Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 14

In The Realm of the Basses

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2009 on The CW

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  • Probably the worst episode of the season.

    Man, Gossip Girl's 2009 return was a massive disappointment. I've tried to be open-minded but I just cannot get into any of these current storylines. Dan/Serena 3.0 happened way too early (although there really was no other alternative with the awful Aaron in the picture) and the Lily/Rufus storyline just doesn't appeal to me at all.

    This new, darker Chuck is really bizarre and is killing a character a lot of people liked. Jack Bass played by Desmond Harrington (Dexter) is another unnecessary character, much like the "Girls on the Steps". Seriously, how childish was that whole feud with them against Jenny? Outside of some funny Blair lines this episode was just poorly written, poorly acted and not exciting in the least.
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    Gossip Girl really surprised me with this episode, it slowly but surely is getting better. Still not near as good as last season, but it still is a tolerable show and I liked some story lines here.

    The whole "illegitimate child" thing was a bit unexpected but the story line itself has already been done by 90210, interested to see if Gossip Girl can "do it better" but this story line was a little out of the blue.

    The Chuck & Blair scenes really saved the episode as a whole. I just hope things return to form with them and Chuck becomes his old-self again. The scene on the roof was quite powerful, I liked it.

    Dan & Serena back together... again? I am rooting for this couple but it seems like they were pushed together too early in the series. The Jenny story line wasn't awful, no matter how pointless it was, it still was entertaining. Overall, solid installment.
  • Serena returns minus a boyfriend soon replaced by Dan. Dan finds out he and Serena share a long lost sibling. Blair tries to sober Chuck up while attempting to get into an elite club at Yale. And Jenny fights back against the mean girls of Constance.

    Overall, a good episode full of secrets being revealed and new ones to wonder about. No Nate and Vanessa in this episode, not that it makes much of a difference. The rest of the storylines are pretty average as well as the acting. With the exception of Blair and Chuck, who have some truly touching scenes that will bring a tear to your eye. Blair attempts to keep herself together for her meeting with a prestigious women's club at Yale as Chuck returns even more of a mess than before he left. Ed Westwick continues to make the audience both hate him for his cruelty to Blair and love him as he reveals his true pain over his father's death. Leighton Meester does a fantastic job making Blair seem extremely fragile after telling Chuck she loved him in the last episode while still trying to keep hold of her trademark confident attitude.
    Blair and Chuck make the episode ten times better with top notch acting. This show is so much more because of these actors.
  • A really good start to the second half of the season.

    Blair and Chuck's relationship was at the forefront of this episode. The Uncle Jack character was included to spice things up. I'm not sure if he was mentioned before or if he has just now conveniently appeared. Serena and Dan got back together briefly but once Dan found out about Lily and Rufus' love-child that came crashing to a halt. Jenny's return to school worked really well and I was glad to see her standing up to the bullies even if Nelly didn't really appreciate it. Altogether this was a good solid start to the second half of the season.
  • a good start.

    This was a good episode. I don't think it was amazing, but it was better than average. I can't wait to see what happens with chuck and his pervert uncle. I feel so sorry for B. I can't believe that everyone one knows about the kid except S, I wonder how she is going to react to the news. I hope the new boy is hot, oh or maybe it's turns out to be someone we already know. I like S and dan together, but the old boy was hot I'm going to miss him I hope he isn't gone for good.
  • dan learns about what happenedbetween lilly and rufus. blair tries to get through to chuck and jenny finds herself in the role as the school bully

    loved it!!! continuing on the path that the show was on before christmas, the writers gave us another great installment. great writing great story and great acting is what makes this show the best on the cw at the moment.

    chuck is breaking my heart. his downward spiral... im not a fan, but hopefully he will get all of this sillyness out of his system and with the help of blair he will be fine.

    dan and serena: why should a common sibling be a break up factor for these two? i honestly dont see the problem. its not like they are siblings. and this person isnt even a part of their lives... and the fact that they have a common sibling doesnt make them siblings. i dont see the issue(other than its been kept a secret for so long)

    jenny and eric: loved it, i dont know what izzi, penelope and hazels problem is with jenny. if blair doesnt care, then why should these girls? and i thought that by making a fool out of vanessa, (and jenny making all of their dresses) things would be fine, but i guess these girls have issues.

    where on earth was nate? think that was my only issue with the episode!
  • As the new semester starts, relationships rekindle, Dan and Serena, Lily and Rufus, Jenny and Queen status, even Blair and Chuck. We meet Jack Bass, Chuck's smooth talking uncle. Meanwhile Lily's secret begins to surface, so does Blair's.

