Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 18

Much 'I Do' About Nothing

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 19, 2008 on The CW

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  • Season 1 Finale

    A lot of things to cover on tonight's episode of Gossip Girl. Even though it wasn't the most satisfying finale, it was still a great way to close out this consistently good season.

    Gossip Girl is the ultimate guilty pleasure to say the least, but it still proves to be a pivotal series. I loved Michelle Trachtenberg's stay on Gossip Girl, and even though I will miss her presence, this was the perfect way to send off her sadistic character.

    The Rufus/Lilly/Bart thing unfortunately bored me to no end, but we did get some nice moments between Rufus & Lilly regardless. Dan & Serena's breakup was definitely expected, so, no surprises there. Chuck & Blair reunite, I really like these two together, so I'm looking forward to the future dynamics.

    I think we could have done without the flash forward though, all the anticipation of the upcoming season died down in the last 10 minutes of the show. They gave too much away. Overall, this was a good finale to an albeit great season.
  • Lily's wedding.

    And so the first season of Gossip Girl is done. While it certainly had its highs and lows no one will deny the cultural impact the freshman phenomenom has created, instantly becoming the new water cooler show. With every teenage girl in America talking about, in addition to a few guys with too much time on their hands like me, how did the finale hold up?

    While I'm usually a fan of bad guys, seeing Georgina get what she deserved was a great moment. Blair plays the conniving **** perfectly, and as evil as she is, it's simply a character the audience cannot get enough of. The storyline with Nate and his father was pretty pointless, but his role has never been really important on the show. While the hackneyed wedding at the end of the season has been done to death, it was approached as a side issue, rather than the most important thing on the show. I have also grown tired of Chuck as his pompous, annoying behavior is neither funny nor entertaining. His acting is overrated and he is only there to be a smarky jerk. The episode was fine overall, but lacked any real action like previous installments. While I'm curious as to what will happen next season, GG is not one of my most anticipated shows come fall.
  • Two tie the knot, two reconcile, four break up, two hook up.

    Things go back to normal, almost. Serena and Dan break up, not that I understood why, I guess they were tired of the gap between them (Upper East Side-Brooklyn, the lies, the fact that Dan almost slept with Georgina). Chuck fiiinally reaches out to Blair and tells her the truth (masked once more) in his best man's speech "in the face of true love, you don't just give up". They apparently start dating and are madly in love, but then he manages to mess it up in his unique Bass manner. Chuck and Nate finally reconcile when Chuck tells Nate he was in love with Blair, something he has never said about anyone before and something that I think Nate didn't exactly feel about Blair. Nate and Vanessa break up but under friendly terms and Lilly marries Bart Bass, even though both her and Rufus admit they love eachother.
  • The episode is about Lily's wedding with Bart. Serena tells Dan the truth and Georgina is sent to Military school for leaving without permission. Serena and Dan finally break up. But is it for good?

    This episode is good and bad with Serena's Break-up and Blair's return with Chuck. Nate's father leaving for a Latin American country to avoid his jail time. I like this episode because of all the good things that happened and all that didn't happen. The part when Chuck helps Nate with his dad and then they become friends again. Then Chuck gives the best man speech and gets inspired by Blaire and it sounds a little better. The bad parts where Dan and Serena break up, when Nate punches his dad in the face for leaving, or when Lily slept with Rufus even though she is engaged to Bart and the wedding is the next day.
  • I loved the finale. There was a sense of so much wistfulness and longing.

    Lilly and Rufus finally declared their feelings, but decided after having one night together that it was not to be for them.

    Dan and Serena broke up and in a way Georgie won as that was one of the things she set out to do. Although I was glad that she got her comeuppance in the end.

    There wasn't much Eric screen time, and as he is one of my favourite characters i found that a little disappointing, but seeing Chuck not quite ready to commit to being in a full on relaitonship more than made up for that. Looking forward to the new season. And can anyone tell me where i can get that song from that Rufus sang? It's stuck in my head!!
  • Wasn't the best season finale but it was good.

