Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 2

Never Been Marcused

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2008 on The CW

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  • Not really up to season 1 standards

    I have to say this season of GG so far is not so hot. OK, 2 episodes in that's a brave thing to say but the first few episodes are supposed to show the direction of the season, right? Well, I'm not really liking it.

    In season 1 I loved the presence of hostility between certain characters. Like, Blair and Serena, Blair and... Blair and... Blair and.... erm, you get the idea.

    I also loved the developing relationship of Serena and Dan, Dan and Serena, and Dan, and.....

    Also loved the somewhat cliche but still very entertaining "poor girl trying to fit into the rich world" storyline (little J). And, in general, the whole show just seemed very diverse. In season 2, we don't really have those elements. It's almost all about relationships now. Romantic ones.

    Without Chuck, this episode would've been in the low 5's for me, but he saved the episode with his evil little plan to get back with Blair.

    He's just the most entertaining character, along with Blair - hands down.

    The not so hot part: well, where do I start? I don't rally like Nate and his MILF love, it just feels forced. Dan and Serena.. urgh. I liked them in season 1 but after breaking up, I hoped they wouldn't get back together so soon. I feel a little cheated; why break up if 2 episodes later they are together all fine and dandy?

    Besides, I'm not feeling the chemistry anymore; I wonder why. Dan isn't all that cool this season, so far.

    As for Jenny, well, ok. Nothing. And that's about it really. An episode that focused on Blair & the "Lord" and Serena & Dan just a little too much. Chuck, the dialog and Kristen Bell's commentary on the other hand saved the day. 7/10
  • 202

    Why was this episode rated so highly? I have no idea, the only relevance this episode had was the entertainment factor but that's really about it. The Catherine/Lord thing is getting more and more ridiculous to a point you can't help but dismiss the story line.

    Gossip Girl has proved itself in it's first season, but so far, this season has been significantly weak overall, the heart is missing, and the story lines are contrived.

    I never thought I'd say this, but Leighton Meester was definitely the best thing about this episode with her snarky remarks and her comedic timing. Dan & Serena have already become annoying as early as the second episode. And Nate is the most uninteresting character on this show, seriously. Hopefully, it's better next week now that the summer is officially over.
  • It may not be realistic, but it's still entertaining.

    The one problem I had with this episode was that it seemed like to much of a coincidence that Katherine was Lord Marcus' mother. Although it was unrealistic that Nate and Blair would both start dating people from the same family, it was entertaining to watch. I loved the part where Nate found out and Serena tried to keep it covered up. The best part of this episode had to be the scheming on Chuck and Blair's part. It was funny how Chuck became friends with Lord Marcus just to find a way to ruin his relationship with Blair. I loved how Blair was able to find a way to outdue him in the end. I didn't love Serena and Dan in this episode, their storyline seemed a little pointless.
  • Everyone plots. Everyone, except Dan, Serena, Jenny and Vanessa.

    This episode was full of mysteries (for the characters, not us) and I found myself wondering almost every minute if a character will find out the big secret. And most of them did. Nate found out about Marcus and Katherine, Katherine found out about Blair, Blair found out about Nate and Katherine, Chuck found out... nothing, but schemed at least 2 plots. Nate found out about Chuck and Ann. Marcus didn't find out anything (except maybe a glimpse of Blair and Katherine) and didn't plot anything either. He seemed boring. But then again, he seems boring to me all the time. I really felt sorry for Vanessa, she deserves Nate and he should be with her. Jenny didn't appear much, but when she did, she was awesome. Shame Eric wasn't in this episode. Loved the scenes with Dan and Serena, clever and well written.
    Subjective opinion, but I hate Katherine. And Marcus. I don't like their storyline at all.
    Even though I agree with her: Blair's attempt to try was completely transparent, she can do more than that.
    Good episode, not quite as good as the season premiere, but good. Loved the ending with Blair and Chuck. It seemed almost as if she wanted him.
  • What's happening?

    Yes this is just the beginning but I find it hard to really enjoy Gossip Girl for the moment.

    The first episode was ok but the second one was seriously damaged. I get it, the point of the writers is to be sulfurous but it's really over the top. Come on, what's Serena doing with the strawberries? And what happends to her and Dan who can't help having sex. Their relationship was kind of special last year but now it's really getting stupid. What can I say about Nate who ends up sleeping with his "girlfriend" on the carpet?

    Fortunately Blair and Chuck are still so great. Even though I'm not a big fan of the lord story...

