Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 18

Much 'I Do' About Nothing

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 19, 2008 on The CW
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Blair takes matters into her own hands to help Serena with the manipulative and evil Georgina Sparks. Lily, while keeping Rufus in her mind, prepares for her wedding with Bart Bass that is designed to be the Upper East Side's social event of the year.

Serena finally tells Dan the whole truth about her past and they try to work things but it might be too late?

An unexpected guest shows up at Lily and Bart's wedding. Georgina goes somewhere where she can do no harm. Blair plans to go somewhere with Chuck.moreless

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  • Season 1 Finale

    A lot of things to cover on tonight's episode of Gossip Girl. Even though it wasn't the most satisfying finale, it was still a great way to close out this consistently good season.

    Gossip Girl is the ultimate guilty pleasure to say the least, but it still proves to be a pivotal series. I loved Michelle Trachtenberg's stay on Gossip Girl, and even though I will miss her presence, this was the perfect way to send off her sadistic character.

    The Rufus/Lilly/Bart thing unfortunately bored me to no end, but we did get some nice moments between Rufus & Lilly regardless. Dan & Serena's breakup was definitely expected, so, no surprises there. Chuck & Blair reunite, I really like these two together, so I'm looking forward to the future dynamics.

    I think we could have done without the flash forward though, all the anticipation of the upcoming season died down in the last 10 minutes of the show. They gave too much away. Overall, this was a good finale to an albeit great season.moreless
  • Lily's wedding.

    And so the first season of Gossip Girl is done. While it certainly had its highs and lows no one will deny the cultural impact the freshman phenomenom has created, instantly becoming the new water cooler show. With every teenage girl in America talking about, in addition to a few guys with too much time on their hands like me, how did the finale hold up?

    While I'm usually a fan of bad guys, seeing Georgina get what she deserved was a great moment. Blair plays the conniving **** perfectly, and as evil as she is, it's simply a character the audience cannot get enough of. The storyline with Nate and his father was pretty pointless, but his role has never been really important on the show. While the hackneyed wedding at the end of the season has been done to death, it was approached as a side issue, rather than the most important thing on the show. I have also grown tired of Chuck as his pompous, annoying behavior is neither funny nor entertaining. His acting is overrated and he is only there to be a smarky jerk. The episode was fine overall, but lacked any real action like previous installments. While I'm curious as to what will happen next season, GG is not one of my most anticipated shows come fall.moreless
  • Two tie the knot, two reconcile, four break up, two hook up.

    Things go back to normal, almost. Serena and Dan break up, not that I understood why, I guess they were tired of the gap between them (Upper East Side-Brooklyn, the lies, the fact that Dan almost slept with Georgina). Chuck fiiinally reaches out to Blair and tells her the truth (masked once more) in his best man's speech "in the face of true love, you don't just give up". They apparently start dating and are madly in love, but then he manages to mess it up in his unique Bass manner. Chuck and Nate finally reconcile when Chuck tells Nate he was in love with Blair, something he has never said about anyone before and something that I think Nate didn't exactly feel about Blair. Nate and Vanessa break up but under friendly terms and Lilly marries Bart Bass, even though both her and Rufus admit they love eachother.moreless
  • The episode is about Lily's wedding with Bart. Serena tells Dan the truth and Georgina is sent to Military school for leaving without permission. Serena and Dan finally break up. But is it for good?moreless

    This episode is good and bad with Serena's Break-up and Blair's return with Chuck. Nate's father leaving for a Latin American country to avoid his jail time. I like this episode because of all the good things that happened and all that didn't happen. The part when Chuck helps Nate with his dad and then they become friends again. Then Chuck gives the best man speech and gets inspired by Blaire and it sounds a little better. The bad parts where Dan and Serena break up, when Nate punches his dad in the face for leaving, or when Lily slept with Rufus even though she is engaged to Bart and the wedding is the next day.moreless
  • I loved the finale. There was a sense of so much wistfulness and longing.

    Lilly and Rufus finally declared their feelings, but decided after having one night together that it was not to be for them.