    I'm so sad the first season of gossip girl is over.
    and the shocking thing is, it wasn't all that amazing.
    After every episode I say to myfelf "that was amazingg!". But not this time.
    However it was an okay one.
    I am soo upset about Dan & Serena. I was actually crying. I think they make a great couple!! But now there over :( Its so sad!
    Lily and Rufus should soo be together! I mean, there so great together, she even slept with him. No way she should be with Chuck's dad!
    I am soo glad Georgina has left! I hated her. She is so manipulative and got what she deserved!!
    Jenny got an internship :) But its for Elanor Woldorf. That can't be good news for Blair. Things ares surely going to heat up.
    Nothing really happened with Eric
    Oh and Vanessa and Nate broke up. I thought they were cute. Its a shame
    Well anywayss.. I can't wait for season 2! I'm gonna have to buy season 1 on dvd cos theres no way I can live without gossip girl for a few months! I will have withdrawel simptoms! lol.
    Looking forward to season 2. This is a fantastic show!
  • Georgina Goes somwhere..for special girls, Dan & Serena break-up, Blair & Chuck go on a vacation, Nate & Vanessa break-up, Nate & Serena are enjoying eachothers company and I cried for the entire episode.

    I personally loved the Blair- Georgina take down, Blair is a genius of thinking about calling G's Parents , and they took her down too. I was glad Serena finally told Dan everything, if only she told him sooner, they could of worked things out. I LOVED Chuck's best man speech, you can obviously tell that it was direced at Blair,you can tell he wanted her back, and he did exactly that, and then they decided to go to Tuscany? or Paris? i think it was, anyway both of those place are very romantic but, he didn't go. He chickend out at the last minute when Bart started saying all that commitment stuff, it scared him. So Blair travelled to the destanation with a handsome man she met at the tarmac, and finally Nate and Serena start hanging out, as Dan and Vanessa become closer. It's going to be an interesting summer...
  • Georgina gets what she has had coming to her, Serena deals with the mess she left behind her and Lily is about to get hitched. So boring in other words.

    This was not a very good season finale! It felt way too rushed, i mean i know the writers strike had an impact on the show but that doesn't mean they can get away with a crappy season ending. I thought the biggest problem was with the Georgina storyline. They got rid of her too fast, they should've carried her charceter into like the first episode or two of season two. They just threw her out like yesterdays garbage. I also didn't like the fact that Serena and Dan broke up, they rushed their break up too. Everything else was mediocre but those were the main flaws (IMO) of the season finale.
  • It was rushed. I didn't quite enjoy the episode. It was like, what? Multiple things were happening all at once that I didn't get to process it so much. They should have taken things slower, allow the viewers to swallow everything up.

    This episode, to me, was very rushed. Honestly, I got confused. And the thing about Nate's father? I mean, they kicked him off and now they just push him back in in the finale. What the? And the whole Rufus Lily really was really a disappointment. I mean, they slept together the night before Lily's wedding to Bart. And at the wedding, they were all I love you. I'm like, what the heck just happened? And the one week later thing was just plain irritating. It's just so rushed that I didn't get to process everything that's happened. I actually think that the episode before this one was a better finale than the real one. And the whole Dan/Serena thing was just really irritating. They were the happy couple all season, and then just poof. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the Georgina concept. I support both of their point of views. The whole dancing thing at the end was really, ugh. Dan already broke up with Serena, but he won't let her go? Oh come on.

    I love the bit at the end where Chuck was all Chuck Bass again. I just wish they did it better. Their idea for the finale was great, they just didn't execute it properly. I loved every episode of Gossip Girl, but this one, I only liked. :)
  • Season One Finale, left it off kind of interesting...

    WEll another season finale for one of my favortie shows, this is a great show and i really enjoy it " xoxo you know you love me, Gossip Girl" haha anyways so the season finale kind shocking because it seemed like Lily was gonna get married but not so promising guess you have to watch and see, and the relationship between Serena and Dan and Blair and Chuck quite revealing, not something you would expect, i mean everything was lost between Serena and Dan at least thats what the public saw that is until this episode quite intruiging to know that there might me another shot at it, just look at the ending of the episode. Blair and Chuck who knows Chuck doesnt seem to want to change his ways thats to bad for Blair though but it seems like Blair Waldorf has found a new boy toy it seems so since Chuch is no where to be found :)
  • Not a great season finale...