    And there is a big thing missing: Lily! I look forward to seeing her back. Her and Rufus are not done...

    i loved it it was so good i was like omfg i loved it i think chuck is such a sweet guy he sold his club 4 nate i was like awww he is so cutie and it was so werid that blairs new boyfriend mom is dateing her ex nate and when blair walked in i was like omfg it was the best eposide i think i think marus and blair need to breAk up so blair and chuck could get back toghter i love it how chuck made friends with marcus and blair was getting pissed of i think blair loves chuck she is just useing marcus because he is a lord and she knows he cant hurt her because she does not loove him but she is scared to be with chuck because he could hurt her becuse she loves him and then in the end when blair and chuck said god night to each other that was cutie and i feel so bad 4 nate because now he is with that cougar because his family needs the money because they frozed there accont well i cant wait 4 next week the prveiw looks good well thats all 4 know you know you love me xoxo gossip girl
  • It was nice... sort of

    Let me just begin by saying D and S are back together finally with no complications what-so-ever. Other than that the episode was lacking the air that was all over season 1. B has become so dull. She stopped scheming, I mean major evil blood-draining schemes. One also who has changed is Chuck. He so whipped since he so-called fell in love with B. When he brought the Duchess to B's party I thought finally some action, but turns out he just brought her there and said nothing about B's past to her. What's up with that?! On other hand, there's N with his meaningless affair with the Duchess. I don't think he even loves her. And poor V got stood up by N... boohoo... Girl!! buy a hair comb already !! Anyway I think I'm going to continue watching, hoping the sun will rise tomorrow.
  • Plotting, scheming, blackmail, MILF action. It's all going on!

    I liked this episode a little more than the season opener. Who was the star of this episode? Blair of course! I love her so much, Leighton looked really pretty in her final scene too -- her flirting with Chuck whilst in their PJs was hilarious. Plus the fact that she wears a hearband even TO BED! Lol.

    There was far too much Dan and Serena, who aren't (to me) very hot. They've lost it a bit since the early days, and who the heck eats chocolate strawberries on a bus?? Ah the idle rich. I also love Nate and Vanessa; I hope they get together again at some point. As far as Nate and his prostitution goes, yay! I'm really interested to see where this storyline goes. I do wonder whether Catherine and Lord Marcus are actually con artists, but I'm sure Chuck would know by now if that were the case.

    Chuck saving Natey was so sweet, their love is so pure, truly one of the OTPs of the show! I loved more Charles inspired insults: 'He's the perfect post-Bass palate cleanser' and the other one that I can't say because this stupid site will censor me. :P Back to that final scene between CB; Chemistry certainly goes a long way. I find it awesome that even fully clothed and not groping one another Chuck and Blair still have more chemistry and sexiness than Dan and Serena -- who were in fact, groping one another. But anyway, I loved the final scene! It made the episode for me, and I loved that it was Blair basically saying: 'Checkmate Chuck Bass'... but in a way that was provoking him to start a new game as it were. I'm beginning to think that Blair wants to make Chuck work for it, getting her back. I'm also starting to think Blair is only interested in Lord Marcus for his title. Ya don't say! The writers weren't exactly subtle about that, ha! Seriously, Rufus seems to have more chemistry with the young ladies than the older women on this show. I kind of hope they go with Rufus/Vanessa it would be wildly inappropriate but awesome. Hmm. I'm looking forward to next week -- the promo looks positively steamy!
  • Serena and Dan 2.0

    Yes, victory was handed to S & Lonely Boy lovers now that they are officially back together. Can I just also add that scene on the bus with S and the Strawberries, really hot :P. Lots of scandals stirring now. Chuck plot to ruin Blair and Lord Marcus back fires. We learn that Kathryn is the Duchess and Blair walks in on her and Nate in the library. Tanya offers Rufus more time on the road and after a heart to heart with Vanessa and a look over some pictures of his kids (Dan and the very sexy Jenny) he declines.

    The ratings for this episode were still good with it pulling 3.16 million and 1.6/4 in the demo.
  • One of the best episodes of the entire series; shows that the second season is going to be just as great as the first.

    I am always concerned about the second season of television shows. Usually there is a drop off in both quality and originality. I was especially concerned with Gossip Girl because while the first half of last season was superb, it started to drop off near the season finale. Well, my concern was completely unfounded, as this season has gotten off to a fast start, and this episode was one of the highlight episodes of all time.

    The thing about Gossip Girl, is that it mixes humor with teenage drama, and this is a perfect example. Once again, any dialogue between Chuck and Blair is both spot on and hysterical. Leighton Meester has really emerged as a great actress at the beginning of the season, and while the episode has some absolutely ridiculous coincidences, it works perfectly within the show that you don't seem to mind the lack of realism. Also, for the first time in awhile, Nate's storyline was actually interesting, and the shocking finale was one those things that makes you ponder, and then be absolutely amazed where the show is going (I won't spoil it, but the change for Nate is amazing). Really, this episode was just a classic in every since, and all the storylines actually clicked for a change. Do yourself a favor and watch Gossip Girl, because it has something for everyone.
  • The second episode of the second season of Gossip Girl had everything you can expect from a Gossip Girl episode, but most of all it had scandal.

