Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 6

I Am Number Nine

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Dan's book makes it to number nine on the bestseller's list and he's enjoying it's success thoroughly.

Chuck is dating the shrink who knows Louis. Turns out Louis's family is paying off the therapist's father's debts in order to keep Chuck away from Blair. Chuck gives the ring he bought for Blair to the therapist and asks her to give it to charity. Meanwhile, Blair is rounding up some Upper Manhattanites as bridesmaids for her wedding. They're all jockeying for a spot and participate in a Run Bridesmaids Run event Blair puts on.

Diana is throwing a party and wants Serena to come and write a blog post about it for her. Meanwhile, Serena is still trying to convince Dan the movie rights should go to her. She continually promises him she'll protect the integrity of the story, but her boss has no such intention. She wants to portray Dan as a pathetic social climber, which worries Serena.

When the therapist requests Louis meet her in the, Chuck is spying and finds out they're in cahoots. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that the therapist is telling Louis she wants out of their financial arrangement because she wants to see Chuck heal.

At the party, Nate brings Charlie/Ivy to make Diana jealous. It doesn't really work, but they do kiss, and it does land Charlie/Ivy a bridesmaid's position in Blair's wedding. Chuck announces to everyone at the party Louis's conspiracy with the therapist. Later, she tells Chuck that she believes in him and gives him the ring back.

Louis finds the paternity test and learns that he is undoubtedly the father of Blair's child. He talks to the mother-to-be and Blair assures him she isn't into Chuck and that he isn't good for her. But is the prince good for her?

Liz tries to convince Serena that she can go up against Gossip Girl by posting to her blog, which could further her takeover of the Upper Manhattanites. She also pronounces her feelings for Nate on the blog.

Chuck goes to Blair and admits he loves her and wishes he had done everything differently so that he could still be with her. It's too little too late. Giving up, he returns the ring to the store. But Louis's off on a trip and that leaves a lot of opportunity for Chuck and Blair to get into trouble.

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