    I must be honest and say that I was expecting much more from this season finale. It wasn't really bad, but I'm sure that it could have been great, and not just ordinary. In fact, basically, nothing big happened. In the season finale you are supposed to be surprised and excited and even a little sad, or extremely curious about the future episodes, but in this case, everything remained the same, we didn't see a change from what we saw in the first episode. A lot happened from the pilot to this episode, and if I recall all the great previous episodes, I can not be but disappointed from this one. I'm now waiting for an amazing second season premiere.
  • The much-awaited season finale!

    It wasn't as EXPLOSIVE as I thought it would be, but it wasn't THAT disappointing. The episode had its fair share of drama and surprises. What I am happy about is that they totally messed up all the current couples so that in season 2, we wouldn't see quite the same drama with Dan and Serena, Blair and Nate, Chuck and his womanizing and Vanessa with whoever. It gives Nate-Serena shippers to finally get a glimpse of their favorite couple. But according to the spoilers, looks like it's not going to happen, although I wish it would since season 2 would have 20+ episodes. Back to the episode, there were plot twists that I never expected. It's like, I was expecting a happy ending which involves, Lily and Rufus and Blair and Chuck. Well, the writers of Gossip Girl never fail to be unpredictable, and that is what's great about this episode.
  • A fine episode, but disappointing for a season finale.

    The season finale came to a close with Dan finding out everything about Georgina Sparks. I'm so happy she went down, I just got really annoyed with her character. It's also Lilly and Bart's wedding and with the drama coming from this show, you'd expect Lilly to dump the wedding and go run away with Rufus, but staying true to character, she didn't and I'm glad for at least that. Chuck and Blair hooking up was a little awkward and their situation at the end was the only one I appreciated. Dan, Vanessa, Nate and Serene sort of annoyed me during the final parts of the episode.
  • Back to square one.

    I've just discovered the show and watched the wole season... in one week !

    That's a teen show but I like it. It's not smart but very entertaining. The acting is great too. I really enjoyed getting to know Serena, Dan, Blair, Nate, Chuck, Jenny, Rufus, Lily, etc. However I'm a bit disappointed in the season finale.

    The tension was raising with Serena's past half unveiled... It was likely that her sleeping with Nate was not the only reason why she left so quickly. And it was quite a good idea to spice up her past. But the killing thing was a bit too much... And everything ends so well with her mom taking her to the junky's family and Georgina being kicked off...
    I thought that was not subtle enough.

    Of course, it's not been so easy with Dan. Their break up was predictable anyway. The show couldn't continue otherwise!
    Now they will have to meet again.

    I think their dancing scene would have been a good end for this episode. So we could have wondered whether they got back together or not.
    Indeed we learn too much.
    Dan will spend the summer with Vanessa, Serena with Nate... That would have been great to find about this only next season.
    Everything is back to normal in the Upper East Side!
    I'll be curious to see how they will react when they come across with their new lovers.
    Season 2 will probably about Dan & Serena's reunion. As Lily said: they belong with each other. I'm sad Lily left Rufus but that would have meant the end between Serena & Dan.
    I was already picturing the scene though: Serena telling her mum that she could go with Rufus since it was over with Dan... Not the writers' idea!

    I feel sorry for Blair. I really like her. Though I'm sure she can find better than Chuck!

    I have to say that I'm also very happy to see that France is so present in the show with Monte Carlo and LYON, my birth place!

