Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 12

It's A Wonderful Lie

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2008 on The CW

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  • It could have been better.

    This episode was a total bore for me. It is what you would call a filler episode. The whole Dan, and Serena subplot was horrible. That storyline was finally killed in this episode. I didn't like the bit about Jenny, Vanessa, and the mean girls. Anything to do Vanessa is boring really. Rufus and Lily were very predictable in this episode. When Lily calls Bart to tell him not to come to the dance made me cringe. The one upside to this episode was, of course, Chuck and Blair. Anything they do is entertaining. When it turned out the people they picked for each are exactly like themselves I laughed. Their love for each other is obvious to everyone. A good episode, but it could have been better.
  • 212

    I really couldn't believe what I was watching as I saw this dreadful episode. We all knew Gossip Girl was going downhill this season but this was just intolerable. All the story lines were so incredibly stupid and annoying.

    Everyone thought the Jenny scenes would have done and over but nope, they're still intact. The whole Nate/Jenny/Vanessa thing has never interested me and the fact that this was what the episode was all about really bothered me. Rufus & Lilly scenes continue to bore me week after week.

    Dan & Serena have problems regarding their current love interests. This has so been done before, and nothing really changed by the end. You'd think that the Blair & Chuck scenes would be a highlight but the whole "bet" was contrived and not believable. Just a disappointing installment.
  • Wow what an episode.

    This Gossip girl episode was indeed pivotal to future life on the upper east side and not to mention the ramification to those in brooklyn. Quite possible the worse secret ever was Bart is the one to die, however they left lots of room for speculation as it is quite literally just Lily saying Bart's been in an accident. The question that come to me and probably any fan is what kind of accident, what does this mean for Lily and Rufus (who confessed his regret for letting her marry him), what does this mean for th Bass empire and most specifically Chuck. It should be an interesting new year. I know I'll be watching. "xoxo"
  • Read my review before agreeing or disagreeing.

    I know shows like Gossip Girl get 9's or 10's on just about every episode and anything less, no matter how accurate, receives a plethora of thumbs down votes.

    This episode was acceptable to me, but the problem I have is that the show is reaching way too much this season. Vanessa would never fall into the traps of her Upper East Side stalwarts and Jenny, despite always being impressionable, would not stoop to something like this.

    The Rufus and Lily scenes just get more awkward week after week. It's clear that they do not know what to do with the two of them, but having them flip-flop their feelings toward each other is not the answer.

    The show has always required the viewer to suspend disbelief while watching, but now it has become almost impossible to believe the characters would behave this way.
  • Sweet.

    I plan to devote this review to the developments in the Chuck & Blair area because all the others have tired me. I mean, Serena, Dan, get together already and stop dancing around the issue. That "we're friends" thing really annoys me; they'll never be able to be friends. Jenny and Vanessa, ok, here's an example of the kind of friendship between girls that I hate. They betray each other, they dig each other's grave and then they feel bad about it! Please.
    Now. In C&B. This was a very sweet episode for them. There was lack of the usual lusty kisses or near sex scenes, and I'm glad for that. It seemed like they said "I love you" with everything they did. The way Chuck was interested in Blair's date list, their bet, Blair describing Chuck's dream girl and ending up describing herself, the fact that she wore his necklace, the dates they had picked ("I'm your one and only", "My thinking exactly"), their dance. Yes. It was a good episode for C&B.
  • Lots of relationships forming and reforming here.

    This episode of Gossip Girl may have been given the cold shoulder by other reviewers but I rather liked it. I, for one, don't find Lily and Rufus boring. I find them to be charming and I'm really hoping they will find happiness together. Yes, I think Chuck and Blair should stop shilly shallying and get together and actually I quite like Dan and Serena when they are together too. I loved the surreal conversation between Dan and Lexi about coffee that had been passed through asian civets. Jenny is also a character I enjoy watching and she nearly always comes back to the light when she's been in a dark place just as she did here with Vanessa. Of course I want to see what happens next after the Bart Bass cliffhanger this week and hope next week's episode brings all the storylines round to a satisfactory ending before the break.
  • Chuck and Blair make a bet to find each other the perfect date for the Snowflake Ball. Dan goes with Serena and Aaron, as Aaron's friend's date. Jenny tried to get back at Vanessa who is with Nate. Rufus and Lily bonded.

    Ok in season 2 of The O.C., they did an episode called The Sno.C., which was basically this episode.

    The epic couple that is Dan and Serena were beginning to realize that moving on is not as easy as they thought it was going to be, cue in the fact that Aaron's friend likes to sleep with guys on the first date. This of course led to an uncomfortable situation between the pair. Is it just impossible for these two to get over each other?

    Just like Ryan and Marrisa in season 2?

    Is there some reason that Chuck and Blair do not just give it a go? I am waiting for Dan or Rufus to be like, you two aren't dating?

    It just seems that they enjoy fighting the fact that they want to be together, now when their dopplegangers got together I was like "SEE!!" yet with what is in store for next week, I feel like we will be backtabling this for awhile.

    Jenny/Nate/Vanessa, I'm sorry but Jenny and Nate are a weird couple, and Nate and Vanessa have never really gotten their chance yet. That being said after Jenny and the wannabes tore Vanessa down she held her own and was comforted by a chivalrous Nate.

    I think all will agree with me that Lily and Rufus are on board for a little romance soon, I will agree that if I thought my husband/wife/whatever was spying on me, I would feel a bit betrayed too.