    Dan and Serena broke up and in a way Georgie won as that was one of the things she set out to do. Although I was glad that she got her comeuppance in the end.

    There wasn't much Eric screen time, and as he is one of my favourite characters i found that a little disappointing, but seeing Chuck not quite ready to commit to being in a full on relaitonship more than made up for that. Looking forward to the new season. And can anyone tell me where i can get that song from that Rufus sang? It's stuck in my head!!moreless
Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Gossip Girl (Voice) (Uncredited)

Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Serena van der Woodsen

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester

Blair Waldorf

Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley

Dan Humphrey

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford

Lillian "Lily" van der Woodsen

Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr

Vanessa Abrams

Lydia Hearst

Lydia Hearst


Guest Star

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg

Georgina Sparks

Guest Star

Chad Brigockas

Chad Brigockas

Shady-Looking Guy

Guest Star

Robert John Burke

Robert John Burke

Bart Bass

Recurring Role

Sam Robards

Sam Robards

Howie "The Captain" Archibald

Recurring Role

Connor Paolo

Connor Paolo

Erik van der Woodsen

Recurring Role

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    • Blair: Oh, you're not alone G. I'm here now. And I brought some people who really really want to see you. I think you remember your parents.
      (Georgina's parents turn to look at her)
      Gossip Girl: The only thing feared by the spawn of Satan, Mom and Dad. Leave it to Blair Waldorf to know that bitches don't just happen, they're made. By parents even more wicked than their offspring.

    • Georgina: Honestly Dan, last night was fun but I didn't really know what it would all mean to you.
      Dan: Well I, I normally don't jump into things like that so when I do, it means a lot.
      Georgina: Me too, that's why I think we should be together forever...
      Dan: Georgina, look. Serena told me everything, alright? And I believe it.
      Georgina: No you don't understand. She, she was upset and jealous. I'm sure she told you all kinds of things to make you think the worst of me.
      Dan: No. Just, stop it.
      Georgina: I never meant for this to happen but, it did. And, I know you feel it too I mean, how else do you explain last night?
      Dan: I don't know. I don't know and I wish I could.
      Georgina: So...so you're just gonna go back to Serena like nothing happened, and just leave me all alone?

    • Blair: Humphrey you are a born liar!
      Dan: Thanks...I think.
      Blair: All that stuff about last night was genius. Anything you wanna tell me?
      Dan: Uh, no. Like you said, just born to lie.

    • Chuck: I need to talk to you. Your father's leaving.
      Nate: He just stepped out to call my mom.
      Vanessa: Everything okay?
      Nate: Yes.
      Chuck: No. (Nate turns around) He just asked to have his car brought around.
      Nate: He probably left his phone in it!
      Chuck: Before the ceremony, I saw him with a guy, doing a deal. It looked like drugs.
      Nate: My father is clean, Chuck. I don't need you spying on him...
      Chuck: Look, I know you hate me. I was in love with Blair, and I'm sorry. We do not have time to argue about this. (Nate decides to believe Chuck's words and leaves, followed by Chuck himself)

    • Blair: Looks like Nate isn't a fan of the fish... Or his date.
      Vanessa: Blair, I'm with Nate and you're at the singles table. Deal with it.
      Blair: I just feel sorry for you. Dating an Archibald is a tortured process. The endless supply of family drama, the fact that he never really got over Serena... Though, falling for someone who's in love with Serena, you already know how that feels, don't you?

    • Gossip Girl: They say love conquers all, but maybe love never met Georgina Sparks. Poor Humphrey. Looks like our resident moral compass isn't such a straight arrow after all.

