Gossip Girl

Season 6 Episode 10

New York, I Love You XOXO

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2012 on The CW

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  • To sum it up, Jack Bass has a bigger role than three characters who were once an integral part of the show

    (Spoilers ahead. But for reals, you don;t know what happened by now?)

    The fact that Jack Bass, a secondary charatcer at best and a usual villain of the show, had more to do, more screen time, and was somewhat of a hero while Jenny, Eric, and Vanessa, all of whom were once a big part of the show, each had one line and were on screen for exactly twenty seconds sets the tone for the finale: disappointing, but not entirely unsurprising.

    The problem I had with the finale is the same problem I;ve had with this show since about the start of season 5: that Chuck and Blair matter more than everybody else. I think it's good that the writers of shows are in tune with what the fans of their shows think, but like when Brittany on Glee didn't want to be with Sam because of the "online lesbian community" (Brittana fans) I think it's dumb to let the fans decide the fate of the show. What I mean by this is that apparently the writers have noticed that on every video, picture, or blog about Gossip Girl, whether about Chuck+Blair or not, there will be an abundance of comments that say "OMG Chuck and Blair are the best! They;re the only reason I watch the show!" So the writers decided to give some people what they wanted and make the show the Chuck and Blair saga with everybody else thrown in for flair. This has been especially noticeable in these last ten episodes, particularly because Blair and Chuck can;t be together FOR NO REASON. Granted, the reason they give is that they both need to find success on their own (which only makes sense in the way of gossip girl) but it;s really because heaven forbid they actually be together and happy for no reason other than they care about each other. However, Jack Bass makes a good point, the two getting married to protect Chuck legally is perfect in a twisted way for the two of them. Don;t get me wrong, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick acted the shitaki outta this, and it is good to see Chuck and Blair get to be together and happy finally, but it really only works if you don;t think about all the horrible things they;ve done to each other, which are horrible even by gossip girl standards (comparing her to a horse, trading her for a hotel, she slept with the very same person he traded her to) and it worried me slightly that little girls think that Chuck and Blair are a perfect couple because they actually have a psychologically abusive relationship, but it is TV and this is the end and if there might never have been a more perfect match in TV.

    And back to the other characters on this show who aren;t Chuck and Blair, the whole thing with Serena and Dan just annoyed me. Serena finds Dan's chapter and reads it and wonders which Dan is the real one, and Dan gives Nate permission to publish his last chapter on Gossip Girl's identity, and this is the episode's "big reveal":

    Dan is Gossip Girl.

    I know, right? Like the mayor, I thought it was Dorota. Dan being Gossip Girl makes perfect sense and then it makes no sense at all. It makes sense in the way that Dan wanted to cement his place in their world, and when he couldn;t buy his way in, he wrote his way in, and this way he got to be completely essential while on the surface seeming completely inconsequential. Dan being Gossip Girl makes absolutely no sense if you actually watch the show, like when Dan is surprised to see Gossip Girl advertising Serena needs a date for the ball, or that Serena is pregnant, or that he gets upset at Jenny when Gossip Girl publishes the picture of him in bed with Serena. Also, why would he publish the post outing his sister's boyfriend which ruined her life freshman year? (and Jenny never told anyone? Seriously?) And I don;t know about anyone else, but for me, the show was never about finding out who Gossip Girl was. That part, and even the blog itself, didn;t matter as much as the characters, specifically who weren;t Chuck or Blair. Dan being Gossip Girl was a good ending to the story, if like most things on Gossip Girl, you don;t think too much about it.

    It was nice to see the five years later mark, and I;ll admit, seeing Blair and Chuck's bowtie-wearing son and hearing him call Chuck "Daddy" and run into his arms was nothing short of adorable. I;m not completely in love with Dan and Serena getting married because they;re like Blair and Chuck, only less perfect for each other, in that they keep hurting each other. Serena and Dan always break up over the same thing: Serena does something that makes Dan question what kind of person she is, and then he judges her. It annoys me they never even explored Serena and Nate again because they were together at one point, and Serena did spend a year after that wondering if Nate or Dan was right for her. And this year, when Serena had pretty much cast out all her friends, she was still able to go back to talking to Nate like no time had passed. I think Nate would've been a better match for Serena because he wouldn;t judge her, but that;s not my decision (and don;t bring this is all fictional. Nobody likes THAT blitz).

    Gossip Girl certainly took us on a ride these past five years, and while the first years are the best without question, it was still a little sad to see it end.