Gossip Girl

Season 6 Episode 1

Gone Maybe Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2012 on The CW

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    (Spoilers ahead).

    I have to say, after the debacle season 5 quickly turned into, I forgot what a good episode of Gossip Girl is like. The season 6 premiere reminded me, and gave me hope for the remaining nine episodes.

    First off, this episode was hysterical! When it wants to, gossip girl can be really funny, and this episode had a lot of great lines. A couple good ones were:

    Georgina: There's something about mental hospitals that really get me going."

    Dan: "Well, thats; because you;re insane."

    Blair: (When describing Serena to a maid) "Blonde. Legs for days. Effortless charisma that someone much less secure than myself might find threatening."

    Georgina: And I"M the weird one?"

    Prettymuch everything Blair says during the wedding is hysterical. But to back up, this episode does something gossip girl does not do very often in a premiere, which is pick up where the finale left off. This is something they needed to do, because season 5 ended with Blair telling Chuck she;ll fight for him, Dan recruiting Georgina to write scathing things about his friends, and Serena doing drugs on a train while a drug dealer climbs her like a jungle gym. And Nate doing something no one cares about. That night ended with Blair and Chuck hooking up multiple times, Dan and Georgina in Italy, and Serena passed out in the train with a bloody nose.

    Flash forward four months and no one has seen hide nor hair of the buxom blonde in months, and at first, no one seems to care. Lily has just returned from somewhere with Bart and thinks it just a little odd she hasn;t heard from her only daughter in months. She asks Nate who asks Blair who isn;t with Chuck because they have decided that they can;t be together unless they;re both ridiculously powerful. This seemed dumb because it;s like Chuck and Blair are going to end up together. We know they;re going to end up together. If you;re a Dair fan or someone who actually wanted her to work it out with Louis that is too gosh darn bad because the writers have made it very clear that Chuck and Blair are going to end up together. But of course they can;t just let Chuck and Blair be together and happy for these previous remaining episodes, no they have to keep up the same stupid dance they;ve essentially been doing for two years.

    Anyway, this episode was great because everyone was together. Chuck, Blair and Nate all in the limo was precious, and them running into Georgina and Dan was priceless. I was glad to see that Blair still cared for her best friend and wanted to make sure she was okay. Dan is still intent on being a huge jerk and hopefully that will dawn on him soon or women will keep slapping him.

    The wedding scene was nothing short of perfection, especially when it turned out not to be Serena (or Sabrina;s) wedding, but of two gay fellows.

    And since being revived in a train, Serena has taken the name Sabrina and essentially done what Chuck did two years ago; change her name, develop her background a little more, and become someone she felt was worthy of living the life she had. She also reminded Blair and Dan they each told her to get out of their lives, so that;s what she did and adds she guesses Chuck or Nate could care less about her because neither of their hands were what brought them there.

    Blair;s apology to Serena felt especially heartfelt, because humility is not an outfit Blair Waldorf dons very often, but admitting she was at fault this time was big. Serena appreciated that, but told Blair she didn't want to be stuck being her best friend and wanted a fresh start. Not gonna lie, it broke my heart a little bit that Serena and Blair didn;t become besties again right away, but I hope that now that Serena is back in the city, she and Blair will find a way to become friends again, because as gossip girl said, Serena is the other kind of love of Blair;s life, one who she has never been without until now.

    Other than that, Nate is flirting with a girl doing a story at his newspaper who next week we learn is in high school (honestly I;m surpised they haven;t thrown that one at Nate yet there;s only so many older broads he can sleep with) and Lily asks Rufus for help finding Serena and finds Ivy is living with him. She is also in cahoots with Lola to trick Rufus into something, it;s not clear as to what. However, her and Rufus at the end was as icky as imagined, and Dan had the perfect reaction of tiptoeing back out and recoiling.

    While not everything in this episode solved everything, it was a very good start. Because there are only ten episodes left, they are sure to give us closure (note Blair kissing the Chuck ring which she wears around her neck now) and everything will be so,ved.

    The only end I don't care how it is tied up is who gossip girl actually is. I'm not hoping it actually isn;t anybody we know because who among them would want to cause people they love that much pain? Hopefully Kristen Bell will appear in the last episode (as Veronica Mars? Haha we can dream!)

    Also, Jenny and Eric were both mentioned! That;s my wish that we see them each at least once more.