Gossip Girl

Season 6 Episode 1

Gone Maybe Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2012 on The CW

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  • Going out with a bang?

    Wow. I forgot why I watched this show until this episode. It's been a long wait filled with princes and pre-nups, but Gossip Girl is finally back!

    The episode kicked off with events right after the finale. We got some Blair/Chuck action, as well as a Serena OD and some Dan/Georgina lightheartedness to top it all off. And then the real fun began.

    The episode flashed to the present day, and it was somewhat remniscient of what must have happened before the show began. Serena, having slept with Blair's boyfriend (even if they were about to break up), fled town and lost touch with everyone. Except this time, it's the rest of the gang who have to track S down, instead of her returning.

    I can't really blame Serena for wanting to start over again. She has now officially hit bottom, and is trying to put her life back on track, much like when she first returned in season 1. As much as I dislike the character of Serena, I'm a bit intrigued to see where her storyline goes.

    Blair and Chuck spent the summer apart. I was a little confused at first, seeing them with different 'signifcant others' but the pact explained it. I'm not too sure if Dan wasn't on to something when he said it's just an excuse. But the fact remains that this is the final season, and there's no way they'll leave the show with them apart. That, and the limo scene was fantastic. As a show-long Chair fan, I can't wait for them to finally get to be together.

    Georgina was a source of comedy throughout. She is so ridculous that everything she does is comedic. I really want her to find the sex tape, though. That will be fun.

    Dan wasn't a particularly memorable character for me this time.

    What I DO remember is Rufus/Ivy. Gross. On so many levels. Poor Rufus, he just can't catch a break. I hope he and Lily don't end up together at the end of this, because he deserves much better than her.

    So, to kick of the final stretch of GG, we got some storylines with some really good potential. I can't wait to see where they go. What is Ivy's endgame? What does Bart think Amira knows? And, the question everyone has been wanting answered since season 1: who is Gossip Girl?
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