Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2012 on The CW

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  • Georgina is not GG

    Clearly, if GG was to reveal who Gossip Girl is then we'd have to wait for the last episode, there is no way that they would reveal it now. I'm sure this is just some way for Georgina to come back into the picture.

    I agree in that the Chuck & Blair story has been dragged out, they should either be together or they shouldn't and as much as I think they have chemistry, I feel as though the romance is gone. They just need to be with new people and I'm not totally opposed to Blair being with Dan, he's been there for her when not every guy would.

    We all knew Louis was not going to be the one and we've seen some of his "evil" side before ie. when he posted the Dan and Blair pictures in the Spectator. The writers needed to find a way to get him out of the picture but in a way that viewers don't sympathize with him which is what they did.

    I'm glad Serena finally admitted to being in love with Dan, although I hope that this is just to add some drama because that love affair has already been done before.

    Let's stop bashing the show and notice some of the exciting/sweet things in the episode:

    - Blair asking Cyrus to walk her down the aisle was really sweet

    - Blair finally knows how Dan feels about her (assuming she's been deaf and blind the entire season)

    - Their clothes looked amazing! Serena's dress was so pretty and don't get me started on how pretty Leighton looked

    - Georgina is pretending to be GG, that'll lead to some interesting episodes

    - Nate is interested in the real Charlie Rhodes!

    - Elizabeth Hurley still hasn't told us how she knows Bart Bass

    All in all, it looks like GG still has some interesting drama to offer us and I'll be tuning in to watch!