Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 4

Memoirs of an Invisible Dan

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2011 on The CW

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  • A step in the right direction


    (Spoilers ahead)

    While this wasn't the best episode of gossip girl ever, it was a step in the right direction and definitely the best of season 5 so far. The big reason was because there was one plot that included everybody. Up until now, all we;ve been seeing is Serena doing her own thing, Nate doing his own thing, Blair doing her own thing, Chuck doing his own thing, and Dan doing his own thing and running between Blair and Chuck trying to keep them from killing themselves. But this episode which revolved around Dan telling everybody about the release of his book, and the episode starts off a few minutes in with everybody at the vanderHumphreys and talking over each other. As Chuck says, this is going to be fun!

    Blair is certain Dan wrote awful things about her and doesn't read the book and tells Louis not to read it. But he does and so does she when she finds that Dan wrote that he and Blair's characters do it! Louis tells Blair he can't trust her and storms out but Chuck convinces him he doesn't want to be alone and he goes back to Blair. But of course now Blair hates Dan.

    Serena is at her office when her assistant or something keeps snickering that her character in the book highlights her worst aspects. Serena confronts Dan on what he put in the book and he reminds her everything he wrote actually happened. Really Dan? That's certainly not going to win you any friends, but it will lose quite a few.

    Nate is still whoring around with his boss and they have Ivy/fake Charlie's phone. She tells Nate she thinks she met an Ivy and comes down to his office to look at it and takes while Nate's boss/cougar yells at him for bringing Charlie in. Unfortunately for her, British-cougar-bitch figures it out and "does her research" to get the full scoop on Charlie. Charlie/Ivy confesses and tells her she feels like she belongs and cougar-bitch reminds her she won't when they figure it out. But she's not going to tell, she's going to hire Charlie and dangle her in front of Nate, for some strange reason.

    Nate doesn't mind when Dan tells him his character in the book is gay but he minds when Chuck tells him his character in the book is basically his personality combined with Eric. I thought we were brosties, Dan! That's another friend Dan has lost and it's kind of interesting when you think it's the writers acknowledging that Nate is the most useless main character, or at least with not enough interesting storylines to put in the book.

    Chuck realizes how alone he is and seems to be setting out to be a better person... or something.

    This episode wasn't perfect but it seemed more like old Gossip Girl and had some of the staples the other s5 eppys had been missing. Blair keeps trying to tell Serena she's pregnant and finally does and Serena is there for her. I was relieved because we had not yet had a Serena/Blair moment and I don't mean in a romantic way, in when S and B want to, they have a really sweet friendship and can really be there for each other. And it was nice to see that again.

    Lily and Rufus actually had something to do! Lily convinced Chuck people (like her) did care for Chuck if he would just let them in. It was nice to see Chuck and Lily have a mother/son moment. And Rufus has possibly the most reason to be upset with Dan over the book: he gave up his rock-n-roll dreams to raise his kids, but Dan portrayed him as a money-grubber who married Lily for her money. Poor Rufus!

    This was the best episode of season 5 yet and while there is still room for improvement, it does have me excited for next week's eppy.

  • 504


    Now this is what this show does best. This was a step in the right direction for Gossip Girl as we got back to the scandalous lives of these people and we saw that moral grounds are tested as no one is completely in the right or completely in the wrong. That makes for fun TV.

    Now, the idea of a movie about these characters, about everything we had already seen, I'm not sure what to make of that. I'll give it time though because if tonight's episode did one thing it showed that GG still has some life left in it.