with a high reputation to withhold; that tiara comes with a price, B. I had high hopes for this episode after the allusion to the pilot episode, with Blair's arrival accompanied by The Kook's cover of 'Young Folks', but they have really messed everything up. The final nail in the coffin would be if Dan and Blair were to start a romantic relationship. If I was Blair's friend and has witnessed the huge fuss she made over marrying a perfectly nice guy, I would certainly not assist her escape, nor be able to stomach the sight of her. Absolute mess. And concerning 'Chair', I was a supporter at one point. But it's just so repetitive and the romance of their relationship has gone. I can't wait to see which of the two will become the next Marissa Cooper, because this is the same story as The OC essentially, and either Blair or Chuck need to die for the whole 5 seasons of the show to have been a worthwhile story. I'm sorry, but it's true.
  • Disappointed after the Overhype - Not epic

    I am so disappointed. Why does every guy have to be in love with Blair? Blair should have walked out of the wedding with Chuck. Why do they drag on this thing? Why did they introduce Dan and Blair as a couple? IMO, Dan should be with the new girl, the real Charlie Rhodes/Lola from Julliard. They are artsy and down to earth. Let's just end the show with Chair going off to Europe together. Maybe Nate should be with Serena. They are spoiled kids. The prince storyline is ridiculous. Spoiler Alert: I don't buy Georgina Being Gossip Girl either.