Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 15

Gone with the Will

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2009 on The CW

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    I said the last episode was a sign of improvement, but this episode was just a step in the entirely wrong direction. The Dan & Serena relationship has become so tired, and even though the whole "sharing a sibling" thing was scandalous, I just could not stand the story line.

    The final scene really saved the entire episode what with Blair rejecting Chuck, and the whole Van Der Woodsen/Humphrey clan coming together, but the episode overall was quite a disappointment.

    The characters are just not likable, at least not nearly as likable as how they were before. Any charm this show had when it started is now gone. The story lines are contrived, and it's just almost unbearable sometimes. I'm only sticking around for the return of Georgina but if this show doesn't pick up by then, I'm done with it.
  • As for the title..better said Gone with the Wind!!

    What can I say about this episode it was kind of strange, complicated, and nerve wrecking episode. During the whole episode I felt so sad and miserable for the characters, especially for Chuck who once again proved he keeps being the same disoriented guy and will definitely go down hill without Blair's support. As for Dan and Serena to go through the same conflicts again was painful to watch, but thank God at the end it seemed like they survived it in most mature and positive way for the first time. Now as for Lily and Rufus I definitely don't like them as a couple, the whole parents and kids together makes it kind of odd, but lets see how it works out. As for the missing kid even if they were falsely told I know they'll bring it up later on the show, that's definitely gone catch up eventually. Hope everything works out for all of them and we get a better episode next time. xoxo
  • Wasn't the best episode, but was still great to watch.

    I loved all the drama. I so called that the dad was lying about the kid being dead, and I can't wait to see where that goes. I was so happy to see serina's mom hook up with rufus. They are a good couple. I can't believe that chucks uncle mess up his life like that and he deserves blair being mad at him. He really screwed her over when she has stayed by him through everything. I can't wait to see if chucks fights back out gives up and goes about his chuck ways. I think that this season is just getting good and I can't wait to see where it goes.
  • the reading of the will. the break up of Blair and Chuck. And the issues of Serena and Dan. -fabulous episode!!!!!

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    As much as I don't like Jack, I like Desmond Harrington and the dialogues between Jack and regular characters, especially Chuck. Some lines are pretty funny, others pretty classy. I can't say that I like this episode, although it wasn't a total waste of time. Why we see Chace Crawford lesser and lesser? I kinda miss his character (oops! I kinda have already forgot his name. wait.. remembered!) Nate. Why Serena and Dan need to be so boring. If I could, I skip a lot of episode with them. Hmmm.. what da hell happened between Chuck and Blair. I can't really figure it out. On one hand we assume that she had some date with Jack on NY (maybe even more than once), on other hand she's keeping to run after Chuck and then to push away him like in the beginning of this season. I can't understand if these two things are related, I mean Jack and Chuck. As a matter of fact I think that Jack is one clever jackass and maybe in different conditions I would accept that, but knowing that he's screwing Chuck, it's unacceptable for me. And how long will Chuck be in such a pain because of his father? Hey guys, it's becoming kinda boring for us, at least for me. Waiting for next Monday.
  • Getting better, but still not great yet.

    I really hope this adopted son storyline is over. It's not necessary as 90210 was just running the exact same thing, and I think Gossip Girl has superior writing and acting to that program.

    There were some moments of brilliance here and Jack Bass actually had some really good lines (Well, you told me that the Thai waitress I was gonna bring home had a penis so we're even) but it's just not the same breakout show that it was last year. The Blair and Chuck scenes were good, but I really detest the Girls of the Steps. They're just very annoying and the exaggerated high school personalities take away from the true concept of this show.

    As I've said time and time again Nate is just a completely useless character. As evidenced here he brings nothing to the table. But this was still better than some of the show's recent efforts, so that is a positive.
  • Suckiness Personified in this episode.

    Ok so this by no means the worst.episode.ever. per fat comic book guy, but it was pretty darn awful. I consider myself a mellow kind of girl, but this crap fest made me want to throw things at my computer. It was really quite infuriating in places. Jack Bass really is a bastard. He needs to get off my screen now before I start writing hateful poems.

    I hated the way Chuck and Blair were written in this episode, it was somewhere between out of character contriviness and in character weakness. I found them acting so odd together. I did not like Blair's dress that she was stood up in -- it's boobs or legs Blair, not both. She's obviously been raiding Serena's wardrobe. I feel bad for Blake she's got an amazing figure (shame about her face... oh I'm joking) but they dress her like a hooker on this show. When Chuck starts making fun of your attire you need to start worrying. Speaking of attire. Why does Chuck wear so much purple? THAT will keep philosophers busy for centuries... I'm pretty sure the meaning of life is hidden in that question somewhere too.

