Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 19

It Girl, Interrupted

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2012 on The CW

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  • No matter what, in the end, nothing ever really goes right for Serena. Why is that?

    Serena is this absolutely beautiful woman, who is kind and caring, good to her friends (I mean when she isn't being Gossip Girl and outing their secrets), so why does she always end up with nothing at the end of every episode? the only guy she ever really loved is in love with her best friend, her family is in the midst of dealing with the Ivy nonsense, and now her "It Girl" persona is being called into question by the arrival of Lola (which Serena actually orchestrated). I have always flip-flopped between Serena and Blair being my favorite girl on the show, and as much as I love Blair Waldorf, right now, its Serena for me all the way!!! It is making me really mad to watch her try and fail time after time to be happy. And I know that the GG bomb is going to blow sooner or later and poor Serena will be on the outs yet again.

    What is the deal with Dan's hair? It grosses me out to the point where I like his character less and less. Well, maybe that is because, no matter what, Chuck Bass will forever be my favorite character on this show!!! And, I don't think that Dan should be with Blair. I see why they are compatible and why he would feel the way he does for her, but what is she thinking? As critical a person as she is, she lets him go out with that hair? I really cannot get past it... She is destined to be with Chuck and this dragging it out between the two (Chuck and Blair) has been going on since season one. Give it a rest already and just get them back together. Chuck has changed for the better and everyone is beginning to see it. But the reason he changed is because of Blair and she is the only one really having trouble seeing how genuine he is.

    Love Nate, don't like Lola so much. I know that she is sweet and not from their world, which gives her a sort of innocence, but honestly, I like Ivy better. And yeah, I mean if they kept Ivy on as herself and got rid of Lola. But who knows, maybe I will come around.

    I think that Rufus is being a big baby about all of this. I would like to see him try to live outside of the luxurious world that he has with Lily... Not going to happen.

    So, what is the deal? Is Diana Chuck's mom or what????