    • Serena: So, Tuscany with Chuck. Sounds romantic... minus the Chuck part.
      Blair: He invited me. In his father's private plane. And I was headed to France, so...
      Serena: So it's worth a week with Chuck to avoid airport security?
      Blair: Oh, don't worry. I'm gonna frisk him.
      Serena: Oh, B., gross!
      Blair: What can I say? He brings out the worst in me. And weirdly, I think I bring out the best in him. He's been a perfect gentleman this whole week.
      Serena: Is that why you're driving yourself to the airport?
      Blair: He wanted to see his dad before he left. Besides, we're taking the helicopter to Teterboro. I have to sit in the jump seat so that I can tell the pilot if I have any thoughts on his flying.
      Serena: Oh B., what's it gonna take to get you to relax?
      Blair: Chuuckk...
      Serena: Oh, God! My ears are bleeding! Make it stop!

    • Serena: He's gone you can let go now.
      Dan: I know... but I don't want to.
      (They keep dancing until they're the only ones left in the room)

    • Serena: I don't want to break up with you.
      Dan: Maybe...maybe I want to break up with you.

    • Serena: I was just seeing off Blair.
      Nate: I was just on the phone with Chuck.
      Serena: Blair and Chuck. Now there's a couple you can root for.
      Nate: Yeah, well if they're happy, guess I'm happy.
      Serena: Oh, come on, Nate. When have you ever been happy?
      Nate: Wow! The gloves are off today, aren't they?
      Serena: I am feeling frisky. You know how I get in the summer!
      Nate: Yeah, I do.
      Serena: Well, you won't have to witness any of it. I'm locking myself away in the Hamptons house. Well, it is a summer to reflect... Alone.
      Nate: I could not agree more. I just need to take a break away from everything and everyone.
      Serena: Yeah. (they start walking away, Serena turns back around) Hey. Um, if you wanna reflect alone together, I'll be around.

    • Blair: That was quite a speech. Your hard work must have paid off.
      Chuck: It wasn't what I wrote. I was inspired - in the moment. (they start dancing) Look, I know I said some horrible things. Even for me.
      Blair: You mean, blogging to Gossip Girl about our sex life and comparing me to your father's sweaty old horse?
      Chuck: What's your point?
      Blair: What's yours?
      Chuck: You don't belong with Nate. (Whispers) Never have, never will.
      Blair: You don't belong with anyone. (they kiss)

    • Amelia: What's this?
      Chuck: I was hoping we could discuss what you have planned for my room.
      Amelia: And who are you?
      Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass.

    • Gossip Girl: They say a leopard can't change his spots. But some things do change. The path not taken can become a road trip. Being grounded can lead to something groundbreaking. And whether they're sweating it out on the sultry sidewalks or cooling their heels in the Hamptons, no one does summer like New Yorkers. Grab your shades and your sunblock. This one looks like a scorcher. Until next time. You know you love me. XOXO Gossip Girl

    • Chuck: I'd like to propose a toast. My father is someone who goes after what he wants. And Lily van der Woodsen was no exception. In typical Bass-man fashion his pursuit was direct and at times not exactly subtle. One thing I learned from my father's courtship of Lily is the importance of perseverance. That in the face of true love you don't just give up, even if the object of your affection is begging you to. One thing I learned from Lily is the importance of forgiveness. She gave my father the gift of a second chance and, in kind, I watched him become someone actually worthy of that gift. And one day I hope I'll be lucky enough to find someone who will do the same for me. To the happy couple!

    • Serena: So that's it then? It's just "Have a good Summer, I'll see you back at school"?
      Dan: I guess. Yeah.

    • Nate: So. Thank you.
      Chuck: It's your dad. It's bigger than all the other stuff.
      Nate: I'm sorry. For all of it.
      Chuck: So am I.
      Nate: (referring to Blair) So you said you loved her. That's ah... well, never heard you say that before. About anyone.

    • Gossip Girl: Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today, in the face of this company, to watch this man and this woman totally F things up. Excuse me, while I pull out a hanky and pass it to S. and D. Looks like I'm not the only one who cries at weddings.

    • Rufus: And here we go. Are you sure about this?
      Lily: Ask me again and I'll change my mind.
      Rufus: I love you, Lily.
      Lily: I love you too, Rufus.