    Look forward to next season, with maybe an episode shot in the "capital des Gaulles"...
  • i love this eposide thefirst season finally.

    ok i loved this eposide i like all the chair sence i loved when balir woke up and chuck was in her bed and she slapped him that was funny and u could todally tell she still liked him and then when she kicked him and said break a leg and he said i already did.and i loved chucks speech blair was so touched and then she rasied her campage glass.and then she went over to chuck and he said he was sorry 4 all those thing he told her i thought that was ery sweet and i loved it when they kissed and then he said i want to take things slow make it right this time and blair said who knew chuck bass was a romantic and he said know u do i thought that was so perfect and then they were suppose to go to go to tuscany toghter but no bart had to rui it he told chuck how htings r ot going to be the same and told him about feeligs we all know how chuck is scared of feelings rigth now i really hate bart.and i super hate ameila she is os dub i cnat beieve he throw away the roses i was like that rose is not 4 u its for blair i wante dto kill chcuk at that moment but i understand that he is afrarid of change i hope he does not do naything with ameila i still love chuck.and ben i dont want ben and bliar to be toghter i want blair and chuck.know who i think should be a couple i think serena and nate make such a cutie couple ever isnce peoside 1 and they went to the hamptons toghter i thoght they r so cutie togther.i think venessa and dan make a cutie couple and lilly and rufus.i really hated it when they did not say y venesa and nate broke up.i hate nate ebcuse how could he punch his own father that is just so mean.i still hate jenny i know she is out of that world and sruff but i still just wnat her get of the show .i think that lilly and rufuse should end up toghter they r so cutie toghter and they so love each other. in the next season i wnat chcuk and blair to be toghter and i want serena nad nate to be toghter i hope that chuck did not go all they way with ameila we will have to wait and see u know u live me xoxo blair
  • Blair ends up with Chuck though at the end they found another alibi. Nate and Serena enjoying each others company. Vanessa and Dan seems to be bonding again.

    Great Season Finale. Though many people expected it to be on the other way around. The finale is gearing with XOXO gossips girls league to create more questions on what happens next. But I have thought of this kind of an ending. Simply because it shows what the heart of each character have. Blair and Chuck will always be the player type so they jive. Nate is always in love with Serena so as what I expected no one is holding them back now. Dan and Vanessa had a history together. Seems like the story goes on the direction on the right way. I am expecting Lily is going to have a secret affair with Rufus on the next season. As what the season finale shows.
  • I absolutely loved this episode. Lovers let go of each other, old friendships are renewed and Blair once again discovers how unreliable Chuck can be.

    I adored this finale! I don't really understand all of the less-than-excited reviews I've read around the web, unless you are a rabid Dan/Serena shipper of course. Which by the way I'm not but I don't mind them together either. Anyway.

    I found the whole D/S situation very realistically portrayed this week. The frustration on both sides, the unspoken feelings... It was painful to watch (and I mean that in a good way). The awkward dance was really well done. I really didn't think they'd break up in the end but I guess things are never definite on Gossip Girl. We'll just have to wait and see. Nate and Serena were very cute together in the final scenes. I loved the Chuck/Blair 'rekindlement' as well. It more than made up for the lack of Dan/Serena love this episode. I guess the ending was sad but we could've seen that coming from a mile away and Blair seemed to enjoy herself with the new pretty boy that was going to accompany her on the plane. Not too worried on that front.

    Lily finally letting go of Rufus wasn't really a surprise to me since I had read some spoilers that she would marry anyway. I was shocked when we saw that they slept together the night before though. Bizarre way of saying goodbye.

    All in all, this episode was not really that high on clever plot but more than made up with character development. I'm looking forward to season 2!
  • Not what I expected.

    Well... all I could say is that I am quite fond of Gossip Girl, it became one of my favorite shows. Every episode was entertaining and made you fell like you were in the television screen, but the season finale frankly disappointed me. It starts off with Serena trying to reach Dan on his cell, but when she decides to officially see him, she catches Georgina coming out of his bedroom. Serena's reaction after Georgina leaves was very surprising, she did not even acknowledge Georgina's presence afterwards, she blamed herself repeatedly, the reaction she showed at the wedding was the one she should have shown there.

    The relationship between Lily and Rufus disappointed me, they sleep together, he says he loves her, she says she's getting married anyway, he goes to say how he feels then wishes her off without any problem, wishing her well, it was like, what was the point of him being there in the first place.

    Serena forgives Dan, then can't stand to be around him, but says they have to stay together anyway, but Dan says he can't forgive her and they share an awkward dance. Is this as unbelievable to you as it was for me, because this show had me on a merry go round that at one point I kept watching because I know Gossip Girl would have this surprising ending...