    Well it only took three hours for Serena to dump Aaron, not three hours after landing, but three hours after take off. She spent her time in South America dancing with older men, a little questionable. She returned fresh for the first day back, fresh like she made it from JFK just in time. Just in time to make up with Dan.

    Blair meanwhile spent the month trying to get into an upper crust social club. This was like a little weird, Blair is almost 18 and wants to join a social club. Once again she is filling her life with odd things to distract from her shambling attraction to Chuck.

    Now Chuck spent his time off in Thailand, in a hut, smoking who knows what, with who knows who. Then he was dragged back by his Uncle Jack Bass, the coolest character on the show thus far. When he did show up at school he was caught smoking hash, because it clears your head better. The best scene came when Uncle Jack and Blair came to Chuck's defense with Headmistress Queller, and we all sensed the tension between Jack and Blair.

    Rufus and Lily the drama never ends, so Rufus left Lily for to go searching for his long lost child, with basically nothing to go on except for the city of Boston. The hostility continues to the entire van der Woodson clan, which to me is uncool, and immature. Surprisingly by the end the two reconciled and set off to find the offspring they gave up. So far only 5 living people know, Rufus, Lily, Celia, Chuck, and Dan, also I guess Bart's P.I. and eventually 3 more will learn this Jenny, Eric, and Serena. So this will crush Serena and Dan, ruin Jenny's new social standing, and I am guessing Blair will find out too. So well I can't wait.

    On the Blair Chuck front, I think they are back on for a full blown relationship, oh no wait she slept with Uncle Jack.

    Also, where was Nate? Vanessa was accounted for by being at her folks in Vermont or somewhere. Seriously everyone else attended the first day of the new semester, why not Nate.
  • Chuck returns, intoxicated as ever. Blair tries to get into a selective club, Serena and Dan rekindle, Rufus gets angry, and Jenny returns to high school, wanting to skip the drama.

    As a Gossip Girl lover, some of this years episodes have disappointed me, as season 1 was insanely epic. But this has restored my faith. First off, Chuck and Blair are my all time favourite couple in all of tv land. How she can just speak to him and understand him and talk to him and convince him to stop. When she says, don't do this to me, I don't care if you do this to yourself, just dont do this to me. That was amazing and I loved it to death!
  • ...

    this was the closest possible classification, which I found to describe this episode. Hmm.. it wasn't one of my favorite episode, but nevertheless I put 10, because I kinda like. There was some development, but not as big as I would like. In fact, this episode fulfilled only a part of my expectations. I'd really like to a little more about what the eff Chuck was doing in Bangkok, or at least how he got there, because these 3 seconds of dragging on an unknown drug, probably hash, wasn't anything special. Yeah, as I said I wanted to see more!!! Actually why this was the first time we see Jack. If he's so close relative, why he wasn't on Bart and Lily's wedding day? At least Eric do know him that mean Jack has already been there, but kinda off-screen, everybody [except us!!!] knows him. Sounds strange. Returning to character development, I hope it's understandable that I mean Chuck and Blair, especially if we compare them with C&B of the beginning of season 1 and now. They're totally different people now. If Serena and Dan are siblings that mean they won't be together anymore??? If so, I can say only one word - Yupiii!!! Hate me or love me, but I don't like them together and I kinda don't have any sympathy for Dan.
  • Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's Chuck Bass teetering on the edge of his sanity.

    Why are the episode scores so low? It annoys me that people who don't watch this show/hate it rate it like '2' every episode. It's really sad and pathetic Don't you have something better to do? I mean it's as bad as those people who give every episode a 10! Now I gave this episode 10 because I thoroughly believed it deserved it, and I've only ever rated around three or four episodes of GG a perfect 10. I'd like to think I'm fair, heh.

    Anyways, enough about that BS. I'll just repost what I wrote in the forum (sort of)... So ok, wow that was a great episode! Who wrote that? Hardly any contrivance, no frizzy dumbarse Vanessa no fug faced Nate. Whoo! Paartay. It felt kind of like a pre-strike season one episode, especially the start where they're all walking to school etc. I really did not miss Nate and Vanessa one jot. Even though I adore Nate he really is somewhat superfluous at the moment -- give him a decent storyline writers! He's too blank and pretty to be left out of episodes... I'd rather Dan disappear more often than Natey. BTW Penn Bagley or however the feck you spell his second name, totally dissed his role on Gossip Girl recently. He said Dan basically sucks and he can (rather arrogantly) play Danny boy with his eyes closed his hands tied behind his back and his balls in an steadily closing iron vice. Well I'd like to see that.