    • Lily: Rufus, what are you doing here? I thought we had security.
      Rufus: You want them to throw me out?
      Lily: Well I'd like the option considering how much I'm paying them.

    • Georgina: So you're just going to go back to Serena like nothing happened and just leave me all alone?
      Blair: Oh, you're not alone G. I'm here now. And I brought some people who really really want to see you. I think you remember your parents.

    • Serena: I know it's my fault. I was just so scared.
      Dan: I get it. "Hey I killed someone and I'm being blackmailed by a crazy girl pretending to be someone else" doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

    • Georgina: I never meant to get in between you two. I swear.
      Dan: Please, it's okay.
      Georgina: No, it's not. Because now she's upset.
      Serena: Yeah I am. You manipulative, psycho bitch! You have been planning this this whole time.

    • Rufus: I just got the call. Lincoln Hawk is hitting the road. We're opening for The Breeders. I guess that Luscious Jackson reunion didn't work out.

    • Blair: Who? What? When? Where? Why?
      Chuck: We were up late plotting against Georgina. We must have dozed off.
      Blair: And you were on the floor.
      Chuck: I didn't want to hurt my back.
      Blair: Why? It's not like you ever do anything athletic.
      Chuck: Well that's not entirely true, now is it?
      Blair: Fine. Nothing that requires removing your scarf.
      Chuck: It was one time. It was chilly.
      Blair: Enough about the past. Before you landed in my bed we actually landed on a good idea.
      Chuck: (looks at his watch and then gets up from Blair's bed) Well, I trust you can take it from here. I have a Best Man speech to write and no time... to write it.
      Blair: (smiling) Don't worry, I can be bitch enough for both of us.
      Chuck: (whispering) I still got the scars on my back to prove it. (Blair starts to throw him out of her bedroom) You know, they say if you love something, you should set it free...
      Blair: Ugh. They say when you hate something, you should slam the door in its face.
      Chuck: (voiceover) I love it when you talk dirty, Blair...

    • Chuck: Let's take it slow this time. Do it right.
      Blair: (stunned) Egh... Chuck Bass is a romantic, who knew?
      Chuck : Now you do, and that's all that matters.

    • Blair: Best Man speech going that well?
      Chuck: There won't be a dry eye in the house, trust me. And how did things go with Georgina?
      Blair: Not a dry eye there either.
      Chuck: Good to know I wasn't missed.
      Blair: Dan Humphrey actually lent a hand, it was nice to see him get his dirty for once. Not sure how much fun he had, though. No one ever enjoys their first time.
      Chuck: Except you. Save me a dance?
      Blair: (grabbing Chuck's throat) Now that Georgina is done, so are you and I. She was the last thing we had in common. (after kicking the boy's shin) Break a leg. (goes away)
      Chuck: (muttering) I think I just did.

    • Howie: (about the awkward silence between Nate and Chuck) Wow! Clearly I missed something while I was away. A little advice, fellas: You've been friends a long time. Whoever she is, she's not worth it.
      Chuck: I couldn't agree more.
      Nate: That's the problem.

    • Blair: (to Georgina) Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Mnoho povyku pro nic (Much Ado About Nothing)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: June 4, 2008 on Warner Channel
      United Kingdom: July 24, 2008 on ITV 2
      Poland: August 5, 2008 on TVN7
      The Netherlands: August 12, 2008 on Net 5
      Sweden: November 2, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Norway: December 10, 2008 on TVNorge
      Turkey: January 13, 2009 on CNBC-E
      Slovakia: January 25, 2009 on Markiza
      Germany: August 15, 2009 on ProSieben
      Czech Republic: January 23, 2010 on Prima

    • Music in this episode:
      "Beautiful World" by Carolina Liar
      "The Ice Is Getting Thinner" by Death Cab for Cutie
      "Time To Pretend" by MGMT
      "Do You Wanna" by The Kooks
      "Bridal Chorus" by Wagner


    • Episode Title: Much "I Do" About Nothing

      Is from a Shakesphere play titled Much Ado About Nothing, one of his few plays that was a comedy.