Gossip Girl

Season 6 Episode 8

It's Really Complicated

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2012 on The CW

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  • I'm glad

    Hate to be a broken record but I really thought the Dan and Blair story was one of the best portrayals of desperate love from a hopeless romantic in recent TV. Like them or not, you have to admit that at the very least it was positively compelling!

    Anyway, if the writers are really gonna make Dan and Blair go sour and remain like that, the last thing I want to see is Dan and Serena.. Again! Almost every bad thing that's happened has been her fault - directly or indirectly. What Dan needs to do now is focus on taking her down and getting what he's rightfully earned... as sad as that may be.

    I honestly thought a happier ending would have been lonely boy getting the rich, powerful go-getter (Blair) and them teaming up to take down the witless wench (Serena). That said, I don't actually think this episode was a perfect 10. I'd give it a 9 at best.

    Disclaimer: sorry, I don't normally "ship" this intensely. I can't help it here!