    Jack Bass you wanker! I kind of hate him already which is ironic since I was convinced I wouldn't. He is hot though... I have a thing for older men. Do Not Judge ME! I'll get that final scene out the way now -- while I was watching this episode I had this nasty realisation that Blair and Jack were acting like they'd been intimate or "familiar". It seems my fears were at least founded with that last scene! I'm not angry with the writers like some fans are I mean just take a look at the sheer vitriol flailing around on Fanforumz. They're proper bricking it over this latest OMFG development. I have to support Blair 100% if she screwed teh sexy old guy, coz seriously. He's hot and a Bass, hot Bass men are irresistible to anyone with a vagina as we fangurls well know by now. Also the double standard for people who can forgive Chuckles for screwing his way through every prostitute in the East, why can Blair not be forgiven? Oh I remember it's because she's a woman. I really hope people don't take her to cleaners over this if she has indulged in some depressing naughtiness. I think it's a potentially interesting storyline! Don't hate me!

    Serious speculation time: I do think Blair probably slept with Jack. Although I think maybe that this was all part of his master plan to get the company from Chuck. It's unlikely that Jack came to his nephews rescue without doing some thorough research before hand -- I suspect he could well have honed in on Blair as Chuck's kryptonite. He could well have seduced her at vulnerable time without her knowing who he was. Last names may not have been part of the deal if it was a new years thang; but yeah, new years is evil. Another theory I loathed with every fibre of my being was that Blair shagged him to get Jackarse to help her find poor drug induced Chuckles -- whole I hated this idea initially I believe the story has potential, and i would love it since it's entirely in character and fraked up.

    I think Jack catching Blair purging would be a bit random and why would that be any kind of leverage? I just don't get it. I would be a little disappointed if Blair and Jack didn't sleep together (well not disappointed as such) but I would feel like this hinting was all a big waste of time of it wasn't something OMFG. I mean the story could turn out to be quite interesting and its ramifications -- I don't believe it's out of character one jot for Blair as long as she didn't know it was Chuck's uncle. I do think Chuck would take it badly, but he has a right to it is his uncle for goodness sake. I think he would care less if it were a random, but anyway I'm getting ahead of myself! Blah.

    When Jack said 'nephew of mine' I had a brief Doctor Who flashback. You know what I'm talking about you saddos who watch Doctor Who! ;)

    Now, it hardly needs saying but I loved Chuck and Blair separately and together as always. Ed's acting was superb in that rooftop scene and the meta allusion to his rapiness in the Pilot was fun ('Chuck loves rooftops!'. I cried three times during this episode mainly due to Leighton Meester who also owned this episode... the finale scene made me whimper slight tears: 'he can never know!'.

    Also loved the mean girls reappearing after quite a notable absence this season. Nelly Yuki! Dorota! ERIC! WIN! I loved Eric so much he really needs to be made a regular cast member, but they should fire Vanessa first.

    Quite liked Dan and Serena. Maybe the hiatus has caused some kind of short term insanity but I found them sweet for the first time in well, forever. I also enjoyed Dan's scene with Chuck! Always a pleasure Humphrey. That first scene with Serena dancing was funny and made me think of joyful Serena from season one -- but what was up with her attitude towards Chuck? I found it rich coming from her that Blair should not abandon him, because he has no family or brothers or sisters. Way to abandon him yourself there S.

    Sooo, in conclusion. Dan is ok for now, Rufus is a douche as always, Serena is a dumb blonde (some things never change), Blair is awesome (some things never change), Chuck likes prostitutes but who doesn't? And Jenny needs to get her roots done. Till next week gentle viewers xoxo.
  • In The Realm of the Basses

    I can absolutely say "Happy New Year" with this episode. It was quite a welcome back for Gossip Girl. Secrets keep popping up and the series keeps getting exciter and exciter on every upcoming episode. This episode is packed with excitement, drama is leveled up show perfectly and everyone's feelings are put on the test such as Blair and Chuck and ending with Lily and Rufus leaving to look up for their son. I just hope this brother coming isn't already somebody we know, because that's really going to twist up the whole show. I can honestly say this is exactly why I watch this show, can't wait to see what's coming up, but just with this episode I can guess the Uncle Jack is going to be our new bad guy. Xoxo
  • I absolutely love tonight's episode, especially Blair and Chuck.

    They should have not made Eric gay He and Jenny are so cute together. Their storyline was cute. The writers did a wonderful job with Blair and Chuck. The actors did a great job. They are definitely the foundation/couple of the show. It is the new year and everyone has secrets. I hope that Blair doesn't hook up with Bart Bass to save Chuck. Serena and Dan should not have hooked up again. I am happy that there were no Nate and Vanessa. I don't even think that they should be series regulars. I prefer Cyrus and Blair's mom. They got rid of Aaron Rose.