    ...but it didn't, everything was anticipated and I was quite disappointed about the resolve between Lily and Rufus. The payback Georgina received was not as sweet as I imagined it to be. I really hope next season would make up for the previous one's loose ends.
  • "Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy b*tch around here."

    The best line of the season and the credit goes to Blair. Wow, I thought Georgina was the queen, but Blair proved me wrong. She completely blew past G and took the rightful crown. But hopefully Georgina isn't completely gone, I would to see her take back the title of "crazy b*tch."

    That was probably the highest point of the episode, not counting the concluding scenes. Everything else was predictable: Lily marries Bart, Serena and Dan break up but share one last dance, and Chuck confessing his "love" for Blair and being very unChuck-ish. The only part I found mildly interesting was Nate's dad deciding to run away from the cops. The writers can definitely do something with that. Even Chuck's best man speech left me itching. When did Chuck become the romantic?

    But a week later can change everything. Dan, Serena, Vanessa, and Nate switched partners. There was even this mildly nauseating montage about it. Chuck shows his true colors when he beds Lily's interior designer, but don't worry about Blair, she is on her way to another guy's heart and bed.

    I'm not saying this episode was bad. It just didn't quite live up to my expectations, and that's probably my fault. I just hope there's something better cooking up for next season...
  • This was a really great season finale!

    Serena wants to find Dan and apologize. He finds Georgina with him at his house. She tells him everything and he believes her. Blair helps him get rid of her once and for all. Dan still doesn't want to be with Serena though. Lily and Rufus have slept together. Lily and Bart go through with the wedding. Chuck and Nate seem to settle their differences when Chuck sees Nate's father in trouble. Blair and Chuck become a couple. After Bart puts pressure on Chuck for becoming a responsible boyfriend, Chuck ditches Blair, even though they're supposed to go to Europe together. Blair meets someone else though while waiting for Chuck. Serena and Nate seem to get along fine, as do Vanessa and Dan. Jenny gets an internship through Blair's mtoher's fashion business. Rufus is on tour with his band.

    Wow! This was a great season finale, but a lot of things happened that weren't in my preference. Dan and Serena are over! No!! I love them! One of my favorite couples! Also, for some strange reason, I didn't like how Chuck and Blair both met other people at the last minute. Even though I don't like them together, I felt sorry for the other one. I hate Lily and Bart! Lily and Rufus are so much better! She should've gone with Rufus instead of marrying Bart. Nate and Vanessa is another couple I don't like, but I also don't like Dan with Vanessa or Nate with Serena, so the ending pretty much sucked for me. Jenny had a small part, but it was good! What happened to Georgina was so hilarious! Blair is so smart! Haha, I loved this episode, but I hated almost everything that happened with the characters. I can't wait for season 2!
  • I know nobody liked this episode. For the scores and everything. But... it was AWESOME! I know the folks want happy endings but come on! It was totally unpredictable! Unbelievable! I thought Gossip Girl was cool. Well, forget it. It's AMAZING!

    I know nobody liked this episode. For the scores and everything. But... it was AWESOME! I know the folks want happy endings but come on! It was totally unpredictable! Unbelievable! I thought Gossip Girl was cool. Well, forget it. It's AMAZING!

    Not the best show ever. But it's not that far away as it seemed at first.

    Repeat: lol
    I know nobody liked this episode. For the scores and everything. But... it was AWESOME! I know the folks want happy endings but come on! It was totally unpredictable! Unbelievable! I thought Gossip Girl was cool. Well, forget it. It's AMAZING!

    Not the best show ever. But it's not that far away as it seemed at first.
  • The ends justify the means in this episode. Loves are lost, as Serena's mother lets go of her long time love in favor of Bart. Serena struggles to forgive Dan, but Dan cannot forgive her. Then a seemingly renewed Chuck goes back to his old ways.