    The second episode of the second season of Gossip Girl had everything you can expect from a Gossip Girl episode, but most of all it had scandal.

    - Chuck and the Lord become "friends" and they hang out for a game of squash
    - Blair wants to meet the Duchess but the Lord is very hesitant.
    - Chuck meets the Duchess and takes her to meet Blair, and Blair gets a huge shock.
    - The Duchess is Nate's mistress. Therefore Blair is dating the step son of her ex's mistress. Talk about scandal!
    - Chuck sells his shares to help Nate's mother, but Nate doesn't like it. And he cuts a deal with the Duchess to help him out.
  • Sex, Scandal, and controversy... What else should you expect from Gossip Girl? good episode.

    This episode was by far, the funniest i have seen. Now it may not have been funny for other viewers, but when i found out that Catherine was the Duchess i just laughed, especially when Nate came to the party. Some people hate Marcus, but i sort of like him. I don't like chuck thought, however, he keeps the show interesting. I also liked Blair's 'confrontation' towards Catherine. If you are looking for something unimportant, scandalous, then this episode is a great one. I also found Serena and Dan's part funny as well. How they could'nt keep there hands off of each other, especially in the buss with the chocolate strawberries, hand touching and Serena falling on Dan. It was a classic episode.
  • Some more intrigues, scandals and surprises in the hamptons and in manhattan. This actually must be the real beginning of season 2, because the plot starts to kind of get on, new things are revealed and mistakes are being made.

    Dan Humphrey surprised Serena van der Woodsen in the Hamptons. Back together again? Everybody guesses so. At least Dan Humphrey's character is getting more dirty and definitely cancels the lonely-boy behaviour. Dirty sexy Serena can't get her hands off him.
    The "Blair vs. Chuck" battle goes into the next round when Chuck decides to be friends with Lord Marcus. The "Bass"-hole also crashes Blair's spontaneous party with the mysterious dutchess, which turned out to be Catherine - Yes - Nate's Catherine.
    When mother Archibald informs Nate that the family asset is going down the drain if nobody helps her, Nate tries find money to pay back his father's debts. Lucky him, his mother finds somebody to actually help them...

    Great second episode of season 2 of Gossip Girl. I guess after the season finale that didn't satisfy the expectations of the fans at all, the writers tried to regain the bad finale with the first episode (which actually really, really worked out well)and installed a second first episode of season two. Good idea which worked out fine. Up to now season two is definitely proceeding the good first season.
  • Back to New York, back to the Upper East Side, lots of secrets going on, hang on for a ride!!

    Episode 2 of Season 2 and the secrets are piling up!! Catherine, Nate's older mistress, happens to also be the Lord's step-mother, and if that weren't enough to complicate things, Chuck has to stick his nose in where it doesn't belong, as always! The one thing I loved about this episode was the chemistry between Serena and Dan. They are great characters and the actors that portray them are so real! I also thought it was good that Rufus decided to stay home and be with Dan and Julie instead of going on a country tour. Nate's secret is caught by the one person you wouldn't want - his ex, Blair. Blair who had just had a run in with the Duchess, now sees her laying on the floor having fun with Nate. Quickly, the two get up and Blair asks Nate to leave, leaving the Duchess and Blair alone together. Blair tells her that she better like having her around and she is not going anywhere and that the secret of the Duchess and Nate would stay quiet...for now!
  • All people start packing their things and get ready to leave the Hamptons and get back to Manhattan. Some plots get deeper, some take a slight twist - ok with me.

    After I thought that now Dan and Serena would be on again the start of the episode tells us otherwise, but somehow the two can't take their hands off so they finally screw "thinking bout it" and start going back to where they were. Without really thinking and talking about some things this could really lead to some situations later on that I usually kinda hate to watch.

    Blair and her Lord are ok for me this episode, but what really makes this whole thing interesting is Blair and Chuck playing Spy vs Spy here. In the end I think she would mess up the relationship even without Chuck's help, but a little nice plotting of the two against each other could add a bit spice to the season.

    After all in the problems I see rising for the second season so far are new plotlines. Recycled plots like "Nate's struggle", "Dan and Serena" or "Chuck intriguing" just won't do it for me and the majority of people I think, so hopefully they'll come up with something new and fun.
  • Gossip Girl hitting a sophomore slump?

    That's my take on the issue has this episode was beyond boring. The story didn't advance at all and there was a severe shortage of Blair and Chuck's comedic lines. Nate and Catherine is becoming incredibly boring and Blair walking in on them was really a reach for the "OMFG" moments the show craves.

    Dan and Serena have become the couple you hate, and Jenny was only in this episode via phone and a brief scene at the end. While she's not the best character on the show she at least adds a realistic element to the program. Instead we get the irritating Rufus and his "quandaries" about leaving his kids again.

    Double G is starting to slip in quality and let's hope the third episode is the charm.