    Anyways enough irrelevant diversions and back to complaining, in 3... 2.. 1. I did not find Blair sympathetic at all this episode, nor Chuck for that matter. But he wasn't annoying me like Blair was and the cute face he was pulling at the end there was sweet. But yes Blair was like a whining, wife type Blair impostor! She was acting like a Blair-Nate. Blair-Nate's being slightly stupid pretty people who run around pretending everything is fine whilst the everything is actually going **** up. Leaving my oh-so eloquent analogy aside basically, she was acting like she did with Nate here. I did not like that. This episode felt like Hi, Society where I just wanted to shake and slap everyone into having some common sense. I was happy to see Nate back but he screwed up when he said that Dan was his real friend and that Vanessa and his anniversary trumped his BEST FRIEND'S business party -- I may have missed pretty Nate's blank face but he really is useless. I want him to hang out with Chuck... and Dan needs to interact with Chuck again. You know what? The men should soo get it on on this show, if GG were on another network (a private one or in my dreams) it could happen. Ah that would be good. Chuck and Dan have chemistry up the wazoo, Dan is really gay around him and Penn tends to wake up a little during CD scenes. He looks like someone slapped him with a wet fish and now he's very confused -- as opposed to a coffeed up judgemental pretentious writer -- oh yes, pretension shows on your face my friends (you get that piece of priceless wisdom for free). And why am I talking about male on male hook ups? Well this episode was so freaking awful and dull I need something to distract myself with baaah!

    And what happened to that scene between Chuck and Uncle Jackarse? Where he told him that Blair and he got up to naughty things or whatever? I hope we find out what happened there and it's not just something that's brushed under the carpet, like some other things on this show. I didn't like how Blair was interacting with Jack... it was weird and creepy. We all know you're not a woman until you've been hit on by someone's pervy uncle, but Blair you do not reciprocate!

    Serena and Dan? I don't care.

    Love child? I don't care.

    Rufus and Lily? I don't care... and ew.

    Oh Vanessa is still alive? I don't care.

    I liked the mean girls showing up again, and please give Hazel more lines! She's so funny. I liked that Chuck had the Union Jack on his cufflinks, a reference to Ed's Englishness. I like Jenny now! She's way more fun when she's acting her age and hanging out with Eric. Now let's wrap this crap up. Hazel wins at life, Chuck has many cute kicked puppy faces yet to come, Serena finally dresses appropriately, and Blair made me want to hurt kittens like just about everything else in this episode. But what about next week? Will Blair ever freaking reunite with Chuck for more than 10 seconds? Will Serena continue to bonk her Humphrey despite already sharing a half Humphrey? Will Uncle Jack give Blair gonorrhea? And the question we're all asking ourseleves, why does Chuck wear so much purple? For the answer to all these questions and potentially none at all tune in next week. xoxo.
  • Chuck is still on the downward spiral, Blair stays strong, Serena and Dan go through trying times.

    This season of Gossip Girl has been great and this episode is one of the good ones. The scenes with Chuck were really great, Ed Westwick is acting his socks off at the moment. And Blair goes from strength to strength, maturing as the season goes on. Dan and Serena had a tough time but seemed to weather the storm and cope well. Jenny had a lot less of the story this week though there were a few nice moments with Erik. The final scene where Dan, Serena, Jenny and Erik were relaxing at the kitchen table was really nice. Rufus and Lily's story is also progressing nicely and although the adoptive parents lied to them I am sure they will eventually meet up with the half-brother at some point.
  • It was AMAZING. The plot twist of the half brother being still alive was great. Uncle Jack giving Chuck enough rope to hang himself was painful to watch, but so needed to make things interesting. Thank Goodness for no Blair/Jack affair.

    Uncle Jack Bass - He is a shark in his own way. He took control of Bass Industries, Chuck, and ruined Chuck's relationship with Blair. I would hate to see him leave.

    Chuck - I have no sympathy for the character. He did everything on his own. He cannot blame anyone, but himself for his stupidity. Ed was great. Blair - Amazing. Her facial expressions and the way that she said "wife" proved that she is not blinded for love. She is so strong compared to Serena's wishy washy ways. Chuck definitely has to grovel. Dan - ok

    Eric/Jenny - so cute
    Nate/Vanessa - less annoying. They should be off the show. They don't seem to make a big difference in the storylines. They are extras. Lily/Rufus - so wishy washy

    Even if the 1/2 brother is alive doesn't mean that they cannot date (Dan/Serena). There is no common DNA. The scene at the end of the episode with the 4 kids were absolutely icing on the cake.