    I couldn't help be get a small sense of deja vu while watching this episode. It had a small Dawson Creek-esque feel to it. The feel that the person who has been chasing and pining after one individual, finally gets that person, then breaks up with them for the STUPIDEST reasons (in Dawson's Creek, it was Joey who chanced Dawson, and she broke up with him to "find herself." The same is true for Dan. After lusting after Serena for years, and she tries to be upfront with him, his judgmental mindset causing him to lose someone special). Just some food for thought, now that Serena and Dan are free, will the people who lusted after them for such a long time during the series (Vanessa for Dan, and Nate for Serena) finally have their opportunity to be with the ones they love?? The ending seems to imply that this might be a possibility. The ends justified the means, because right when you begin to think favorably of Chuck Bass, he turns back into...well...Chuck Bass, ensuring that the next upcoming season will be just as drama filled as the first.
  • outstanding episode

    i would have loooved to see a SHOCKING moment at the end such as the 'i killed someone' BUT still i thing this episode was perfect.
    blair and chuck... oh my god !
    the kiss while they where dancing and the looks when he was giving the speech made me cry. it was absoloutly beautiful
    i hate bart bass for scaring chuck and making him ditch B.
    tho it seems B wont be alone ! not really looking foward to ANOTHER love interest for my queen. i think its enaugh with N & C.
    as for serena and dan, those moments where really heart breaking. thats a relationship you want to see work and now after all of it, dan brakes up with her WTF! hate him.
    and now he and V were spotter walking VERY friendly hmmm...
    so were S & nate. INTERESTING.
    as for lily, shes stupid. why marry bart? he is an Ahole. its simple: you love rufus, then be with rufus! whats so complicates?
    also a high point was B's vendetta with G. i LMAO in that part. queen B is back and better than ever.

    summing up... this episode was AMAZING and it really lets you wanting more. as GG usually does.
    Cant wait for season 2.
  • Our favorite upper east-siders are going to have summer vacation soon, but that doesn't mean they are going to go away quietly and without some finale drama.

    I am a huge Gossip Girl fan, and I have been absolutely loving this entire first season. I waited all week in anticipation for this finale, expecting an absolute insane and memorable finale. So when the episode was all said and done, I was kind of disappointed mainly because of my prior high expectations. Now this wasn't a bad episode, as we had some great scenes like Chuck and his dad in the finale scene, and the how the Dan-Serena storyline wrapped up. However, it seems as if the Nate and his dad thing was just thrown in as this tiny little sub-story that never fully fit in. The Georgina v Serena was wrapped up a little too quick although Blair's revenge was sweet. The biggest problem with the episode is that the Rufus-Lily-Bart love triangle was wrapped up so anti-climatically and so simply that it seemed out of place and awkward almost. However, with all that said, it was still an extremely enjoyable hour of television. The next season is being set up in an interesting way, where you have no idea where all these couples are going. The humor was present, and you got to see both sides of Chuck Bass in a single episode, so that was great. In many ways the season ended exactly as the season started, and overall that may not have been a bad thing... I just personally would have desired more within the episode itself.
  • Gossip Girl Season 1 goes out with a sorta - bang. *Spoilers for you folks who haven't seen the episode**

    After much anticipation, GG Season 1 has officaly come to a close. I know we fans have been dreading this day, but we will have to wait until next fall to get 24 new episodes!

    Dan and Serena: I can't believe they broke up. I mean, Dan was so stupid and Serena looked like she was really heart broken... until Nate appearently showed up, and what was up with that? I don't think they are a couple, but I don't know, we never really saw them paired before. (As a serious couple.)

    Chuck and Blair: Wow, we finally get them together as cute as they can be kissing at the wedding, and then of course being Chuck and all, goes and looks for Amelia, who is REALLY ugly. But for Blair, she looked fairy happy as she and the mysterious man left for France.

    Nate and Vanessa: In the past couple of episodes, they were cute, but before we knew that they broke up in this episode, I was getting tired of them. Also, what's up with her and Dan, I like them better as friends.

    Georgina: Man, I was so happy that she is finally gone... or is she? I mean I heard from somewhere that she might become a full time cast member, but I can speak for myself and everyone else when I say that NOBODY wants that!

    In conclusion, the first season didn't have a very big cliffhanger, but I hope the supersized second season brings much more drama and all the Chuck/Nate/Dan filled hottness it can hold!