    The thing is I am getting tired of all the hinting, let's get these kids together or kill someone.
  • Jenny gets left alone bohooo, karma. Vanessa gets the guy, that's gonna end, very soon, surely. Chuck and Blair... Well, I just love them loving each other Serena and Dan, Aaron and his ex - complicated Lilly and Rufus and Bart - boring

    Well, it was nice. I must say I expect a little more because of the preview.
    I'm rooting for C and B that's why, and I wanted a little more... What can I say I forget my sarcasm for a couple of seconds when I watch them, I'm really a softy at heart after all...
    About the others I want Little J to be with N but I guess he has to be with V first for him to be coming back to J later.
    S and D well, that was interesting I guess, they are more boring when they are together so... Keep it up, "distance makes the heart grow fonder" or something :)
    The clothes, Gooooooood LOVE the clothes, S's dress on the Snowflake party, B's everything, always... And C, well, I'm still looking for a him in real life.

    All in all not the best but surely one of the better episodes...
  • Uneventful but Important.

    This episode basically rounded off most of the storylines. Vanessa and Nate finally get together for good, Jenny pulls a stunt to get back at Vanessa for stealing her man, I hate the way they keep pulling Jenny back down to that level, shes the best damned character in the thing and she deserves some signicance instead of constantly flirting with the line between good and bad. They need to give a bigger meaning to Jenny, have her save someones life, have her turn lesbian (That would be soooo good lol.) Just make her character grow up, I love Taylor Momsen so let's send her character right to the top of everyones hearts, Josh is an amazing and talented writer I know he can make it happen.

    As for the ending, I am quite excited about Barts accident.
  • This is a filler episode. Nothing new has developed. The only interesting part was Aaron's ex-girlfriend, Lexie. I cannot stand Aaron. The actor has no talent and is not that cute.

    The theme of on again/off again love affairs should end. It is getting boring. Serena/Dan get over each other. You can tell that they really have chemistry due to their real life relationship. Nate/Vanessa have absolutely no chemistry at all. Jenny is way too underage to be hooking up with Nate. Blair/Chuck are getting repetitive. Rufus/Lily are old enough to not act like their kids. I am hoping that Bart's death will add dimensions to the characters. Right now, the show is so boring. Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass should have some character developments soon. It is such a waste of the actor's talents. I don't like Serena/Blake Lively. She doesn't act naturally. I do really like Leighton Meister. I just want to see if there are other angles to her character besides being a queen B.
  • Not what I expected.

    Jenny is back home. Vanessa has gone boy crazy. Aaron's ex comes to town and is known for giving it all on the first date. Lily and Bart take a break and she finally considers lighting her old flame with Rufus... and Blair and Chuck set themselves up with each other. I must admit that Chuck imitation made me laugh, he certainly had the voice down as well as the attitude. Those Blair and Chuck imitations though, needed to get a room, they had their tongues stuck down each others throats for the entire night. That really annoyed me and the entire Blair and Chuck charade is getting really old, I'm tired of them going back and forth... "I want you".. back and forth... "Let's wait". The dancing between them needs to stop! I am going to be frank, there wasn't any real story line that stood out for me. Vanessa transformed into this lovey-dovey, jealous person that I've grown to dislike very strongly. First she steels the letter Nate wrote to Jenny (Which I frankly thought was absurd though), then she makes out with him in what was considered 'Gossip Girl' territory and to top it all off slams Jenny for making out with him first, then breaks it of with him at the party. Okay, if she was just going to break up with Nate, why did she get all dressed up and broke the news to him in a party non-the-less. That was probably a sloppy note on the writers end, the only way Vanessa could be publicly humiliated was if she showed up at a public place. That entire plot line was a joke. I'm not defending Jenny, but at least she has an excuse for acting immature, her age agrees with it. Nate just blanks Jenny because she didn't reply to his letter, how many people reads letters these days, hello Nate you could have tried texting her or calling, that would have been great, at least the message would have been received. Letters could easily get lost... in the mail. That entire scene was messed up, Vanessa saying that she hadn't felt that way about anyone... I had no idea what she was talking about, what she spent a few precious moments with him and already she's in love? I just don't buy it. Okay we've established it, Vanessa and Nate are not my favorite couple.

    I really do not like Aaron, I'm still hanging on the line he delivered last episode "I'm a one woman man now". What changed? Aaron doesn't strike me as a serious character. I keep waiting for the ball to drop when he's with Serena. Dan and Serena are too lovey-dovey as well. I've moved on from the two of them a long time ago, maybe they should do the same. Not that I like who they are with, they just don't do good together. Quite frankly I don't think they should even be friends... what's the point?

    For weeks on end they've been going on about Lily's past and her feelings for Rufus, her love-less marriage with Bart. She heads back to Rufus and then... yes something happens that makes her realize that she has to sacrifice her feelings for Rufus and go to someone she doesn't love. That was okay in the beginning, now I'm getting tired of it. I thought Rufus had a girlfriend, where did she disappear to? I'm telling you, if this couple doesn't tie up loose ends by the end of this season I would be truly disappointed with the show altogether.

    What is up with those two girls always getting up in peoples' faces saying how better they are than everybody. I loved Vanessa's line "Blair wannabes" that definitely gives them a good description. They are beginning to be too annoying, someone should just slap them... maybe Jenny?

    This show needs some fine tuning. there are many couples that are either not a good match in my book, or is just getting to old for me to put up with. Gossip Girl set high standards for itself and I know it could be a lot better.


    Two out of Four stars

  • The episode was good, and it is leading to so much more.

    I cant believe that Nate didn't pick jenny, I understand because of the way she acted, but she is by far the cutest girl. I can't wait to see what happens with Serina and her new hot boy. I wish Blair and Chuck would just get together already, I am so over the back and forth stuff with them. I cant believe the Chucks dad was the one to get in to an accident I thought that he was going to do something to cause someone to get in an accident not be the one in one. I wonder if he is going to live or if this will make lily stay..